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Since RootsChat took the former Canadian British Home Child database under its wing in April 2015, members have added over 2000 new entries. The total now stands at 23,640. Only around 140 have been "claimed" and a Relative Link put on them.

Of the total, 142 have been clearly identified as being born in Hampshire and 21 in the Isle of Wight. There may be many more left unlabelled. Have you found your emigre orphaned relatives yet? You can search from the white button-bar at:

If you find them and corrections or omissions are noted, these can be made good via the Readers Comment box (followed by Save Record) or if extensive (>500 chars) to me by PM please.

[ Edit: the number of records not given  County label of HAM amounts to over 70 for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight]

data co-ordinator
RootsChat BHC database

Canada / William John BRADLEY (1911-1988)
« on: Friday 04 March 16 10:52 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,

In our British Home Child Database, we inherited a duplicate entry for the above. The difficulty is that the dates of birth and death do not agree. The years are OK but the days/months have been transposed. Could some kind RootsChatter please confirm his date of death from an obituary or other source as either 14 April or 27 May 1988. He died in the Fergus Hospital, Ontario.


Canada / An Insurmountable Problem?
« on: Tuesday 25 August 15 23:19 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I'm not sure where to put this as a look-up may not be possible.

I've just transcribed for the RootsChat BHC database a Quarriers party of 118 children that arrived on the SS Sarmatian at Quebec 15 June 1897.

The original passenger list images have a crease on each of the two relevant pages which weren't opened out obscuring completely the names of two young passengers. They are a girl of 11 yrs at line 48 (they're all numbered) and a little girl of 3 yrs at line 110 on the other page.

This problem also affects the Library and Archives Canada database where they list each as a blank 'item' apart from gender and age.

Is it possible to get round this impasse? Is there another photo source from which I can find out the names and complete the job? Is access to the original record available? Or can anyone suggest an alternative approach please?

All advice welcome.


Canada Lookup Request / Lewis / Jones puzzle from 1908
« on: Wednesday 29 July 15 23:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,
        This is a straightforward look-up request please (for the BHC database), as no passenger list image seems to be freely available. The ship in question is the Corsican which arrived Quebec 23 May 1908.

According to L.A.C. there is a 'Lewis Jones' listed among the children, where the RootsChat BHC database has a 'John Lewis'. It would appear that somewhere along the line the surname and forename have been transposed. But Which one is right? (If there is an official mix-up of identities I'll use the AKA facility, but with the birth name as the foremost ID.)

I favour John Lewis being correct as he may be travelling with a younger brother, Frederick. Any help appreciated.


Canada / Ship's Passenger Lists/Manifests
« on: Monday 06 July 15 15:45 BST (UK)  »
   As one of the data co-ordinators on the RootsChat BHC database I'm trying to sort out a problem. My understanding of how the Passenger Lists (Ships' Manifests) were compiled and used may be incomplete.

Can anyone tell me please if a vessel diembarked passengers at Halifax, N.S., would a completely separate manifest be created for disembarkation at a port further along the East Coast of Canada or the U.S.?

The problem I have is six phantom boys who don't appear on the passenger list with the other 13.


The Lighter Side / Boys Will Be Boys - A Century On
« on: Tuesday 09 June 15 11:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I've recently been transcribing from source a substantial part of a passenger list from 1910 for the RootsChat DBSIG British Home Children.

The Empress of Ireland docked in St John's, New Brunswick on the 15th of April 1910 to disembark, amongst the other travellers and emigrants, a party of 96 boys bound for "MR Fegan's Boys Home" in Toronto.

The chances of that party of under one hundred individuals containing two pairs of brothers with identical names (but differing ages) is small, if not infinitesimal. Somehow Messrs Edward and William Lush have been recorded twice by the Purser. It might be by chance but I strongly suspect a sharp kick from the Devil's cloven hoof here. ;D ;D The brothers are recorded together on the first page and separately later on, with one as the very last name in the list.

Their 105 year old prank has at least cemented their place in history as they appear twice in the Library and Archive Canada listings too. I wonder what became of them and whether they got up to more mischief later in life.


    It seems a bit daft after being a member for five years to be posting in the How To Use RootsChat Board but I'm having trouble with the PM system that now I need to use a lot.

In the last few weeks I have been blithely sending and receiving PM's not realising that though the number of PM's I have has remained rising steadily (to a peak of 137) I can no longer access the early ones from 2010/2011, even if I delete a few more recent ones. They seem to have been lost to the Bit Bucket. ???

The Help page suggests there is no limit but unless something has gone wrong, this clearly is not so. What is the limit please ? . . . and knowing how it is defined would be useful to know too.

I'd also like to suggest that there ought to be a limit warning mechanism and that it is a pity that the Print routine for normal threads is not available for PM conversations.


The Lighter Side / "Word of Mouth" on Radio 4
« on: Tuesday 28 April 15 16:38 BST (UK)  »

    I've just listened to the BBC Radio programme "Word of Mouth". This is normally quite entertaining and interesting but this edition might be of more than usual interest to RootsChatters as it dealt with family relationships and language in both U.K. and North America.

The repeat is due on the air at 11.30pm next Monday night but will be available on the iPlayer I believe for another month.


The Common Room / Help Contacting Ancestry Tree Owner Please
« on: Tuesday 21 April 15 20:24 BST (UK)  »
   Just today I have discovered some paper records at home which I shouldn't have and wish to pass on to an interested direct descendant of the subject family i.e. their family historian. Of course, I did the usual thing we RootsChatters do and went searching for more information.

The gentleman was the Reverend Wilfrid Mark Allison Potts who was Vicar of Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight 1964-81 and who died in 1995. His wife, to whose WW2 employment the documents refer, was Ann Frances Potts (nee Thicknesse) who died late last year, 2014, at the age of 95.

A search on Anc'y (no sub presently) threw up a tree with both husband and wife referenced. The tree's title contains both surnames, so it looks like being the work of a direct descendant. As they had four children I'm hopeful of a result here.

Could some kind 'Chatter with a subscription search out the tree owner please to pass on my offer and the details above (plus my PM'd e-mail address when required).


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