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Lancashire / The puzzling Bratton Jones family
« on: Saturday 04 December 21 15:53 GMT (UK)  »
I am researching a friend's family and at the moment the Bratton Jones side is interesting if rather confusing. :)

My friend's relation is Mary Bratton (Jones) born 1844 Manchester - mothers maiden name Gould. Her surname on birth reg is Bratton.   Her parents were Joseph Bratton Jones and Susannah Gould who married in Manchester in 1843 with Joseph using the surname Bratton. He is listed as a tailor with father John Bratton also a Tailor   To date the family I have found appear on the census with surname Jones and middle initial B  - 1881 1861 and 1851 

Mary uses the surname Bratton  when she marries Joseph  Webster in 1867  However her children were registered with mothers maiden name Jones!!   Mary very usefully uses the middle name Bratton in the census 1911

If anyone fancies a puzzle I can't find the Joseph B Jones family in 1871 or Joseph in 1841 - although it is possible he is working as a Auctioner in Penrith but this  does seem rather unlikely

The other puzzle is Joseph's birth and where the name Bratton comes from.  In 1841 I found a possible father - JB Jones b 1781 living in Manchester and listed as a Tailor with birthplace unknown.  In 1842 John Bratton Jones a widower and tailor (father Robert Jones farmer)  married Mary Johnson nee Ruddock (who was living round the corner in Miller St in 1841 from the JB Jones I found).   The couple have two children and by 1851 Mary is listed as a widow.   The last date I can find JB is 1847 in the Manchester Rate Books living at Miller St.   

Apologies this is rather long winded.  Thanks for your time


London and Middlesex / The Droy/TrzcenskiChinskey Puzzle - a tale of two cousins
« on: Saturday 05 December 20 14:02 GMT (UK)  »
This a conundrum in a friend’s tree that has us both scratching our heads.
Apologies that it is rather complicated and long winded.

In 1879 in St George in the East, Middlesex sons were born to two sisters Mary Ann Chinsky nee Droy and Ellen(or) Droy   They were the daughters of Thomas and Ann Droy

1.   John Thomas Droy was born on 29 July 1879 in the Workhouse Infirmary at St George in the East, Middlesex with mother Ellen Droy who was a domestic servant. Ellen’s poor house records for the months prior to the birth of her son are on Anc. In Sept 1879 Ellen and son John Thomas Droy were admitted/discharged to/from Shoreditch Workhouse which is the last time I can see her son..  On 3 Jan 1881 Ellen Droy married Lucus Siwak/Srwak as Ellenor Ann Droy and they are together in 1881

2.   Peter Alexander Chinskey was born on 17 August 1879 at Cross St, St Marys, St George in the East – Parents Peter Paul Chinskey and wife Mary Ann nee Droy who married in 1876 in Stepney. In 1881  Peter Alexander Chinskey is shown as P A Chinsky age 1 son of Peter Chinsky (born Poland) and M A Chinsky (nee Mary Ann Droy)    Can’t see any more children born to the couple

Can’t definitely find the family in 1891-1911 census years. Peter Snr died on 14 Oct 1899 at 12 Finsbury Market, Shoreditch with his name given as Piotr Trzcenski age 56 – Walking Stick Maker - and the death was registered by son (Peter) Alexander.  This is the first time that the surname was given as Trzcenski - presumably it was all in the name was pronounced!

Now it gets confusing!!  On 27 May 1901 in Hackney, Peter Alexander Trzcenski (Chinskey)age 22 (occupation Stick Mounter) married Rose Skinner b 1881 Stoke Newington, Middlesex (marriage image on Anc). However, on the marriage certificate there are notes that changes were made to it on 28 Feb 1920 as a result of a declaration by the groom and his mother.  This changed Peter Alexander Trzcenski’s name to John Thomas Droy and omitted any mention of his father Peter.  The family think that this change was sought so a descendant could enrol in the military without a foreign name/background.

Children from the marriage were registered as Trzcenski or Droy and in the 1939 Register the couple were living in Tottenham with the husbands name changed from Alexander Peters to John Thomas Droy born 29 July 1879 - the same birth date as Ellen’s son named John Thomas Droy!!!  Extract of the 1939    Register attached

So, did Mary and Peter Chenskey/Trzcenski’s son die and the couple adopt the son of her sister Ellen,  changing his name??   Can’t see a death would fit their son Peter Alexander  :-\

Thanks for taking for an interest in this puzzle


Cheshire / Marriage 1837 Chester
« on: Wednesday 07 October 20 09:41 BST (UK)  »
I found a marriage in Chester on 24 Nov 1837 between a John Reynolds - Carpenter to Elzabeth Scott both of full age and single and both of Foregate St. Their parents were listed as John Reynolds - Farmer and Robert Roberts Scott - Wire ...?   Witnesses James Obsorn and Elizabeth Foden.

I have no other info on the couple and can't see possible children  on the GRO Birth Index.    Can anyone see them in the census??

Thanks for your time Kay

Technical Help / Gmail
« on: Saturday 12 October 19 06:53 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone else having a problem with gmail loading or is it just me?? :-\


Europe / James Milden/Middleton b 1829 Gothenburg, Sweden
« on: Sunday 13 May 18 15:39 BST (UK)  »
I am helping a friend  with research into the Milden/Middleton side of the family tree – trying to trace the Swedish roots of James pre 1857  and we would extremely grateful if anyone could help .

James Milden married Mary Ann Mitchell on 20th July 1857 at the Eling near Southampton .  James is listed as 29 a bachelor and Mariner – Father James Milden a labourer   He made his mark. Mary Ann  Mitchell is listed as 24 – a servant – spinster – Father George Middleton –a  labourer.  Mary Ann signed her name.  Both were living at Eling   Witnesses Tom Cousins and Ann Sophia Elderton       It is thought  Mary Ann’s father was mistakenly listed as Geoge as his name was John Mitchell

The first sight we have of James on the census is in 1861 where he listed in Anc  as James Milden age 30 born Cottenburg (Gothenburg) a married  Able Seaman onboard ship off Yarmouth.   His wife Mary Ann is listed with the surname Middleton in 1861 b1833 Shapwick, Dorset  living at Holy Rood, Southhampton with daughter Lydia Ann age 2 b Shapwick, Dorset. (all the children were registered as Middleton)

This is the family in 1871 under the name Middleton with James listed as b 1829 Sweden  and in 1881 with James listed at born 1829 Gottenburgh (B S) Germany

By 1891 Mary Ann is a widow-  living with her married daughter

Thanks  for your time   Kay

Norfolk / Garron family - Westminster
« on: Thursday 02 November 17 15:14 GMT (UK)  »
I found baptisms on FindMyPast in St Margarets, Westminster for siblings John Garron 1834 and Mary Ann Garron 1838 with parents William and Agnes Garron.   Father William was a tailor and the family lived at Hindon St at the time of Mary Ann's baptism
I am trying to see if they are related to another Garron family I am researching but so far I can't see  William Garron and family post the 1838 baptism.   Mary Ann's birth  doesn't appear to have been registered.   Can anyone see them in the 1841 or later censuses??

Thanks for your time Kay

Apologies - Just realised I posted on the adjacent board  :-\

The Lighter Side / WDYTYA BBC Radio 4 Mark Steel
« on: Wednesday 15 February 17 14:25 GMT (UK)  »
On tomorrow night on Radio 4 at 11pm.   Mark Steel comedian after years of research tracks down his birth mother.  Sounds quite a tale.   Too late for me but will be listening on iplayer


Cheshire / Ann Sherratt Macclesfield, Cheshire
« on: Monday 08 February 16 14:08 GMT (UK)  »
I have had a puzzle with the early Sherratt family for many years which I come back to regularly.

My ancestor Isaac Sherratt died on 27 Mar 1832   and I have the administration papers for his probate -30th May 1846 which lists the same date for his death and grants administration to his wife Ann Sherratt of Sutton nr Macclesfield and also lists his son Joseph Sherratt of St Georges St, Sutton

In 1841 living at St Georges St, Sutton was Isaac's widow Ann Sherratt age 50 (not born in County)  living with sons Jabez 15, Isaac 15 and Joseph 10.   She claimed her husbands estate in 1846, but I can't see her in 1851!   

I have the only death that I thought might her was in 1847.   However, whilst this Ann Sherratt also lived at St Georges Street, Sutton, she was 73 at the time of her death and the cert lists her as the wife of a Francis Sherratt - cordwainer - who I believe came from Draycott in Staffordshire.  I hope the family are connected but can't see one at the moment

I have details on the rest of the family post the 1841 census except for Ann and was wondered whether anyone can see her post 1846 or find her death??

Thanks for your time Kay

Pre WW2 my father went on cycling holidays with friends in the UK and I think at least one trip was to Europe.   Not many photos survive and most are of the lads and their bikes or of nondescript hillsides but this one has always intrigued me.   Any ideas welcome.  It might be easily identified and I will kick myself  :)

Many thanks Kay

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