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Wiltshire / Photographs of Dean Street, Swindon
« on: Tuesday 11 February 20 10:22 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know where I might find old photographs of Dean Street in Swindon and specifically the shop that stood on the corner of Dean Street and George Street?

My late father in law, Chandler, used to run this shop up to c1956 and I want to make a representation of it for a diorama for my grandchildren's model railway layout.


Staffordshire / Joseph and Mary Slater early 1800s
« on: Wednesday 08 January 20 10:30 GMT (UK)  »
Joseph Slater married Mary Bourne in 1803 at Stoke on Trent, Joseph a Forgeman of Norton in the Moors and Mary a spinster of the same place.

Hugh Bourne founded the Primitive Methodists c 1810 and Joseph and Mary were the first and second members respectively.

Their children are the subject of the earlier topic concerning their son Joseph born circa 1820.

We, the person I'm doing the research for and myself, don't know the connection between Mary and Hugh, we know there was some family connection but we don't know if they were siblings or cousins.  Hugh was born on 03 April 1772 at Stoke on Trent and that date would likely be near to Mary's birth date based on her marrying in 1803.  We haven't been able to find any connection in online sites and wonder if the Primitive Methodists' records might throw some light on their connection, knowing what it was would help us with other research avenues.

Does anyone know where, if at all, the records for the Primitive Methodists are held? 

Staffordshire / Joseph Slater born circa 1820 Bilston
« on: Sunday 15 December 19 16:17 GMT (UK)  »
In all of the censuses 1851 to 1891 Joseph is recorded as have been born in Bilston with his birth year as 1820.  That is also the year of birth on his death certificate.

I have been looking for a birth/baptism for him at Bilston in 1820 and have come up with a confusing answer:

Family 1:
   Samuel born 15 Nov 1807, baptised 26 Aug 1826 at Cann Lane and Ettingshaw Wesleyn, Bilston
   Joseph born 21 Feb 1820, baptised 26 Aug 1820 at ditto
   Elizabeth born 15 Aug 1826, baptised 26 Aug 1826 at ditto
Family 2:
   Joseph born 27 Feb 1820, baptised 18 May 1820 at Bilston no church recorded.
   No siblings found that tie in with this Joseph.
Family 3:
   Samuel born 15 Nov 1817, baptised 18 May 1834 at St. Leonard, Bilston
   Joseph born ?, baptised 18 May 1834 at ditto
   Elizabeth born 16 August 1826, baptised 18 May 1834 at ditto

I suspect that famlies 1 and 3 are the same with a single day difference for Elizabeth's birth day but with initially baptisms en-mass at the Wesleyn Chapel/Church in 1826 and the re-baptisms in the Anglican church of St Leonard in 1834.

I also suspect that the Joseph in family 2 where there's no siblings listed is the one where there's no birth record in family 3 .

In all cases the parents are listed as Joseph and Mary.

Samuel's birth year in family 1 as 1807 might be a transcription error and really 1817 as in family 3.  Similarly Joseph's birth day in families 1 and 2.

I think that the children's names sequence and the age difference between children being the same is an indication that they are the same family.

Any thoughts please, am I totally barking up the wrong tree?

Gloucestershire / Marriage and children of Benjamin and Anne Reynolds
« on: Thursday 17 October 19 16:50 BST (UK)  »
I have two definite children for Benjamin and Anne:
  Hester born 18 Jan 1800, bap 23 Feb 1800 at Wooton under Edge
  Thomas born 03 Aug 1802, bap 29 Aug 1802 at ditto

I have found another possible child:
  Maria bap 23 Apr 1815 at same place.

The thirteen years gap seems too large unless her baptism was delayed.

Can anyone find anymore children for Benjamin and Anne and their marriage please.

Gloucestershire / Hannah and George Chapman
« on: Tuesday 15 October 19 17:14 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find the baptism records for Hannah and George Chapman, children of John and Hester Chapman - Hester recorded as Ester at another child's baptism.

According to the 1861 census Hannah was born c 1834 at Kings Stanley.

According to the 1841 census George was born c 1834 but in the 1851 census c 1841 at Kings Stanley.

John and Hester were married 21 Feb 1819 at Kingswood and appear to have moved around somewhat judging by baptism records for their children:

John 22 Apr 1821 Kingswood
Mary Ann 10 Aug 1823 Kingswood
Louisa Frances 21 Aug 1825 Kings Stanley
Maria 11 Jun 1826 Minchinhampton
Alfred 29 Nov 1829 Kings Stanley
Emma 27 May 1832 Kings Stanley
Hannah bc 1834 Kings Stanley
John William 07 Aug 1836 Kings Stanley
Elizabeth 24 Mar 1837 Kings Stanley
Ellen 06 May 1838 Kings Stanley
George  bc 1841 Kings Stanley

Any help with Hannah and George would be appreciated.

Sussex / Netherfield Toll
« on: Thursday 12 September 19 10:01 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find the location of Netherfield Toll, presumably Toll House.

Henry Saunders aged 52 was living there in the 1901 census but I can't find it on any of the 1:2500 scale OS maps of the time. On the 1874 map there is a line across a side turning off the Netherfield Road with the letters T.P. alongside it, am I right in thinking the letters might mean Toll Point?

The turning is near the Post Office and is on a road that leads south to the Northtrade Road that runs into Battlen near to the Union Workhouse.  This road is quite straight in places, not the typical meandering roads of the area, and than makes me wonder if that was a toll road.

Looking at current maps it seems the junction has been altered and any building that was there has been demolished to make way for the revised junction so there's no current evidence of it former layout or buildings.

Any thoughts please?

Sussex / William Tyrell born 1845 Hastings
« on: Thursday 08 August 19 12:34 BST (UK)  »
William was born at Hastings on 31 April 1845 son of Bellville and Ann Tyrell, (mmn White), buried 07 Aug 1846 aged 16 months.

I can't find a baptism for him anywhere, Bellville and Ann had all their other children baptised including those who died in infancy so there's no reason to suspect William wasn't.

Can anyone spot him anywhere?

Sussex / Charlotte Sellings born 1874 Hastings
« on: Saturday 03 August 19 10:39 BST (UK)  »
I have been trying without success to find the baptism of Charlotte Sellings daughter of Whitfield Sellings and his wife Elizabeth mmn Tyrell (or Tyrrell).  Charlotte's birth was registered at Hastings in Q4 1874 and her death in Q4 1876 - I'm waiting for her birth and death certificates.  Whitfield and Elizabeth lived in Hastings up to post 1901 and all their other children were baptised there at either St Clement, Halton or All Saints.  I've tried all spellings of Sellings including Sellens the most common alternative.  Elizabeth's parents and siblings also all lived at Hastings at this period.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is the last missing info on this family.

Berkshire / Richard Haines death and burial service newspaper reports
« on: Tuesday 04 June 19 09:29 BST (UK)  »
My grandfather, Richard Haines, was the sexton at St Michael's church, Tilehurst in the 1920s.  He also dug graves when necessary and it was whilst digging one he grazed a knuckle on one hand and from that developed blood poisoning - Septicemia - and died on 30 November 1930.  His funeral was attended/officiated at by several priests including the personal representative of the Bishop of Oxford whose See St Michael's was in.

Richard's death inquest and subsequent burial service were reported in at least two newspapers or so I discovered when I was sorting through my father's effects.  Unfortunately the cuttings he had did not include which newspapers they had come from, were badly worn with at least one part missing.

I have looked for the reports in The British Newspaper Archive without success though I have to admit I am notorious in missing things.

I would be very grateful if anyone could find the reports for me.

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