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New Zealand / Auckland Heritage Festival
« on: Sunday 11 October 20 21:20 BST (UK)  »
Hello Mare

I hope your Auckland Heritage Festival Month is going well.

Fist Sunday was shocking weather so did not go up to Auckland. On a sunny Sunday the 4th I arranged for a Manurewa pensioner to have a day out, visiting the Pukekohe Pioneer Cottage, Franklan Pioneers’ Heritage Walk, and the Pukekohe East Church.

Yesterday I returned to the Church, to help with the manning thereof. I’m told the Regional Council did not have flyers like previous years, but for such a windy day at the top of the crater, we had a steady stream of visitors, who found out somehow.

The first feature inside the door was one about the memorial stone. There was an early photo of the Church used. From a notation in a family album, I was able to name the two residents standing at each corner, and during the week, a member was able to locate a NZH “special correspondent” article on visiting the district, which mentions the couple and their having a photograph taken.  [A Trip To Pukekohe 5/11/1898 s. p1]

Now there is an evening task of finding out who the correspondent was. He makes reference to having been “No 136 No 3 Company 1st Batt., Auckland First Class Militia.”

Farm work calls. 

So a big thank you for publishing the reminder.


New Zealand Completed Requests / Surname spelling variants
« on: Friday 04 September 20 05:56 BST (UK)  »

Afraid being a skip reader, spelling is not my strong point.

When doing family searches I know a surname like NEWMAN can be found in the NZ press spelt Neumann, Neuemann, Muemann and Nyemann, and even any of the previous with just one “n”, if there was the potential for it being the name of someone who spoke German.

However I have come across two examples I’m struggling to come up with variants, to try and expand my PapersPast and Archway searches.  C. 1860’s



Any suggestions appreciated.


New Zealand Completed Requests / 60 year old photos from Morrinsville
« on: Monday 31 August 20 00:38 BST (UK)  »

Todays Waikato Times is seeking family who lost a roll of film 60 odd years ago.

The finder of that roll of film had them developed. Now seeking to find a home for them.


New Zealand Completed Requests / NZ verses UK archived info and availability.
« on: Sunday 16 August 20 00:05 BST (UK)  »
There are times when contributors wonder if their input to the NZ board is appreciated. Therefore the following from an experienced amateur researcher will acknowledge appreciation of your efforts, and rootschat for providing the vehicle.

Following my recent visit to the NZ archives, a new stream of research has headed off to London to fellow researcher, and heritage author, Michael. NZ may not have surviving census records, BUT according to Michael, the archived info, and papers past access to early press, that we have supplied, is exceptional. So very much appreciated, and a big thank you, to those only to happy to delve into their known resources, and contribute to the NZ board of Rootschat. Without such help our hobby budgets would not even scratch the surface.

Edited comments from latest exchanges:-

Michael H
   Aug 15, 2020, 1:49 AM (1 day ago)      
to me
I'm not surprised another late night - what a fantastic additional collection of material. I think I am going to have to set aside the Christmas break to go through everything which has been accumulated and extract the data into a narrative. ……..
Receiving them in JPG form appreciated too, as it allows me to lighten, sharpen, enlarge, etc.
Just one thing - is there any possibility of getting a much higher definition copy of the Waikato Frontier map, which I could zoom in on? In its current format, the place names pixelate and are illegible, and as I love reading maps, it would really put the whole scene in its geographical context for me.
At least it has all established beyond reasonable doubt that my Charles Myers is the Waikato Militia man. However, what we now need to establish is whether he was also, previously, the 43rd Foot man - or was that the other Charles Myers? Presumably a former regular soldier would have been quite an asset for a local militia, so the chances must be good that he was in both units.
As I believe it is now nearly 2 a.m. down there, I trust you will not be replying to this (or even seeing it) until after breakfast...


But I did briefly. Phone at pillow in case livestock gets on the main highway.

Michael H
   12:50 AM (8 hours ago)      
to me
Well, if you consider yourself a novice at finding your way round the system, all I can imagine is that there must be some formidable researchers out there. I have just done a count, and up to the receipt of this, you seem to have sent me 91 items as attachments (including the checklist [215 references]), …….. . All are perfectly clear for printing out except for the Waikato Military map; ……... If you have several other projects like that, the farm must be running itself…….?
Intriguing that Charles may also have gone to the goldfields - though as he went to Australia quite early, I wonder if he also tried his luck prospecting there in the gold rush of the time? Another man I am studying, an American Civil War navy veteran named John Davis (dismayingly common name for research purposes - born in Hampshire), also went out there after the war, failed, and came back to London, where he had a conversion, became a missionary in the slums of docklands, and founded a London association of Civil War veterans - if you have any time for extra-mural reading, I'll be happy to send you an article I wrote about them, and him.
However, the findings so far do also back up my grandmother's claim that Charles was given land in New Zealand after the Maori Wars, presumably as a veteran.


SUPPLIED, Retrolens 1943 aerial photos link; Waipa Council farm property rating details; linked to original survey and Crown Grant copies. [Vellum Parchment] Mining and bush license claims details. Mortgage and conveyancing details from the 1860’s. Identifying Crown Grant farm locations.

Michael H
   1:00 AM (8 hours ago)      
to me
Intriguing. If we had a tenth of that sort of material for my own area,
a mere five miles north of the City of London, for the 1860s and 1870s,
our research would be transformed. I don't think I've even seen a
photograph of my area earlier than the 1880s, and almost nothing till
the 1890s.

SUPPLIED, back story of the period of the Maori Rebelion.
with a collection of screen shots & online viewing links inc
Sketch Maps; Waikato District & Waikato Frontier
Schedule 30:3 Maaori Sites of Signficance – Waikato District Council.
Ngatapuwae O Hotmauea. Maaori habitations along the Waikato River. Hamilton City Council. [On Line]
NZ Wars by Nigel PRICKETT.  DOC / [On line]

Yet more! Fascinating. Do these redoubts still survive, and have they
been archaeologically investigated if they do? I am getting so used to
this flood of information that I had a brief moment of disappointment
when it transpired that Stichbury's account didn't mention Myers, but I
dare say I will get over it. Hope you managed to get an hour or two of


New Zealand Completed Requests / E. M HARRIS & E. R. J. SHIELDS plus T. R. OGIER
« on: Tuesday 11 August 20 21:32 BST (UK)  »

I recently looked up the following Archives holdings held at the Auckland branch of Archives NZ.

Happy to forward info seen therein, to interested family researchers.

Ellen Maude HARRIS of Gisborne.  Includes death certificate for Elizabeth Rudlige Jessie SHIELDS 25/7/1968, of Auckland; Waikumete Cremation 31/7/1968

Thomas Robin OGIER, passenger on the Ionic to NZ, July 1908. Memorandum re funds transfer.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help with signatures please.
« on: Sunday 05 July 20 12:59 BST (UK)  »
Hello from NZ.

A second opinion of the names of the persons signing a character reference for a Jewish man requesting Naturalization, would be appreciated.


The NZ Genealogist June 2020 pages 90, 91, & 118 detail research into informal burials therein between the years 1856 to 1862.

Quite an interesting article for me, as I also have done research into the origins of a public cemetery which are not what one might have expected from the limited press coverage available.

Greytown names mentioned being; Jane FISHER 1858, Rachael HARTLEY 1858, Margaret MORRIS 1860, Mary Jane McCAUL 1860, William BLACKWELL 1860, Charlotte SAILSBURY 1861, William SAILSBURY 1861,  Joseph Terry (sic. ?) 1861, Henry MEYRICK 1862, and Robert Henry Greathead (sic. ?) 1862.

Settlement of the area started in 1854, but it was 1863 before todays recognised Greytown Cemetery was finally open for business, following proclamation in March 1862 and survey in December 1862.

Contact details for the researcher, is published with the article, or I can PM supply. [A living person].


New Zealand / UK request for help - Charles MYERS
« on: Friday 10 April 20 23:51 BST (UK)  »

I find the attach plea for assistance interesting, because some time past I have read of similar accounts here in the Waikato. But at this time can not remember which piece of research I was doing when I came upon it.

Currently have too many open research projects on the go, to be adding another. But I am sure the forum will be able to track the family while in NZ.


In a quick look have found several references to "Charles MYERS" but they don't appear to all be of the same person.  There is an Archway reference to a Crown Grant in 1866-7 R25696012 and a Cambridge listing of Waikato Militia.

MYERS Charles
Charles was born 1827 in Spitalfield, Middlesex. He was an engineer, 5′ 7″ tall when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia 24 November 1863 in Nelson. He was a Private, Regiment number 948 and was granted one acre of land section 417 in Cambridge East and a farm section 16 at Ohaupo.

Edit by Moderator: topic title altered to include subjects name. Spades

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