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Limerick / St Mary's Diocese of Limerick -
« on: Wednesday 15 February 12 05:42 GMT (UK)  »
I am researching my Irish heritage - surnames being Fitzmaurice, Meade and Roche. GG Grannie - Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice (we think) turned up in Australia in the early 1850's. My GGG Grannie was a Catherine (nee Meade) Fitzmaurice and my GGG Grandpa was a Henry James Fitzmaurice. Catherine Meade's father was a John Meade and mother Mary Roche. One of Catherine's brothers was Captain Thomas Roche Meade. The Meads seem to have hung out in the Parish of St Marys Diocese of Limerick where I have Baptism and Certificates of Marriage of John Meade and Mary Roche.  I can't find any record of Mary Agnes' birth or when she left Ireland and what vessel and when she arrived in Australia. She had her first child in 1856 in Sydney at the age of 18 years. Is anyone researching any of the above and can shed some light on this mystery. Roche Meade died in London in 1849 and part of estate was sent to Sydney Australia. I am trying to track down his Will in London and would appreciate any hints on where I could obtain a copy. Thanks

« on: Tuesday 30 August 11 05:47 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find out how my Great Great Grandmother arrived in Australia. Her death cert stated she was in NSW for 77 years. She died in Sydney in 1920 at the alleged age of 90. Her death cert says she was born in County Clare, Ireland in 1830 which means she was 13 years of age when she arrived. Her name was Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice. I have found a Henry Fitzmaurice and two children (no mention of a wife) arrived aboard the Andromache into Port Adelaide in December 1950. No names of the children were provided on the passenger list and he does not have a wife travelling with him. Her death cert says her father was a Henry James Fitzmaurice and her mother was a Mary Kathleen Meade (Meade is maiden name). Her death certificate also states her first marriage (from which two daughters were born) to a Robert William Grant. No marriage certificate or record can be found to substantiate this. Her first daughter's birth certificate states that her maiden name was a Williamson - not a Fitzmaurice and that she was married in England in 1853 to Robert William Grant. Her first daughter was born in 1856 and my GG Grandmother (no record of her birth can be found) was born in 1862.

Does anyone know where I should research details of her birth in County Clare Ireland. Or can anyone think of any other possibilities as to how she might have ended up in Australia at the age of 13. Her uncle was a Major Roche Meade who died in England on 17 November 1848.

« on: Friday 19 August 11 07:49 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help with information about the Fitzmaurice Family of County Clare. Supposed to have military connections with the HR 3rd Royal Buffs.

« on: Friday 19 August 11 04:41 BST (UK)  »
I am tearing my hair out trying to locate my Great Great Grandmother Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice - her maiden name. She was born between 1830 and 1840 in County Clare Ireland - according to her death certificate. Her death certificate also states her father was Henry James Fitzmaurice - Army Office and her mother was Mary Kathleen Meade. Mary Kathleen Meade had a brother of note Major Roche Meade. Mary Agnes had her first child in Australia in 1956. I cannot find any record of her coming to Australia. Her death certificate stated she had been in the colonies for 77 years. She died in 1920 allegedly at the age of 90 which means she would have come to Australia at the age of 13 years. Her death certificate says she was born in 1830.  Can anyone shed any light of the Meade and Fitzmaurice families or where I might find some information that is still about on Mary Agnes. Cheers Helen

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