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Ireland / A Question About Maryann
« on: Monday 26 October 20 20:30 GMT (UK)  »
The name Maryann or Mary Ann, as give at baptism. I wonder, how common was it for such a girl to grow up to be known as Mary, or Ann, not Maryann? I have a feeling that that happened, but I don't have a feeling for just how usual/unusual it was.

Wexford / Furlong Christian Name on 1877 Marriage Registration?
« on: Wednesday 21 October 20 21:26 BST (UK)  »
I am having a spot of bother reading the Christian name for Mary Furlongs' father, on this 1877 marriage. Thanks in advance!

Wexford / Profession of Lawrence Crosby on 1871 Marriage Registration?
« on: Saturday 17 October 20 04:04 BST (UK)  »
I can make out "Carpenter in ..... service"
The missing word almost looks like nuclear, but of course that is impossible!

Wexford / Address for Elizabeth Dooley on Marriage Registration?
« on: Thursday 01 October 20 19:24 BST (UK)  »
Address on the marriage registration for Elizabeth Dooley is hard to read. Looks like Lightwater to me, but there is no townland of that name in Wexford. Any other ideas? Last marriage on the following page

Ireland / How To Order Death Cert for 1864-78 Period?
« on: Thursday 03 September 20 21:24 BST (UK)  »
This used to be straightforward. There was a form one could fill out, and either email or mail in to the GRO.
But now, I see no mention of that form on this page

Ireland / When Did Noting Marriages on Catholic Baptismal Records Start?
« on: Wednesday 02 September 20 01:10 BST (UK)  »
Just wondering - I think sometime during first decade of 20th century?

Wexford / Any Photos of Paradise Row?
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 22:15 BST (UK)  »
Paradise Row existed for over a century, before it was demolished in the early 1940s.
I have never seen a photo of this street. Does anyone know of such a photo, or have one?

Wexford / Prison Register Lookup Request - 1858
« on: Monday 10 August 20 06:36 BST (UK)  »
A Wexford newspaper report in February 1858 has an Edward Roche sentenced to 3 years hard labor for larceny.
There is
- No address
- No age
- No description of what he was accused of stealing, or where.

I wonder if someone with access to the prison registers can provide any of these details?

I know from the fact that he was later sentenced to transportation for a repeat offense that he is not one of "mine", but it would be useful to know where this fellow was from!


Wexford / Name on 1832 Tythe Valuation?
« on: Saturday 08 August 20 06:58 BST (UK)  »
I could do with some help in reading the name of the third person listed for the townland of Parkannesley - "?  Redmond" in the 1832 tythe valuation.  Looks like it was rewritten, or al least the author changed his mind as to what he was trying to write.  Entire page can be seen here

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