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Scotland / What is a "Guard of the Union Coach"?
« on: Tuesday 25 October 22 05:38 BST (UK)  »
The baptism of George Hannon on 19 Sept 1816 St Cuthberts Edinburgh describes the occupation of his father, also George Hannon, as "Guard of the Union Coach". What does this mean? A Google search wasn't very informative.

Australia / NSW marriage - multiple results in index
« on: Sunday 09 October 22 03:32 BST (UK)  »
A search for the marriage of Charles Thomas Oliver in 1939 in NSW gave 3 results:


I was delighted to find these entries as Enid Coulson has been a longstanding brick wall. It seems the marriage certificate has been altered/amended at some stage. Would the certificate have additional information to explain these alterations?

Europe / Robinson family - NETHERLANDS
« on: Friday 19 August 22 07:32 BST (UK)  »
I've just stumbled across the death of a child on 23 April 1853 in Rotterdam, father Charles Robinson, mother Hannah Coulson on Ancestry (also found it on FamilySearch).

Being completely unfamiliar with these records I'm at a loss to follow this up.

I have the parents' marriage info:
Charles Robinson, full age, widower, commercial traveller, res St Saviours Southwark , father James Robinson, gentleman
Hannah Coulson, full age, spinster, res St Saviours Southwark, father Thomas Coulson flax dresser
Wits George Coulson Catherine Green

and suspect they may have remained/died in the Netherlands as they disappeared from English records.

Can anyone help?



Scotland / What I didn't know about searching on ScotlandsPeople
« on: Tuesday 12 July 22 07:58 BST (UK)  »
A couple of days ago, after searching for the death of James Henderson in 1938, I downloaded the certificate for a death in Dundee. This certificate had deaths for George Cook Nichol, James Moir and Williamina Mackenzie Allan but no James Henderson. I contacted ScotlandsPeople who promptly replied with information about searches:

"... whilst it may not be the individual you are seeking, it is technically correct. To explain, all individuals may be indexed under any name they may have been known as at any point in their life."

"All females are indexed under both their maiden and married name at death (if applicable). This is because a woman never actually loses her maiden name even when taking her husband’s name at marriage, something she is not obliged to do - she is technically the same person she was at birth."

I knew this ... but

"In the same way - if a child was born what was then termed ‘illegitimate’, he/ she would be indexed under both the mother’s maiden name and the father’s name (if known). If the mother then married another man the child would additionally be indexed under the stepfather’s name, as well as that of any further stepfathers should the mother marry more than once."

I never knew that!

The James Moir death recorded his father as James Moir, ploughman, deceased, and his mother as Isabella Swinton, farm worker, afterwards married to William Henderson, railway surfaceman foreman, deceased.  So it fit the criteria outlined above.

Hope this helps others who have seemingly unrelated results to their search.

I did have my 6 credits refunded. :-)


Ireland / Looking for the baptism of Terrence Keating ca 1839
« on: Tuesday 17 May 22 03:41 BST (UK)  »
According to his marriage certificate, Terrence Keating (transcribed as King) aged 37, single, married Mary McGurk, aged 28, single, on 3 Dec 1876 in Elizabeth New Jersey USA. His parents were given as Terrence and Mary.

Note: Previous thread

Can anyone find his baptism or even any children born to this couple? Sorry I don't know where in Ireland he came from.


United States of America / Can anyone find this family after the 1880 census?
« on: Saturday 26 February 22 05:24 GMT (UK)  »
The Keating family are living in Elizabeth, New Jersey in the 1880 census.

Mrs Keaten, female, 33, born Ireland, parents both born Ireland
Addy male, 2, son, born New Jersey, parents both born Ireland
Catherine, female, 1 daughter, born New Jersey, parents both born Ireland

The children's births (father Terence Keating, Kating, mother  Mary McCrank, McCronk, McCurk):

Adelaide, female, born 30 Aug 1877, bapt 1 Sept 1877 St Patrick, Elizabeth (mistakenly entered in the 1880 census as male)
Catherine Ann, female, born 4 Feb 1879, bapt 9 Feb 1879 St Patrick, Elizabeth

Terence Keating was born about 1839 in Ireland and died in Dec 1879, buried on 10 Dec in Mount Olivet Cemetery.
A report of his death:
Mr. Terence Keating, of Elizabeth, in climbing over a fence one evening last week, fell and his back was broken. He died of his injuries on Monday night. The deceased had long been a resident of Elizabeth, and was well known and respected.
[From the Friday, December 12, 1879 Trenton State Gazette, Volume: XXXIII, Issue: 295, Page: 2.]

I think this is Terence in 1870 but his wife's name is Kate, not Mary.
Tem (ie Terr) Katon, 30, moulder, born Ireland, parents both born Ireland
Kate Katon, 25, KH (keeping house), born Ireland, both parents born Ireland.

I can't find either of the children or their mother (who may have remarried) after 1880.


Ireland / Finding living descendants - a tip
« on: Tuesday 22 February 22 01:26 GMT (UK)  »
Just wanted to pass on a success I had in finding living descendants. When I googled the surname and townland of my ancestor, up popped a recent newspaper article. I contacted the reporter who passed my email on to the present occupiers and what do you know - the family had occupied the farm for centuries, way back to our common 5th great grandfather who started farming there in 1789!

Australia / What became of Terence Keating, blacksmith in Woodend in 1888?
« on: Tuesday 22 February 22 01:15 GMT (UK)  »
The Victoria Police Gazette of 1888 records the theft of a cow from Terence Keating, blacksmith, Woodend, Victoria on 31st December 1887 and its recovery in 1888. But I can't find any other record of him. There were/are lots of Keatings in Woodend and quite a few buried there but I can't see any connection to them.

I'm trying to eliminate him from my search for my Terence Keating, bapt 1838 Dublin, father Jeffrey James Keating, mother Sarah Duffy. He arrived in Australia ca 1847 with his mother and brother - they joined his father in Albury. He served with the Merchant Navy in England in the 1850s then disappears from sight. According to his mother's death certificate in 1893, he was aged 54.

Lanarkshire / I need help with these COOK children
« on: Sunday 23 January 22 11:03 GMT (UK)  »
John COOK and Elizabeth ANDERSON had 2 children:
William born 3 January 1913 Govan Glasgow
Elizabeth COOK born 2 September 1914 in Glasgow.
These birth dates are from his WW1 Pension Short Service Attestation record in 1915.

John and Elizabeth married on 1 October 1918 at 21 Hope St Glasgow.

Elizabeth died on 20 March 1920 in the Western Infirmary. John remarried Catherine CANNON on 21 December 1920 reg Blythswood. He died on 5 October 1965 in Glasgow. I've found 6 children for this couple.

What I can't find is what happened to his two children from his first marriage. I know at least William was alive in 1920 - he is mentioned in a newspaper account of his mother's death.

Any leads gratefully accepted. :-)

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