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Essex Lookup Requests / Marriage Record Details
« on: Sunday 08 November 20 17:29 GMT (UK)  »
Wondering if anyone could help re. details on a marriage record.

Looking for details regarding the groom from a marriage recorded as January 1918 in Billericay ,Essex.
The parties were Philip Anthony Brennan and Dorothea Gladys Everitt.She was married previously I think in 1914 to a ? Farrell.Details were from an online tree so unsure if its the same person.

Am interested in the grooms details to confirm or reject him as the same Philip Anthony Brennan in my family tree.
"My" Philip Anthony Brennan was born 8th August 1895 in Dublin to James Brennan (policeman) and Catherine(Kate )Donovan and died 2nd December 1963  128 Woolstone Road Forest Hill London S E 23 and buried in Hither Green Cemetery on 6th December 1963.

England / Marriage Record Details
« on: Sunday 08 November 20 16:52 GMT (UK)  »
Not sure if this is the correct forum so please move if not.

Was wondering what details re. the groom and bride would be on an English marriage record from 1918.Would it have both parties parents details etc.

The marriage in question is that of a Philip Anthony Brennan and Dorothea Gladys Everitt.She was previously marries (in 1914 I think ) to a ? Farrell.
Marriage is registered as January 1918 in Billericay ,Essex ,UK.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Ancestry DNA Match
« on: Friday 28 February 20 21:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Just looking for a little help/guidance re. DNA match's on Ancestry.

Have recently gone back to look at one particular group (90 or so matches) which ranges from 50cM to 8cM shared DNA.20 or so in the 30cM plus range.

It seems to be a closed group ie when I look at shared matches with any of them ,the same people come up time after time.
As none show a match to my mother's test would assume its on my fathers side.Have a good few confirmed matches 3rd/4th/5th cousins on all his lines (well back to 1800 or so as thats about the extent of Irish records)
All his family are/were from an area in Carlow ,Ireland less than 5 miles in any direction from where we still live.
None of this group show as a match to any known relative.

Annoying part is that all available trees(some very extensive but accurate?) show families all settled in the USA long before 1800 in most cases.None contain any names in my tree or even any remotely "Irish" sounding ones,All available details seem to indicate Texas,Mississippi,Alabama,Georgia Kansas area of the US.Also not one in this group seems to have any Irish connection whatsoever as far as I can see.
All bar one(87%) show as 10/20% ethnically Irish at most although this really indicates very little I think.

Have contacted a few but of those that responded none seemed to have any inkling and none had ever thought they had any Irish connection.
Started back on this as recently contacted someone who seems keen to figure it out if that is even possible.

Sorry for the long post but open to ideas etc.
By the way have DNA already uploaded to Gedmatch,My Heritage,FTDNA and same story with any matches there ie same people over and over as shared matches but no link to any known relative.

Tyrone / William O'Neill and Margaret Donnelly
« on: Friday 24 May 19 19:03 BST (UK)  »
Was just wondering if anyone was researching the above named couple.
William was born c.1844 in Desertcreight Dungannon Tyrone as far as I can ascertain whilst Margaret Donnelly was baptised 12 Aug 1847 in  Clonfeacle Dungannon, Tyrone.
Respective parents seem to be John O'Neill and Molly Doyle and James Donnelly and Jane Devlin.
The couple were married 31st January 1869 in Clonfeacle Co. Tyrone.

Children include;
James born 1869 in Dungannon.
Mary Anne born 1873 in Dublin.
John born 1875 in Dungannon.
Elizabeth born 1877 in Milltown Dungannon ,Tyrone
Hugh born 1883 in Milltown Dublin.
William born 1886 in Milltown Dublin.
Owen born 1888 in Clonskeagh Dublin.

William's profession seems to have been a blacksmith/metalworker/platelayer/spademaker.
cannot find definite death dates for either person as of yet.

This is the family on 1901 census;

Ireland / Connors/O Connor/Edmondson
« on: Monday 18 March 19 12:11 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for a little help with a person in a family tree a friend is compiling at the moment.

They only have a small bit of info. to go on so here's what he has got at the moment;
A photograph of an elderly lady with a grandchild and the inscription on the reverse states this person is a sister of their grandmother.Her married name is Edmondson and she died aged 71.The photograph has been in the family for years and the person who wrote the note on the back is long dead so ?

If this person is a sister of their grandmother this leaves two possible people,either;

Catherine Connors/O Connor-baptised 6th September 1867 in Bagenalstown/Dunleckney Parish Co. Carlow.
Mary Anne Connors/O Connor-baptised 28th May 1877 same Parish.
Address for both is Ballymoon ,Bagenalstown, Carlow and parents are Thomas Connors(1839-1916) and Elizabeth Fenelon (1844-?).

They have accounted for all the other siblings of their grandmother so the above two seem to be the only possibilities.From memory they believe that the lady in question emigrated from Ireland to either UK,USA or perhaps Australia.Neither woman appears on the 1901 census in the family home and no likely candidates can be found elsewhere on the 1901 census.
Nothing definite in Civil marriage or death records for Ireland either.
One possible on Ancestry family trees for Catherine(birth and death dates correct plus married to an Edmonson) has been ruled out as the person they are looking for.

Any help or ideas most appreciated.

United States of America / Patrick Brennan;died 23rd April 1914 in New York.
« on: Friday 14 April 17 10:05 BST (UK)  »
Was just wondering if anyone could help re. locating a marriage in the US,probably New York but not certain.

It concerns a Patrick Brennan whom I knew died in 1914 after emigrating to the USA but of whom I was unaware he ever married.
Found a record recently on Family Search giving the details of a Patrick Brennan(age 38) of 223 East 23rd St. who died 23rd April 1914 New York City, Richmond, New York, United States.It states his parents were Philip Brennan and Margaret Nolan.Born 10th November 1875 and that he was married.
Would be pretty certain that this person is the same one as in my tree.Correct parents,date of death same as memory card here.Only difference is birth as I have him born October 1871 from baptismal records in Dunleckney Parish Carlow.
Have had no luck re. a marriage with Irish records and the family search record has no attached image.
Was wondering if anyone could point me in any direction that might yield a record.Not really interested in pay sites as this is a distant relative and at this stage have much of my tree completed.

Thanks for reading.

Australia / Margaret Mullins(Mullen)
« on: Monday 01 August 16 13:21 BST (UK)  »
Looking for a little help with a part of my family tree that has been a dead end for a long time.
Never had any luck with this particular part of my family history and was wondering if anyone more familar with Australian records/resources might be willing to take a look and help.

Have very little re. the person I am looking for,basically a name ,approximate age and a vague location.Not much to go on I know !!!!

Bit that I do know;
Margaret Mullins(Mullen) left Ireland for Australia and as far as I am aware never returned.She was a sister to my great grandmother who was born approx 1852 going by her marriage date(1872) age given on 1901 Irish census (49) and 1911 Irish census (66) and death cert from 1920 (68?)
According to family lore Margaret emigrated at a young age,lived in Brisbane and never married.Have a photo here that she sent back to Ireland to her nieces (not dated) and according to the stamp was taken at Ada Driver Studio Brisbane.
It shows a middle aged woman of about 60 or so.Going by her sisters approx. age she could have been born anywhere from 1840 to 1860 or so.

Problem is that I have no idea where in Ireland the sisters came from or their parents names.My great gran  married in Carlow, Ireland but her marriage entry gives no address or parents names and all children she had baptised include no Mullen/Mullins as a sponsor.
Only remotely plausible record hits come for a Mullins family in Waterford Ireland but these are of no great help to be honest.

Basically hoping someone might have a look at Australian records or maybe immigration records as I have had no luck here in Ireland.
Have a couple of threads on here in the Ireland forum previously regarding the same family;,641070.0.html
Thanks for looking and if this is in the wrong section then please can mods. move.

Ireland / Help with deciphering note on marriage register
« on: Thursday 23 July 15 12:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
Looking for a little help to read/dechiper note on marriage register.

Its the one numbered 562 (first on page)Dunleckney dated 1873
Its the note in the "comments" section I was wondering about.Couldn't make out the letters/words and waqs wondering if anyone with better eyesight could have a look!
Any and all comments appreciated.

Tipperary / Dower Clonmel
« on: Monday 22 July 13 11:07 BST (UK)  »
Was just wondering if anyone on here is or was researching the surname Dower.
Reason I am asking is that I have a small bit of my family tree to resolve and have reached a dead end.
Think (almost certain!) that this is the family I am interested in;

My connection or otherwise is complicated and vague.Basically have a great grandmother who am unable to place regarding birthplace etc.The Dower connection comes from an obit. of her son who died in Waterford in the 1950s;

Her son Patrick(O)Byrne died in Waterford in 1951 and the mourners included a Mr and Mrs Ml Dower Clonmel as cousins of the deceased.From the paper;

"The remains were received at the Cathedral by Rev. W. Hallinan, Rev. P. Power officiating at the graveside.
The chief mourners included Mrs Margt. O'Byrne (widow), Mr Timothy O'Byrne (son), Mr Denis Nolan (nephew), Mr & Mrs ML Dower and Mr David O'Rourke Clonmel (cousins). "

Tried  many variations and combinations of Dower,O Rourke,Mullins,Mullen,Byrne etc. on Familysearch, RootsIreland ,Ancestry, etc. but without anything definite jumping out at me.

Have tried this angle before in the general Ireland thread but decided to try it here to see if anything turns up.
Link to previous thread;,641070.0.html

Thanks for reading.

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