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Immigrants & Emigrants - General / De Zee Ploeg
« on: Thursday 08 March 18 17:31 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know of a passenger list for this ship that left Holland  in 1817 for America but ended up in Bergen Norway ?  It has a fascinating story which is well documented.

Aberdeenshire / James Strachan shoemaker Aberdeen
« on: Thursday 24 October 13 14:18 BST (UK)  »
I have hit a brick wall as James Strachan is a common name! he was a shoemaker in Virgina st, married Margaret Adam  Banchory 1824. died Aberdeen 1842 aged 46.  I can't find an appropriate birth for him.  are there clues for me in the shoemaker trade?  is he likely to be the son of a shoemaker?  James was Dean of the Guild at one time according to memoirs.

I am trying to find William Kennedy in 1841, he was not living with his family  in Scott St, and i suspect he was in Hull prison for insolvency, as listed in the London gazette a year later in 1842.  is it likely that he was  in prison all this time and is there a listing anywhere in the 1841 for the prison inmates on the census?

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Keyingham gravestones
« on: Saturday 25 May 13 10:15 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know what happened to the gravestones in Keyingham?  I know a lot are stood up around the church yard but I couldn't find Wright or Escreets, as were listed in the wonderful memorial inscription booklet for Keyingham.  Just interested  that's all.

Lancashire / Blackburn cemeteries
« on: Tuesday 14 May 13 21:28 BST (UK)  »
trying to find any memorial inscriptions or graves for people listed as buried in Blackburn early 1800's.  I don't live far away but don't know the area.  in particular clayton St methodist Chapel and St Mary the virgin (old church) 

Yorkshire (West Riding) / otley volunteer engineers
« on: Monday 28 May 12 13:07 BST (UK)  »
my ancestor was a corporal with the otley volunteer engineers and buried with military honours in 1883.   Anyone know anything about this organisation. ?  the article says he was buried in Otley cemetery but i can't find his name on the listings for this, but i have at least found out more about him from this article in the Ilkley gazette.  he died aged 32 and was an "active member" - what would he do?   he ran the George Inn in Otley at the time of his death. . -

hello.      I am researching in to the Fosters in Sculcoates early 1800's.  How do I do this?   my parents still live in Hull so I can easily go and look at things - but where do I find births, deaths, marriages etc?    thank you.

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