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Ireland / Digitisation of Church of Ireland parish records
« on: Sunday 22 May 22 12:23 BST (UK)  »

"On September 10, 2018, Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan TD announced that over $110,000 (€100,000) had been granted toward the digitization of Church of Ireland parish registers, held in the Representative Church Body Library, as part of the Department’s digitization scheme.

The RCB Library is most grateful for this significant commitment to the project to digitize Church of Ireland parish registers,” added Dr. Susan Hood, RCB Librarian, and Archivist."

At the bottom of this article, it explained that:
Once digitized, the records will be available at

Alas, frequent glances at that website have shown that the church records have not yet been updated. The website continues to contain only the following 4 parishes:

Carlow (COI)
Cork & Ross (RC)
Dublin (COI) Dublin (PRESBY.) Dublin (RC)
Kerry (COI) Kerry (RC)

Does anyone know anything at all about this project?

No doubt Covid has played a part in the delay, but 3 years and 8 months is a long time without any news as to how this project is progressing.


Today there was some good news about a different project.

"Digital wizardry and academic sleuthing have helped recreate a cultural treasure severely damaged in the conflict in 1922.

The project mixed old-fashioned academic sleuthing, artificial intelligence and collaboration with dozens of archives in the UK, continental Europe, the US and Australia. The results – an immersive 3D reconstruction of the destroyed building and a vast digital archive – will be formally launched on 27 June. It will be an open-access free resource with a searchable website. The 3D reconstruction gives viewers a detailed, and eerie, tour of the Public Record Office as it looked before the fire."

Not sure whether that means that parish records can be searched on 27 June? That would be just too much to hope for.

Does anyone really know whether that will be possible? It seems a bit unlikely.


Re. England Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991
This database is on Ancestry, Find my Past and freely available on Family Search.

This is quite disturbing.

Leigh, St. Mary the Virgin

Baptism Richard Hampson, mother Faith
St. Mary, Leigh
1793 May 12
(confirmed by image)

Burial Richard Hampson, mother Faith
1793 May 12

The second record comes ONLY from the database: England Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991

At first glance, you would think that this sad event was the death of a newborn. On further reflection, it is bizarre to imagine that a baby would be baptised, and then a few minutes later they would hurry outside to bury the poor dearly departed mite. Visions of being drowned in the font come tumbling to mind.

But then, imagine this, yet another poor Richard Hampson:

Baptism Richard Hampson, parents William & Sarah
St. Mary, Leigh
1793 Jan 13
(confirmed by image)

Burial Richard Hampson, parents William & Sarah
1793 Jan 13

Gosh!!! Two babies drowned in the same font ??????

Of course, I am being facetious. I have searched the relevant church burial images and there are no such burials. The conclusion is that someone a very long time ago must have mis-transcribed Baptisms as Burials.

There may be many people with no access to the actual images who have dismissed their potential ancestor as having been a sickly babe who died at/around birth, when they have actually been a bonny babe who thrived into adulthood.

This “hobby” is confusing enough, without Baptisms being mistranscribed as Burials. That’s just too much to cope with!

I have no idea how widespread this is within this database.
Just this year? Just this church? Heaven knows! (Literally perhaps?)


Technical Help / HELP - Firefox automatic update failed, leaving me with chaos.
« on: Tuesday 22 March 22 14:50 GMT (UK)  »
I am hoping that someone can offer me some advice/guidance.

Windows 10.
Computer shows: Firefox is up to date.
But, after the latest Firefox automatic update, many things have gone wrong.

Bookmark problems:
Bookmarks cannot be edited.
Toolbar bookmarks across the top of screen can still be seen & used, but the toolbar overflow bookmarks that go down the right of the screen when you click on the little double arrows have all disappeared.
Bookmark history cannot be seen


Large squares all over newspaper where there is a video, and also over Youtube videos stating:
XML Parsing Error; undefined entity
Location: https:// etc. etc.
Line number 15, Column 43:

or similar...

I checked Firefox update history and found:

Firefox menu:
Settings > General > Firefox updates > Show update history

January - all updates state "The update was successfully installed"

February - problems appeared
97.0 Feb 10 still pending
97.0 Feb 11 still pending
97.0 Feb 12 install failed

97.01 Feb 19 successfully installed

March - problems continued
97.02 Mar 5 update could not be installed (patch apply failed)
98.0 Mar 9 update could not be installed (patch apply failed)

Total failed updates:

I have no idea how to rectify these failed updates. They are no doubt the cause of all my recent problems some of which are listed above. I did not seem to have any of these problems until after the very latest update attempt in March.

1. 97.01 – successfully installed.
Would this successful install of 97.01 have included 97.0 which said “install failed”?

2. If I wait patiently. will the next update repair all these errors?

Thank you in advance for any help that you can offer. I don’t understand much about computers, and it has taken me more than a week of Googling just to discover this Firefox Update History menu. I feel pleased to have got that far, as I can now understand the problem, but I am at a loss as to what to do next.

Can I somehow remove the recent failed updates, or try to manually update them correctly somehow?

Of course, my Bookmarks are family history things so of vital importance. I can only see them by clicking the Sidebar-button. They then appear down the left of the screen but cannot be moved or edited. I desperately need everything to go back to normal.

Thank you,


Manchester City Council has provided a site for searching for burial records on the Internet.

The search is free of charge, but the details (image of burial register) must be paid for with credits.
(bundle of 4 credits costs £12)

The cemeteries included are only those currently still in use and operated by Manchester City Council:

Philips Park
Manchester General

Closed cemeteries and churchyards are not included.


I came across these two articles from the Prestwich and Whitefield Guide:

Memorial stone for former patients

Headstone will mark "forgotten" patients

Apparently, between 1851-1968, 5,000 patients from the above institution were buried in the graveyard of St. Mary's Church, Prestwich without any form of headstone.
But there is now some happy news :)
A memorial to these forgotten patients has now been erected in the form of a five-foot high headstone made of Welsh slate.
Perhaps a photograph of the church and the memorial stone could be posted here on Rootschat since there have been so many questions by members about this place.

If you have a death certificate stating that your family member died at 535, Bury New Road, Prestwich, then this is unfortunately where they died. :'(


Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests / 1901: a street in Openshaw- NOW COMPLETED
« on: Saturday 27 May 06 11:40 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone,

I am struggling to find an area on the 1901 Census (I have Ancestry).

I just can't see it, although it is obviously just there somewhere. Perhaps someone with a street index could tell me which Piece it is on.

The area is that part of Openshaw (Higher Openshaw on a present day map) just below Ashton Old Road. I think that the Civil Parish must be called something different from Openshaw, perhaps South Manchester. Perhaps it's classed as Droylsden.

The neighbouring streets are called:

Capital Road
Battersby Street
Rosina Street
Lassell Street
Neston Street

Can anyone give me some guidleines where to look for this area, and then I can have a good look page by page?

Thank you for reading this message.


Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone would be able to provide me with a digital photograph of a gravestone in the churchyard of St. Peter's in Woolton, Liverpool?

Of course I would be delighted as it lists my great grandparents and 3 of their children, but my main purpose is to try and gather evidence to support my request to get some information on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site revised to correctly show a dead soldier's full name and parents' names, if possible. A photo of this gravestone may help me as it mentions his death, his regiment and his full name (albeit only as initials ::) )

Anyway, I can't expect the CWGC to simply take my word for it, so I should try to gather some evidence to support my request. So far I only have his name on his birth certificate, his name on the 1901 Census and his name from a transcription of the gravestone. I though that a photo of the gravestone would be more compelling.

If anyone could kindly help me with this matter, I would of course be extremely grateful. It is rather sad when a dead soldier's information is not recorded in a fully accurate form.

If you can help me, please send me a PM and I will provide you with the full details.
Thank you so much,


World War One / World War 1 overseas death certificate
« on: Friday 19 May 06 08:13 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone,

I am wondering what a World War 1 overseas death certificate would look like? What information would it contain that we don't already have?

We already have the soldier's name and age, and we know that they died fighting for their country overseas. We know the location of their death from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission details, and we already know their number and regiment details.

Am I missing something? Never having seen such a death certificate, I am not too sure what information it might contain.


Scotland / What does N.A. stand for?
« on: Monday 27 March 06 13:34 BST (UK)  »
On the 1851 Scottish Census I found this under place of birth:

United States N. A. British Subject

Under normal circumstances, I would have thought that N.A. = not available, i.e. place of birth is not known, (as in the case of a Census of a young child in a Workhouse), but this is hardly likely in the case of one's own child at home with her parents, or is it?

Previous children and subsequent children were all born in Scotland.

On the other hand, the father (Blacksmith Journeyman) is not at home on the Census night, so perhaps the poor harrassed mummy could not remember where she had been in the States!!  ??? ???

Or: N.A.= North America???

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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