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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Mode of Burial
« on: Thursday 25 November 21 04:31 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone please tell me what the mode of burial might be for the second and third lines. I THINK it could be Freehol & Grave, but am not at all sure.
If it is Freehol, what does that mean, as I have ever seen that word before, so cannot relate it to anything.

The burial is 22 April 1891, at Toxteth Park Cemetery, for Stephen Cushing. The mode of burial is the only part I cannot work out.


Cornwall / Mary Stevens Huthnance
« on: Friday 10 September 21 06:57 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find the date of birth for Mary Stevens Huthnance. The information i have gleaned so far is that she was born in Phillack, Cornwall. One piece of information has her birth as 10 June 1829. Another has her in 1833.

In the 1841 census, in the civil parish of St Phillip & Jacob, she was aged 8.

In 1849, when she arrived in Australia with the rest of the family, she was aged 18

She married George F Nutt at St. Phillips Church Of England, Sydney, New South Wales, in 1850, actual date not known.

She died on 8 March 1869, in Sydney New South Wales, as Mary Stevens Nutt. The death notice  in the Sydney Morning Herald of 9 March 1869, states that she was in her 37th year.

I have tried to find her in the bishops transcripts, and parish records over the period, but have not been able to do so :'(

If any one can point me in the right direction to find her birth or baptism, I would be very grateful.

A Chester

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Seeking help re Land Tax in Yorkshire
« on: Tuesday 25 May 21 04:55 BST (UK)  »
I have an ancestor who has a total of 30 mentions regarding land tax paid in Yorkshire, over 13 years.

The majority were in conjunction with his mother in law, with her as the proprietor.
The other proprietors were a couple of “gents”.

What I would like to find out, if it is at all possible, is what is the land tax being paid on. Is it farm land, my assumption based on what I can find out about the ancestor, or could it be developed property?

Any help, or pointing in the right direction, would be very gratefully received.

A Chesters

Cumberland / Seeking help regarding Robert Turnbull
« on: Friday 21 May 21 07:19 BST (UK)  »
I have Robert Turnbull, born about 1785 in Kirklinton, Cumberland. I have information that he married Mary Robson 28 Jan 1809, at Nether Denton, Cumberland, as per FHL Film 90613.

According to the information I have, they had 11 children.

The first three I know have Mary Robson as their mother, according to the baptism record. The first son, William was baptised at Nether Denton, 1 Apr 1810, but the second two, Thomas, 20 Nov 1811, and Robert (1) 31 Oct 1813, were baptised at Kirklinton, all showing Mary Robson as the mother.
The rest were all baptised at Kirklinton, but the baptism record only shows the mother as Mary.
The rest of the children were:
John baptised 15 Oct 1815
Robert (2) 19 Oct 1817
Joseph 5 Dec 1819
Robert (3) 16 Dec 1823
Walter 16 Dec 1823
James 29 Jan 1826
Adam 10 Feb 1828
Samuel 14 Sep 1832

If anyone can say that last eight had Mary Robson as the mother, I would be very grateful, as I believe that there was another Robert Turnbull, in the same area, at the same time, married to a Mary. As this information was seen in the very early stages of my genealogy search, I did not take full records, as I was not right across fully recording everything at that time.

A Chesters

Technical Help / Optical Character Recognition
« on: Friday 21 May 21 06:15 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know of a quality free optical character recognition programme. I had one on the old, Vista, computer, but have changed to a windows 10 machine.

Which one it was on the old machine I have no idea, and I must have downloaded it, as I do not have a CD for it.

Any assistance would be very gratefully received. I have looked on the internet, but am not sure just how genuine the "reviews" might be.

A Chesters

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Seeking help about Ann Nightingale
« on: Sunday 16 May 21 05:41 BST (UK)  »
I have Joseph Stott marrying Ann Nightingale 8 Feb 1817 at Kirkby Malhamdale, Yorkshire.

The problem I have is, which Ann Nightingale is the correct one?

There is Ann Nightingale baptised 5 June 1791at Dewsbury, All Saints, Yorkshire, with father Thomas Nightingale.

Then I have Ann Warburton Nightingale baptised at Dewsbury, Yorkshire on 3 April 1796, with father Robert Nightingale and mother Elisabeth.

The marriage record I have has Joseph as 31, and Ann as 21, which implies that Ann Warburton is the correct person.

Could some kind Rootschatter  let me know which Ann is the correct one, so that I can write up my tree correctly.

A Chesters

Technical Help / Free Photo editing Software
« on: Monday 03 May 21 06:22 BST (UK)  »
I recently had to update my computer to a windows10 from a windows Vista. On the old machine I had a free photo editing software programme, BUT (mental blank time) I cannot remember what it was. It was not Gimp, but it was one recommended by Rootschatters.

If any one can come up with what one it was, I would be very grateful. I have tried out the editing system implicit in Windows 10, but do not find it at all simple, nor what I am looking for.

Yours in hope


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Family Grave Australia
« on: Monday 15 March 21 05:25 GMT (UK)  »
Is it possible for the restorers to clean up this photo of the gravestone of my wife's paternal grandparents?

If it  is not possible, I would not be suprised.


Australia / Trying to find if an inquest was held
« on: Sunday 14 March 21 06:31 GMT (UK)  »
My OH's grandmother died 20 July 1958, and was buried 19 Sept 1958.

This would indicate that there was an inquest by the coroner for there to be such a delay before she was buried. Can anyone let me know how to go about finding out if and where an inquest would have been held.

Her name was Annie Huthnance, nee Hamilton, born 11 March 1875 at Murrurundi NSW

At the time of her death, she was living at Pittwater Road Collaroy, her husband having died in 1954.

I have looked at the NSW Archives, but could not work out if there were any records of inquests at that period of time.

Any assistance would be very gratefully accepted.

A Chesters

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