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Robert Hutchi(n)son born about 1826, Garvagh, Co. Londonderry, son of Hugh Hutchi(n)son and Elizabeth Johnston. Robert married Rosanna Docherty (1821-1861) in Renfrewshire, Scotland, in 1847 and was still in Scotland in 1891. Land and tax tell me that there was a Hugh Hutchinson at Met(t)ican, Garvagh. Any further information on these Hutchi(n)sons and Johnstons would be much appreciated. I have a lot on the family in Scotland.

This and related lines contain other names that may come from the Garvagh area. Robert's wife, Rosanna Docherty, was born in Ireland in about 1821. Her father was John Docherty (1799-1878), son of John Docherty (a tailor or sailor?) and Susan Cochran(e).

Rosanna's mother was known in Scotland as Agnes or Nancy Darroch but was born in Ireland around 1799/1800 when she was Agnes or Nancy Darragh. Her father, Daniel Darragh, was married to Rose Bradley or Broadley. I know that there were Darraghs (including a Daniel) at Metican/Garvagh too.  I suspect that Agnes Darragh had a brother called Laurence/Lawrence Darragh (a thatcher) who also ended up in Scotland with his son, John (a tailor).

I am not assuming anything, but if there are MIs or other sources that shed light on these names and families, I would be grateful for the information. From the marriages in Scotland, my assumption is that the Dochertys and possibly the Hutchi(n)sons were Roman Catholic though it all got mixed up a bit in Scotland.

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