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Census Lookup and Resource Requests / 1871 census
« on: Wednesday 17 February 10 11:29 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to find the following family on the 1871 census, in an attempt to link daughter Mary to my line!  So far, all my searches have been in vain – and I am running out of ideas for alternative spellings etc!!

1851 census - HO107/2228/214/35 - 11 Lomax Street, Manchester
Joshua Naylor, head, married, 24, marble mason, born Stockport, Cheshire
Alice Naylor, wife, 28, born Birkenhead
Mary Naylor, daughter, 3, born Hulme
Hannah Naylor, daughter, 1, born Manchester
William Owen, lodger, 24, stonemason, born Manchester

1861 census - RG9/2643/75/10 - 15 Wilson Street, Birkenhead
Joshua Naylor, head, married, 35, marble mason, born Stockport
Alice Naylor, wife, 38, born Tranmere
Mary Naylor, daughter, 13, born Hulme
Hannah Naylor, daughter, 11, born Hulme
James Naylor, son, 6, born Tranmere
Jessie Naylor, daughter, 2 born Birkenhead

I believe I have Hannah, James and Jessie in the 1881 and subsequent census returns, but the parents and Mary remain a mystery.  The parents may have died before 1871; there are a couple of possible deaths.  Mary is the real mystery lady!

Any help would be appreciated.  :)

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Isherwood - Rochdale
« on: Sunday 21 June 09 11:49 BST (UK)  »
I would be very grateful if someone could access the 1851 census to find Mark Isherwood, born c1790, and/or Mark Isherwood, born c1815 in Rochdale (the first Mark's son!).
I have access to Ancestry, but cannot find anything, but there are 2 Mark Isherwoods coming up in Lancs on The Genealogist - but even though I am supposed to have a trial membership, it will not let me access the records!

Census Lookup and Resource Requests / Naylor - 1871
« on: Wednesday 09 July 08 09:37 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to link two families together in an attempt to solve a very frustrating search for my grandfather’s parents (very long story that has been going on for a very long time!).
These are the families:

FROM 1891 CENSUS MANCHESTER      RG12/3237 folio 71 page 4
2 Halliwells Buildings, Lad Lane, Manchester
James Naylor, Head, single, 30, Labourer at a Brewery, born Birkenhead
Elizabeth Naylor, sister, single, 27, housekeeper, born Birkenhead
Joshua Naylor, brother, single, 13, scholar, born Manchester
John Naylor, brother, single, 11, scholar, born Manchester
Mary E Naylor, sister, single, 2, born Manchester

FROM 1861 CENSUS BIRKENHEAD      RG9/2643/75/10
15 Wilson Street, Birkenhead
Joshua Naylor, head, married, 35, mable mason, born Stockport
Alice Naylor, wife, married, 38, born Tranmere
Mary Naylor, daughter, single, 13, born Hulme, Manchester
Hannah Naylor, daughter, single, 11, born Hulme
James Naylor, son, single, 6, born Tranmere
Jessie Naylor, daughter, single, 2, born Birkenhead

I have chased them all up and down the census returns, but cannot find any of them in 1871!  I have tried as many variations as I can think of for the spelling of Naylor, but everything comes back blank.  I am beginning to think that I would not spot them now if they leapt off the page, I have looked so many times!  Perhaps fresh eyes would spot them, if someone would be good enough to try?
The folks in 1891 were less than truthful with at least one relationship – Mary, aged 2, was really Elizabeth’s daughter – so some of the others could be wrong also; in fact I am hoping they are!
Joshua in 1861 had a brother who turns up in America in 1860 with his family; I suppose they could have all gone to see him – but don’t really think so!
Any ideas welcome!!

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Marriage at St Peters Liverpool
« on: Sunday 30 March 08 12:15 BST (UK)  »
I have been trying to trace the marriage of George Graham and Mary Moss from Appleby who ended up in Manchester for the 1841 census.
A very kind Rootschatter has come up with the marriage in Liverpool, St Peter's, church Street, Liverpool on 10 November 1833 - I wonder if anyone is able to check this for me in the local record office/library?  It would be greatly appreciated!
If anyone is able to do this, and I don't acknowledge it straight away - I am not ignoring you, I am away for a few days!
Many thanks

Westmorland Lookup Requests / Graham and Mofs in Appleby
« on: Sunday 27 January 08 19:10 GMT (UK)  »
If anyone spends time in the Kendal record office and could have a look in the Appleby records I would be very grateful!!
I have recently discovered that my 3xgreat grandfather was born in Appleby around 1805, and his wife around 1806 - these ages have been taken from the 1861 census so are obviously only approximate.
George Graham and Mary Mofs (at least I think it is Mofs - I have bought 3 separate birth certificates to try and read the writing correctly ....!) were the parents of Mary Graham baptised 1835 in Manchester Cathedral.  I had thought for some time that Mary was an only child as I could find no other baptisms, but after leaving this family alone for ages have recently found them on the 1861 Manchester census.
Neither George Graham nor Mary Mofs appear on FamilySearch and a search of various on-line databases suggests that Mofs is quite an uncommon surname.  If anyone has the time and inclination to look in the Appleby area, I would appreciate it!

Cornwall / Passenger ferries between Truro and Falmouth
« on: Sunday 06 May 07 12:22 BST (UK)  »
Has anyone any information on the passenger steamships that ran between Truro and Falmouth in the 19th century?  I am particularly interested in the company "Benney & Co"; they owned, amongst others, steamships called "New Resolute" "Queen of the Fal".
Benney is my paternal grandmother's name, and the steamship company was owned by relatives of hers.
I have a huge and seemingly immoveable brickwall in the early 18th century - so have decided to attack it from a sideways direction .....!!!

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Margaret Jackson - Manchester
« on: Tuesday 27 March 07 18:24 BST (UK)  »
Margaret Jackson married Thomas Kershaw 1 July 1822 at Manchester Cathedral.
I have found a possible baptism on the IGI for Margaret at St Thomas Ardwick on 24 July 1796, the daughter of John and Alice Jackson.
From the same "batch" of filmed records, there are other baptisms that may be siblings of Margaret:
Harriet 28 September 1794, Mary Ann 8 October 1797, Geo 4 November 1798, John 20 October 1799
If anyone has access to these records and could check to see if there is any further information in the parish register, I would be very grateful.

Northumberland / Minto/Thompson
« on: Saturday 08 April 06 13:32 BST (UK)  »
My ancestor, John Thompson Minto (he used either Thompson or Minto as his surname at various stages of his life!) may have been the son of GEORGE MINTO and ANN THOMPSON baptised 15 December 1778 in Netherwitton.

George MINTO and Ann THOMPSON appear to have been married 14 May 1775 in Long Horsley, and there are other baptisms for children in Netherwitton:
Sarah, bapt 6 July 1775
Dorothy, bapt 27 January 1777
Mary, bapt 6 March 1781

Has anyone come across any of these names in connection with their own research or have any information about George or Ann?

Anything welcome  ;) - John has been very elusive for a long time!!!

Lancashire / Joshua Naylor - otherwise Owen
« on: Thursday 08 September 05 22:29 BST (UK)  »
I have posted some of this information before, had some helpful suggestions, but am trying again with a little new information - in a vain attempt to break down a very frustrating brick wall!!! ???
Joshua Naylor, otherwise Owen - that's how my grandfather's pension record for Post Officer Archives is headed.  That was the first mention of the name Owen heard in relation to this man - who had lived from at least 1909 as Joshua Naylor!!!
When I first started tracing my family I thought I would have no problems finding my grandfather's birth certificate - I knew his birthday, knew the year he was born, and where - thought I knew his father's name from his marriage certificate (and there were 2 of them - certificates, that is) - but could not find a brith certificate.
Then I hit on the idea of trying to find out from the Post Office Archives because he had been employed by them all his working life and had received a pension for many years - and that's when OWEN came into the equation!
Tried again with the birth certificate - no problem, Joshua Owen, born 4 June 1878, Manchester, father George Owen, mother Mary Owen, formerly Naylor.
Since then it has been one frustration after the other - no trace on the census, no marriage for his parents - nothing!
Finally I have found out a little more about a family that may – or may not – be connected to my grandfather – and I am hoping that someone out there may be able to help!

RG12/3237 page 4
Halliwell Buildings, Lad Lane
James Naylor head single 30 b Birkenhead Labourer at a brewery
Elizabeth Naylor sister single 27 b Birkenhead Housekeeper Dom
Joshua Naylor brother single 13 b Manchester Scholar
John Naylor brother single 11 b Manchester Scholar
Mary E Naylor sister single 2 b Manchester

This “Joshua” fits my grandfather as far as his age is concerned; and is the only one I have found that is remotely correct!
Mary E Naylor pops up again in 1901, living as the daughter of William and Elizabeth Timms (RG13/3746 page 43), which seems to suggest she is the daughter of Elizabeth, not the sister, and this is confirmed from her birth certificate showing her as the daughter of Elizabeth Naylor, father unknown.
I have the marriage certificate of Elizabeth and William Timms, at St Stephens, Hulme.  I was hoping that if Elizabeth’s father and “my” Joshua’s father matched, I would have a connection – but no! 
“My” Joshua was married twice and on both marriage certificates quotes his father’s name as George Naylor, stone mason, deceased.  Never a hint of Mr Owen anywhere!
Elizabeth’s father is Joshua Naylor – but … !  His profession is “mason”, which may be a connection.  (You can see that we are well past the “clutching at straws” scenario here …!)
I have just come across the marriage of Mary E Naylor – again at St Stephens, Hulme – to a Robert Lomax in 1907, so my question is – does this link into anyone’s family, and if it does, is there a real link to “my” Joshua – or can anyone tell me that there really is not! 

Sorry this is so long - but this has been a thorny problem for so long ……!  :( :(

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