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I have copy death certificates for a John Wheeler died 1839 age 11 Wendlebury, Oxfordshire, and a John Wheeler died 1843 age 56 farmer from Bicester, unfortunately not 'my' John Wheeler's but if they may be of help to someone I am happy to pass them on.


I have copy death certificates for a John Wheeler died 1839 age 11 Wendlebury, Oxfordshire, and a John Wheeler died 1843 age 56 farmer from Bicester, unfortunately not 'my' John Wheeler's but if they may be of help to someone I am happy to pass them on.

Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / Goughs of Great Tew look up please
« on: Tuesday 19 April 11 12:57 BST (UK)  »
I am searching for more info on a John Gough who was born about 1781 in Great Tew, Oxon (according to census) he married Ann ? and had two sons John born 1815 and Mark born 1827 ( may have been others not showing on census). If anyone can fill in any more details I would be very grateful.

The Lighter Side / Ancestor marrying his dead wife's sister
« on: Monday 28 February 11 19:53 GMT (UK)  »
I was puzzled as to why one of my ancestors travelled all the way to Plymouth from North Devon to marry for the second time in 1843, although there was no evidence of them living there, he was a farmer so hardly likely to want to live in an urban area, and he reappears in the census back in North Devon. I knew he married the sister of his wife who died a few years earlier but I hadn't realised until recently that it was illegal. The law eventually changed in 1907.
This raises a few questions
How commonly was the law broken is my case unusual?
How easy was it to remarry - could you just say you were a widow and not prove who was and when your previous wife died?
What happened if you were found out?
Was it also illegal to marry you dead husband's brother?

Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / William Eden born c1814 mystery man of Hook Norton!
« on: Saturday 19 February 11 22:28 GMT (UK)  »
I am hitting a brick wall with my maternal x3 great grandfather William Eden.

This is what I know:

He married Mary Ann Phipps in Hook Norton 20 Apr 1834.

The following children were baptised to them in Hook Norton:
Arminda 27-3-1836
Rose Phipps 5-12-1841
Joseph 11-5-1845
Mary 11-5-1845
Hannah 17-5-1849 - my x2 great grandmother
Amelia(Mele) 4-4-1847
William 6-7-1851

I have William on the 1851 census

Park Farm - Hook Norton
William Eden head age 37 ag lab born Great Barford Oxon
Mary Ann Eden wife age 37 born Hook Norton
Joseph  Eden son age 6  born Hook Norton
Amealia dau age 4              "
Hannah dau age 2              "

In the 1841 census Mary Ann Eden is living with Arminda (Minda) who is 5 and Hannah Phipps age 65 (her mother), no sign of William her husband.

In 1861 - 1881 census again there is no sign of William, Mary is alone but not a widow, described as labourers wife.

Previous posts suggest there is no baptism for him in Great Barford (Barford St Michael)
They married before 1837 so I can get no further information from a marriage certificate.
Where was he in 1841 - they obviously were together in the 1840s as several children were born, then where did he go? If he was in prison how could I find out, or would the census indicate that?

Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / Eden Family Hook Norton
« on: Friday 18 February 11 14:07 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for more information on William Eden who according to the 1851 census was living in Hook Norton with his wife Mary and children Joseph age 6, Amelia age 4 and Hannah age 2 (my x2 Great grandmother). 
His wife and children were all born in Hook Norton.
William Eden is stated as being born in Great Barford, Oxfordshire.
I can't find  a Great Barford in Oxfordshire, there is one in Bedfordshire though.
Not too far from Hook Norton are the parishes of Barford St John and Barford St Michael - does anyone know whether they were known as Great Barford?  ???

Any help gratefully received.

Unwanted Birth, Marriage, Death Certs A to G / Birth cert - Hannah Eden Milcombe 1848
« on: Friday 18 February 11 13:48 GMT (UK)  »
I have a birth certificate of Hannah Eden born 25/6/1848 Milcombe, near Bloxham Father George mother Mary formerly Boiler/Boiles.
I sent off for this in error when researching my Eden family from Hook Norton. If you think it may be one of your ancestors I would be happy to pass it on.

Worcestershire Lookup Requests / Offenham Look up request
« on: Sunday 30 January 11 20:43 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for information on my GGG Grandfather James Nightingale who according to censuses was born in Offenham c 1810. He married Ann Tandy in Worcester in 1828.
I have a possible match in the IGI  baptised 7-1-1810 father James mother Elizabeth.
I would be grateful if anyone can verify this and find possible siblings and the marriage of James and Elizabeth.

Devon Lookup Requests / Berrynarbor Parish Records
« on: Monday 10 January 11 14:14 GMT (UK)  »
Is anyone able to look up the baptism and burial records in Berrynarbor parish records. I am researching my Clark ancestors 1700 - 1900. I have a George Clark married a Gennet Watkings in Berrynarbor in 1704, however I don't know whether they were born there and where they died.Any help would be appreciated.

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