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Margaret Watterson was born Oct 13, 1872 in Lisnamorrow, Ireland, parents James Watterson and Margaret Hurl. With a tremendous amount of help, we have located 6 of her siblings deaths in Philadelphia and another sibling, Ignatius, who spent many years there but returned to Ireland many years before his death. The most recent sibling that we researched was Sarah Elena who is almost certainly the same person as Helena.

I would not doubt that Margaret also went to Philadelphia. She is not on the 1901 Irish census with her parents who both died in 1908.
Thanks for any help.

Canada / Death Sarah Henry, Toronto, Ontario, 1960
« on: Wednesday 19 January 22 00:09 GMT (UK)  »
Sarah Henry, nee Hurl, was born Jan 25, 1877 in Magherafelt, Ireland to William Hurl and Mary Bell. Sarah married George Henry Oct 29, 1904 in Belfast. By 1911, they had had no children, as per the Irish census. When Sarah emigrated to join her brother Andrew John in Toronto in May 1934, she was a widow and had never been in Canada before. She left Glasgow on May 18 and arrived Montreal on May 27, bound for Toronto.
She reportedly died in Toronto in 1960 but I have not found that record as yet. Can anyone find her death record? Thank you.

United States of America / Sarah Elena Watterson, born Dec 30, 1881, then what?
« on: Monday 17 January 22 16:39 GMT (UK)  »
Sarah Elena Watterson was born Dec 30, 1881 in Lisnamorrow, Ireland to James Watterson and Margaret Hurl. She is not on the 1901 census in Ireland with her parents so thinking she may have emigrated, possibly to Philadelphia like at least 5 of her siblings. But I didn't find her in 1900 or 1910.
Perhaps she was married by then. At any rate, I have an unconfirmed date of death of 1950 but no indication where and whether she had married.
Thanks for any help

Derry (Londonderry) / Death Sarah Jane Hurl, Aug 13, 1966
« on: Saturday 15 January 22 18:48 GMT (UK)  »
Sarah Jane Hurl was born Aug 7, 1871 in Carraloan to Hugh Hurl and Rebecca Jane Bradley. Sarah Jane is on the 1901 census in Cloughfin, Sarah age 27,  with her mother Rebecca, a widow. Hugh had died in 1882 in Iniscairn.
Then I don't have any more info on Sarah Jane except that an online tree has her death as Aug 13, 1966, not sure where or whether she had married after 1901. I don't find her in 1911, which could indicate that she married. Would like to find out more about Sarah Jane.
Thanks for any help

United States of America / John Bell, born abt 1830 Ireland, emigrated New York 1846
« on: Thursday 13 January 22 18:13 GMT (UK)  »
I have found the emigration record of John Bell, who emigrated to New York, with his cousin Francis Marshall Lennox, maybe not on same ship. Trying to find John after emigration and trying to figure out the connection to Francis. For him to be a cousin, his father must be named Bell, and his mother either Lennox or Marshall, because the parents of Francis are Andrew Lennox and Elizabeth Marshall. Thanks for any help
Name: John Bell
Arrival Date: 18 May 1846
Gender: M (Male)
Port of Arrival: New York
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Place of Origin: Ireland
Ship: Victoria
Family Identification: 126239
Microfilm Serial Number: JohnM237

I have been doing extensive research on the Watterson/Waterson family. This particular marriage has puzzled me for some time. Leonard Waterson, widower, Bellagherty, marries Jane Blair, spinster, of Meghadone (which I can't find). I wonder who Leonard's first wife/wives was/were, and who was his mother (his father was Leonard also). I can't find children for this couple or anything about them after marriage. Would be grateful for any help.
I have followed another Leonard from Woods to Scotland, back to Ireland, and back to Scotland but I think this is a different Leonard than the one who married Jane Blair. First Leonard married Jane McLaren in 1830 at Woods/Jane Beattie in 1856 in Glasgow/Rachel Watterson in 1860/and although Rachel died in May 4, 1869 in Glasgow and this Leonard of Bellagherty could have remarried in Aug 1869, I don't think it is the same Leonard because Rachel's widower died in Glasgow in 1886. It doesn't fit that he whipped back to Bellagherty and married Jane Blair. I haven't found a death for Jane Blair in either Ireland or Scotland. Perhaps this Leonard emigrated to USA or elsewhere.
Thank you

Eliza Jane Watterson was born Oct 15, 1858 in Ireland. She married Samuel James Quigley Oct 24, 1883 in Geneva, New York.  Eliza died between 1915-1930 but her husband Samuel James lived until June 11, 1937, died in Geneva, Ontario Co., New York.
Looking for Eliza Jane's dod and pod, and confirmation of parents, expecting James Watterson and Matilda Boothe.
I think I am missing some siblings which may be mentioned in an obit. I do have Sarah Ann Simon, wife of Robert Simon. Sarah Ann died Dec 11, 1939 in New York, New York. Sarah Ann did live in Geneva at one point.

Derry (Londonderry) / John Hurl and Eliza Cotter, married 1865, his father Daniel
« on: Thursday 30 December 21 19:54 GMT (UK)  »
John Hurl married Eliza McCotter, both of Killygullib, in 1865 in the Roman Catholic Chapel, John's father Daniel. John's son Daniel was born Nov 24, 1865 in Killygullib. Then John and Eliza went to Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland where a son Dennis was born 1870 and a daughter Mary Elizabeth in 1875, possibly a son John in 1878 who died as an infant. John died before 1881 as Eliza is a widow, also in 1891 but Eliza remarried to Patrick McIlroy in 1893 who was 5-10 years younger than her. Eliza died 1925 in Elswick.
Then I found the death of Daniel Hurl, age 77, in Killygullib, widower, Dec 23, 1891. Must be John's father but I don't have the name of Daniel's wife aka John's mother. Daniel's daughter Mary is present at death. I found the death of Mary Hurl in 1919 whom I think is this daughter. Daniel left everything to Mary as per Proni.
Can anyone find any info on Daniel, such as a death notice or writeup, to determine his wife's name and any other children? Mary did not marry but she was  born abt 1845 as per age at death.

Northumberland / Death Dennis Hurl, after 1939, in Newcastle
« on: Wednesday 29 December 21 21:36 GMT (UK)  »
In 1939, Dennis Hurl  was living at 29 Park Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England. He was born in England abt 1870 to John Hurl and Eliza McCotter who were married 1865 in Killygullib, Parish of Kilrea, Ireland. Their first son Daniel was born in Ireland in 1865 but Dennis was born in 1870 in England, as was their younger sister Mary Elizabeth 1875-1878. Daniel and Mary Elizabeth emigrated to the USA but Dennis was still in England in 1939.  John Hurl aka Daniel John was born abt 1839 in Ireland and his father was Daniel but I don't know John's mother's name. John's marriage was in a Roman Catholic Chapel. Thinking that John and Eliza probably died in Newcastle Upon Tyne as well. Looking for any help with this family.
Thank you.

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