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World War One / Info please re 614 M.T. Coy, RASC
« on: Tuesday 10 March 15 23:13 GMT (UK)  »
I'd like to know more about the above, having found a large panoramic photograph in my late father's attic. It shows about 120 men and officers in a parade ground (?) posed on and around what appears to be 2 tanks.  Along the bottom is written "No. 614 M.T. Coy. Royal Army Service Corps - C.O., Maj. R.R.B. Jackson D.S.O" and in the bottom right hand corner "Debenham Edinburgh" (presumably the photographer).

My Dad knew very little about his parents as they both died before he was 16.  He told me that all he knew was his father had been in the army during WW1 and had at one time been posted to Edinburgh.  Looking at military records on Ancestry I can find someone (might not be him) with my Grandfather's name (Leonard Arthur BIRLEY) who was a Private in the "32 R Fus" and 2/Lt in the "N&D Regt", the latter I take to refer to "Notts and Derbyshire" which would make sense as my Grandfather was born in and lived around Rotherham but on that record there is no mention of RASC. 

Although I have a number of photographs of my Grandfather I can't identify him on this photograph of the 614.  I presume he must be in it - why would it be in the attic otherwise??  Yes, I have looked into the possibility of it being to do with another Birley or someone from my Mum's side.

So, my questions are :  What did the 614 do?  And what in Edinburgh?  Where might this parade ground/barracks be?  From how far away did the men come to join this company?

And finally, what can I do with this photo?  I very much want to find out more about my Grandfather but I don't have room for it - I can't identify my Grandfather anyway.  Would hate to throw it away, is there any museum that might want it? 

Hopefully someone out there can help. Thank you for reading.


Scotland / Birth registered twice COMPLETED
« on: Friday 24 July 09 20:39 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking at a 1928 birth, registered 12 days after the event with the Registrar in the district of Inverness.  Place of birth given as an address within the town of Inverness, informant the mother.  Both parents' names given,  with domicil as Muir of Ord.   Their marriage record found - Muir of Ord, district of Urray in 1925.

11 days after the first,  another registration was made by the mother with exactly the same details as the first but in the district of CONTIN.  Registrar there added "Transcribed at Contin...parish of birth Inverness".

Unless there was some reason, e.g. illegitimacy and a father's name added or mistakes found in the original record,  I would have thought it illegal or deceitful to register a birth twice??

Can anyone shed some light?


Buckinghamshire / GRO area code for BKM
« on: Tuesday 28 August 07 02:14 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find a relative's death certificate on findmypast.  He died in the 1950s, probably in Buckinghamshire.  I'm trying to narrow down the possibilities (he had a very common surname) so it would help if I knew the GRO area code for Bucks at the time.  As far as I can see Bucks was from 1837 to 1851 numbered VI, from 1852 to 1946 it was 3a.  Can anyone tell me what it was after 1946?

Technical Help / Can anyone help with broadband query?
« on: Friday 23 December 05 20:43 GMT (UK)  »
My father wants to connect to the internet for the first time and has arranged for a cable company to install broadband on 4th Jan.  Both he and I have no idea how this is done - we presume that a cable has to be brought into the house from the street??? So we mused about the route it would take to get it across the front garden (all concrete) and round to the back of the house.  Seems a lot of hassle if that is how it is done.
He has a BT phone and asked me if that company couldn't just take it from an existing connection already inside the house.  I looked up BT Broadband site and it seems that can be done??  I would have contacted BT to ask but I imagine they'll all be off on holiday for a few days.  He's had a letter today from the cable people saying he has to cancel within 7 days if he changes his mind so I really need to know quickly if he should cancel the cable company and if he will be able to have a BT connection installed more easily. 
Can anyone answer my question (in very plain English - I completely useless with technology) Will be really grateful for any advice. Hope I've described the problem properly!

The Common Room / Legal minimum age for marriage in England in 1887
« on: Thursday 07 April 05 00:05 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me what the minimum age for marriage with parent/guardian's consent was in England in 1887?

With thanks, Anne

Northumberland Lookup Requests / 1841 Census Berwick THOMPSON
« on: Sunday 27 March 05 23:14 BST (UK)  »
I would be very grateful if someone with access to the 1841 census could find me the following:

Joseph THOMPSON occupation Baker age 45 in Berwick on Tweed, possible address Marygate. I would expect his household to include wife Mary, son Ralph and daughter Margaret.

I'm specifically interested in Joseph's birthplace, if this Census carried that info.

Thanks, Anne

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