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Australia / Gordon Sandeman and Ernestine - mystery of defaced gravestone
« on: Saturday 09 October 21 06:23 BST (UK)  »
I'd appreciate help to solve a mystery.

Iím very curious about a headstone (photo attached) in Camperdown Cemetery (St Stephens, Newton, NSW) and would love to find out why the headstone was defaced. From a newspaper article (SMH 13 July 1946) I know it had been defaced by then, but I have no idea when it happened.

What would have prompted somebody to erase the name of Ernestineís husband, Gordon Sandeman?

Apart from being declared bankrupt (the 1880s), expelled from parliament for frequent absences and being involved in unsavoury labour practices, I canít find any reason to remove his name from Ernestineís gravestone.

Hereís a bit of what Iíve discovered about Gordon and Ernestine:

Ernestine Caroline Susette Eugenie de Satge-St Jean
B: 1833, Switzerland
Father: Vicomte Ernest Valentine de Satge-St Jean
Mother: Caroline Sparkes
M: Gordon Sandeman, 3 April 1952, London
Arrived Sydney 1862 and lived in Queensland
D: Sydney, 1864

Gordon Sandeman
B: 1819, Edinburgh
Father: Edward Sandeman
Mother: Letitia May Gordon
D: London, 1897

Came to Australia (NSW) in 1838 as a merchant but the business failed.
Lived in Queensland
Squatter/pastoralist Ė bought a station in 1844 in the Morton Bay District and expanded to become a large landholder.
Member of NSW parliament (Qld was then part of the NSW colony) in 1856 as well a member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly for Leichhardt from 1863 to 1870.

Gordon was a friend of Ernestineís brother, Oscar who was also a squatter and politician, so it seems that's how Gordon and Ernestine met.
Involved in bringing slave/indentured labour to Australia from China, India and the Pacific (Kanakas).

He returned to England by 1887 and remained until his death in 1897.

Any suggestions as to how to solve this mystery would be very much appreciated. Tx

Australia / Nursing records in Western Australia
« on: Sunday 21 March 21 06:42 GMT (UK)  »
I'd like to piece together the nursing history of my aunt (still living) who was nursing in WA (all in public hospitals and Dept of Health) from the 1940s till the 1990s.

I'm interested to know if it's possible to get information about her various postings. Unfortunately, she has dementia and is unable to help, and as I'm living outside WA, I'm looking for an online source.

Thanks in advance.

Australia / Bridget Margaret (Bea) CASHMAN of Bathurst and Sydney
« on: Thursday 14 January 21 01:59 GMT (UK)  »
I'm interested in info about Bridget Margaret (Bea) Cashman born in 1880 in Bathurst to James Richard Cashman and Ellen Elizabeth Clark.

Her name is on the title of a property I'm researching at 98 Albion St, Annandale (NSW) in 1924. Was she the real owner or was the title in her name for some reason?

James (worked for Railways) and Ellen lived in Bathurst until they moved to Sydney around 1917, living in the Annandale house when it was purchased in 1924.

Bea died at the residence in 1944 and is buried at Rookwood. It seems she never married.

I haven't been able to definitively identify her in any electoral roles or other sources and would appreciate any info others might have about where she lived and worked.

Thanks and regards

Australia / When did Agnes Alexander/Ireland arrive in Australia from Scotland?
« on: Monday 31 August 20 05:15 BST (UK)  »
I'm hoping some of those who are expert in shipping records and passenger lists can help me to find when Agnes Alexander/Ireland came to Australia. She arrived between 1868 and 1871. She may have travelled under her maiden name or her married name.

Here's some of what I know about her:

Agnes Dick Alice Alexander
Born Dundee Scotland in 1839
Father Alexander Alexander
Mother Elizabeth Low

Married Thomas Ireland (B: 1837) in  1860 and had 4 children

James Playfair IRELAND (1861 - 1892)
Alexander IRELAND (1863 - 1871)
Elizabeth Low IRELAND (1866 - 1929)
Janet Duff IRELAND (1868 - 1943)

It seems second son Alexander died in April 1871, and husband Thomas died in October the same year.

I havenít been able to discover when Agnes went to Australia. Did she leave before the death of her husband and son? I assume both her young daughters (Elizabeth and Janet) traveled with her.

Agnes was in Australia when she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Agnes Alexander (Ireland) in April 1871. There is no father on Agnesí birth certificate, but the name IRELAND was added later. She lived as a ďhousekeeperĒ with another Thomas Ireland who is described as ďan uncle by marriageĒ - perhaps her husbandís uncle.

Thanks in advance.

Bedfordshire / Emma Elizabeth BLAND - looking for birth details in Bedforshire 1847
« on: Tuesday 18 August 20 06:49 BST (UK)  »
I am curious to find birth records for the following:

Emma Elizabeth BLAND
Born Luton, 2 December 1847 (TBC)
Mother: Emma Bland (1830-1866)
Father: Unknown

Emma (mother) married George Toyer in 1853 (Saint Mary,Luton) and the family emigrated to Australia in 1855.

I have information about her later life, but I'd really like to find out about the child's parentage. In the 1851 census I have an Emma Bland living as a lodger in Luton, and a young girl the correct age living with a family named Anderson. I just can't make out the wording on her entry - does it say "son's child" or is it something else?

I'm wondering if she was baptised in Luton. Does anyone have access to parish records for Luton? A clue is that Emma was listed as a Baptist on the passenger list on arrival in Sydney.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Australia / Looking for Jemima Letitia Whiffen (nee Tavener) after 1853
« on: Sunday 09 August 20 06:54 BST (UK)  »
Jemima Letitia and her husband Benjamin Whiffen arrived in Sydney in December 1852 with 7 children. Sadly in early January 1853 Benjamin died leaving Jemima with the children.

Iím curious how she would have managed, and have been unable to confirm any sightings of her after this time. A couple of the daughters married and lived in India, but many of the other children and grandchildren lived and died in Queensland, mostly around Rockhampton.

Iíd really like to know what happened to Jemima. Did she go to Queensland? Did she remarry? Did she stay in Australia and die here?

Iíd appreciate if any of the sleuths on this site can help solve this mystery.


Australia / William BLAND convict
« on: Saturday 08 August 20 06:16 BST (UK)  »
Iím trying to track down information about a convict who came to NSW in 1831. I donít have any experience with convict records, so Iím hoping somebody might be able to help me track down information about his life before the court appearance, and after he obtained his ticket of leave. This is the information I have about his crime and transportation.

William Bland
Born Abt 1878 in Ware, Hertford

At Southwick Court on 7 December 1829 he was charged with embezzlement and sentenced to 7 years transportation.

Arrived Sydney Cove 4 March 1831 aboard the Lady Harewood and was allocated to work for William Dun/n of Pattersons River.

He obtained his ticket of leave on 13 June 1836.

This is not a photo but a realistic profile painted on metal. I'm looking for help to date the profile based on the composition, hairstyle and costume. I'm also interested in opinions as to who and why such a portrait might have been created - a significant birthday, before a wedding? There is some writing on the back that seems to say Mrs Jones, and depending on the date, we hope we can identify this mystery woman. Our best candidate is a woman born in in England in 1846 who arrived in Sydney in 1852 then moved to Queensland where she was married in Rockhampton at 20 years in 1866.


Australia / Looking for Thomas Henry Lancelot LEWIS
« on: Thursday 23 July 20 13:47 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for Thomas Henry Lancelot LEWIS.  I have very little info and I'd appreciate anything anyone can offer.

Thomas Henry Lancelot LEWIS
B Abt 1870 (based on age at death)
D 4 August 1946, NSW
Lived in Kensington, NSW
M 1894 Letitia Stacia EVANS, Sydney, NSW
Elsie Letitia LEWIS (1895-1975)
Sylvia Therese LEWIS (1897-1973)

I don't think he was born in Australia, but can't find an arrival that fits, and with such a common name, I can't identify a birth in the UK (possibly Wales).

Any suggestions for other avenues to search would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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