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Ireland / Impossible Date And Out-Of-Sequence Numbering on 1870 Marriage
« on: Thursday 25 March 21 03:01 GMT (UK)  »
See marriage of Mary Sheridan on "February 29th", which is impossible. And the index numbers are non-sequential, even for same church!

Ireland / Implications of the expression "Late of...."
« on: Wednesday 24 March 21 21:09 GMT (UK)  »
The expression "Late of (location)" can often be seen on memorial inscriptions, obituary notices, etc.
I have always wondered, can it mean either or both of the following?
- Originally of somewhere else, but late of (location), before he died, or
- Now of somewhere else, but originally from late of (location)?

Thanks for any insights!

Ireland / Have the DMP Personnel Records Been Indexed?
« on: Thursday 18 March 21 05:43 GMT (UK)  »
The DMP registers are publicly available at
Have they been indexed anywhere?

Cork / Seminary in Cork City - Which Regular Order?
« on: Monday 01 March 21 19:47 GMT (UK)  »
I have a family member who attended a seminary in Cork in the 1950s.  A seminary for a regular order, not a diocesan seminary.
Anyone know what order or orders had such a seminary in Cork at that time?

Wexford / Tythe Valuation for Parish of St. Mary's Newtownbarry - Misfiled, or Missing?
« on: Wednesday 24 February 21 18:53 GMT (UK)  »
I can't see the tythe valuation for the parish of St. Mary's Bunclody/Newtownbarry on the NAI genealogy site.

Now some parish tythe surveys are truly lost, but most of the "missing" parishes on the NAI site are actually simply misfiled rather than lost. [Shocking that this is still true today, after all these years!]
Examples of some misfiled Wexford parishes I know of include:
Kilrush, misfiled with Kilrush Co Waterford
Carnew, misfiled somewhere I can't recall,
Rosslare, listed as "missing" in guides, but exists, under another parish in the CofI parish union,
Whitechurchglynn, mislfiled with Whitechurch,
and several others!

So, to return to my query, anyone know if St. Mary's Newtownbarry/Bunclody exists or is it truly lost?

Wexford / Handwriting Assistance Requested
« on: Tuesday 23 February 21 22:39 GMT (UK)  »
I can't quite make out the writing after "Mary Landy", towards the bottom of this character reference for an emigrant to Australia in 1841/42. Any assistance appreciated - last word seems to be "child"?

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Ancestry ThruLines - DNA driven?
« on: Friday 04 December 20 19:06 GMT (UK)  »
Just wondering - is the Ancestry ThruLines facility driven by DNA matching results, family trees, or some mix of the two?
Also, is there a description of ThruLines matching somewhere?

Ireland / A Question About Maryann
« on: Monday 26 October 20 20:30 GMT (UK)  »
The name Maryann or Mary Ann, as give at baptism. I wonder, how common was it for such a girl to grow up to be known as Mary, or Ann, not Maryann? I have a feeling that that happened, but I don't have a feeling for just how usual/unusual it was.

Wexford / Furlong Christian Name on 1877 Marriage Registration?
« on: Wednesday 21 October 20 21:26 BST (UK)  »
I am having a spot of bother reading the Christian name for Mary Furlongs' father, on this 1877 marriage. Thanks in advance!

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