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South Africa / births and deaths 1895 - 1904
« on: Wednesday 08 September 21 13:34 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have access to births and deaths in South Africa (or possibly baptisms and burials)?

I thought the FamilySearch web site might help, but it no longer recognizes my browser, and I'm reluctant to update as I think recent versions are incompatible with Windows XP.

I'm looking for three children of (Charles) Crawford Lindesay:
Frances Mabel Amy, b. 10 Oct. 1895, d. 5 Oct. 1896
Robert Noel, b. 25 Dec. 1897, is thought to have d. in 1900
Edith Ethel, thought to have been b. 1902 and d. 1904 (perhaps in Rhodesia).

As you see, I have some dates but no places.

Ireland / Nick Reddan's newspaper extracts
« on: Sunday 05 September 21 18:22 BST (UK)  »
A useful source (in spite of a fair number of mistranscribed entries).
But I can't find an index to the code letters use to designate the newspapers.
Can anyone tell me what are LEP-CS and WMT J  ?

I see the latest update to the web site was in early 2019,
so there may be no point in trying to contact Nick.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / what has happened to GEDmatch?
« on: Thursday 08 July 21 12:37 BST (UK)  »
I get a 'Bad Gateway' error.

Could it be because I once submitted my DNA profile but later cancelled it?
Is there some way I can re-submit it?

Northumberland / which Geoffrey Cobb?
« on: Tuesday 15 June 21 13:30 BST (UK)  »
At FreeBMD I found the marriage in central Northumberland in the 1st quarter of 1944 between Geoffrey B. Cobb and Elsie Mills.

I'm fairly sure she was the daughter of William Mills, coal miner, born in Ashington on 14 Mar. 1913 (birth registered in Morpeth) and died at 3 Park Road East, Ashington, on 26 Dec. 1992 (will proved in Newcastle on 7 Apr. 1993).

But was the bridegroom (Geoffrey) Basil Cobb, a Captain in the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, only son of the late Geoffrey Clemens Cobb, barrister, or is that a case of mistaken identity?  Was there perhaps a newspaper announcement, or can some kind soul find a reliable source such as an entry in a parish register at Ancestry or Findmypast (for example)?

If my conjecture is right, then they must have been divorced after only a few years, as Basil married someone else in 1949.

The Common Room / what became of Pamela Hely?
« on: Saturday 12 June 21 10:25 BST (UK)  »
Pamela Gertrude Isabel (or Isobel) Hely married John Godfrey Bernard Worsley in Kensington in the 2nd quarter of 1947.  I think they were divorced after only a few years.

Can anyone find for me a more precise date (and perhaps place) of marriage,
and whether she remarried; also her death under whatever surname?
I've searched FreeBMD and the GRO and the probate calendars, all in vain.

The Stay Safe Board / what's so special about India?
« on: Sunday 09 May 21 13:17 BST (UK)  »
I don't know why people are getting so worked up about the situation in India.
Since the pandemic began the country has reported 174 deaths per million,
which is fewer than die from all causes in five days.
Many countries -- including the UK -- have recorded ten times as many.

The Covid deaths in India are increasing each day at about 2.7 per million.
That rate is slightly less than Germany's; Brazil (for example) has four times as many.
If the government wants to do something useful it should stop sending equipment to India and send it instead to where it's needed: see
for compative figures.

Well, in fact it may well have been photographed using daylight film under incandescent light (or even candlelight!).  That was a silly thing to do, as presumably the original was in black ink on white paper.  I tried increasing the contrast and saving as a grey-scale image, but the result was less legible: I'm no expert!

Would someone be able and willing to clean it up, removing (if possible) the writing that shows through from the other side of the paper?

William was my GGGfather's brother.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / when was Constance Otter born?
« on: Saturday 24 April 21 13:33 BST (UK)  »
Constance, daughter of Henry Otter and his wife Mary née Terry, was baptized at Tickhill on 24 Sep. 1850.  Can anyone find her date of birth for me?  (perhaps announced in a newspaper)

London and Middlesex / where has Caroline Weller got to?
« on: Saturday 17 April 21 13:29 BST (UK)  »
Denison Matthew Wilkinson married Caroline Weller in the parish church, Islington, on 9 Sep. 1871.  She was stated to be a spinster, of full age, address St Peter Street, daughter of Joseph Weller, gentleman.

There are several named Caroline Weller in the 1871 census, but none in Islington.  An average of one a year was born in London and the home counties from the start of civil registration to the early 1850s.  Thoughtless of her not to have a distinctive middle name!

Denny stated he was unmarried in 1881, but a widower when he married again in 1887.  I don't know whether that means his marriage to Caroline was dissolved, or they separated within a decade and she died by 1887, or what.  Can anyone help me track down her birth or death?

There's a St Peter's Street that runs from the Essex Road to Regent's Canal, but I don't think knowing that will help us much.

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