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Worcestershire / Two vanishing families from Abberley
« on: Friday 08 August 14 15:07 BST (UK)  »
I thought I'd throw these two little mini brick walls open for suggestions. They both involve members of the Morris family of Abberley.

1. Amelia Hope was b. Abberley in 1872, the daughter of Charles Hope and Sarah (nee Morris). In 1890 Amelia married Alfred James Bell and they had a daughter Olive Silvia Bell. In the 1891 census they are in East Street, Kidderminster with Alfred's father James Bell. And after that I can't find any trace of them at all - does anybody know where they went?

2. Alfred Mills married Louisa Beard in 1865 and a year later they had a daughter, Isabella L. Mills in Worcester. In 1868 Louisa died and Alfred then married Ellen Morris in Abberley in May 1870. By the 1871 census they have a son John and the four of them are living at Shelsley Walsh. And then they vanish completely as well.

All suggestions gratefully received!

Worcestershire / Betsy Oakey (x2): where did they go?
« on: Sunday 20 March 11 22:21 GMT (UK)  »
One of the minor brick walls in my research into the Oakey family of Grimley concerns the following.

William Oakey (b. 1827) was the son of William Oakey and Mary Berrow. On the 3rd November 1850, according to the Grimley parish records (and the IGI), he married Betsy Bishop Pender.

In the 1851 census they are in Grimley (Hannah is either Betsy's mother or maybe grandmother):

Hannah Bishop, 66, widow, cake maker, b. Grimley
William Oakey, son in law, 24, farm labourer, b. Grimley
Betsy Oakey, wife, 19, gloveress, b. Grimley

In 1851 they had a daughter, Betsy Emily Oakey (chr. 3rd August 1851; also on BMD). In 1859 however William died, and in the 1861 census Betsy and her daughter are living with her brother (maybe) William Bishop in Coucher's Cottages. in St John's in Worcester.

William Bishop, head, 40, married, labourer, b. Grimley
Elizabeth Bishop, wife, 28, married, gloveress, b. Bromyard
Elizabeth Grubb, daughter, 20, married, gloveress, b. Bromyard
Betsy Oakey, visitor, 28, widow, b. Grimley
Betsy E. Oakey, visitor, 9, scholar, b. Grimley

After that: nothing. Or at least nothing that I can find out for certain.

Betsy senior seems to vanish completely. As does her daughter. In the 1881 census the only Elizabeth of the right age born in Grimley is an Elizabeth Weaver; she's already married to William Weaver in 1871, and is indeed listed as Betsy Weaver, but I can't find any record of a Weaver marrying an Oakey.

Anybody got any ideas where these two might have vanished to? All helpful suggestions gratefully received!

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Thomas Bowen, Rock, 1891
« on: Sunday 13 January 08 12:49 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for Thomas Bowen, who should be about 23 in 1891, and will probably be married to Alice, with a son Alfred aged about 3.

I'm expecting them to be in the village of Rock, which, although it's in Worcestershire, seems to have strayed over into the district of Cleobury Mortimer for the 1891 census (only). Unfortunately the Ancestry 1891 census doesn't include this village under either county, they've just missed it out altogether, so I'm looking for someone perhaps with a Shropshire 1891 census on CD to look them up for me please.

Thanks in advance,


Kent Lookup Requests / Lookup Slatter Greenwich 1891
« on: Friday 13 April 07 23:51 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know if the 1891 census for Greenwich has any missing areas, either in the actual census taking or in the Ancestry indexing of it. I have so far failed to find Robert J. Slatter, b. 1869; any of his siblings, namely William James Slatter b. 1871, Frederick George Slatter 1873, Arthur Henry Slatter 1878, Annie Maria Slatter 1879, and James Crew Slatter 1884; his mother Rosina Slatter (also called Rose or Rosanna on occasions); and for that matter his bride to be Lena Bigel, depite the fact that they are all in Greenwich in both 1881 (at Dodd's Corner) and 1901 (on Trafalgar Street). Has anyone got any ideas?

Herefordshire Lookup Requests / 1841 lookup: Palmers in Bosbury
« on: Wednesday 28 December 05 16:56 GMT (UK)  »

We're keen to trace Edward Palmer, who was born in Bosbury in 1820 and later moved to Worcestershire. All we know about him is that he was christened on 1st June 1820 in Bosbury and his mother is given as Mary Palmer; no father is listed, and nor is one on his marriage certificate later on.

I'm hoping that he is in Herefordshire in 1841, and that some kind person will be good enough to tell me who he's living with at the time. It is however possible that he has already moved.

Thanks in advance.

Worcestershire Lookup Requests / 1841 census Insull Hartlebury
« on: Friday 12 August 05 22:42 BST (UK)  »
We'd like to find John Insull in the 1841 census. He was born in Hartlebury in about 1835 and his parents were Samuel and Sarah. We'd be particularly interested in whether he had a brother William, about 10 years older. There are of course several variations in the spelling of Insull (Insoll, Insole, Incell, Insool even) though Insull is his most common one in later life.

Just to complicate matters we know there is another John Insull born in Hartlebury in about 1838, whose parents were Richard and Hannah. At this stage we're not interested in him, though he definitely had a brother William as well.

If some kind person could find him for us we'd be eternally grateful. I should point out we have already tracked him (and his possible brother) in all the censuses after that so it's only the 1841 we need now.

Thanks in advance

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