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My name is Thierry LAKERMANCE
I'm french and I'm searching all the people with my family name LAKERMANCE to understand the link between them.
Sorry for my English but I'm not very at ease with this language but I do my best.

7 years ago, I've had been helped by people of the Rootschat forum and succeeded in finding the full identity of Ernestine LAKERMANCE who lived in London at the end of the 19th century.
Thank you again for people of Rootschat who helped me at that moment because it was a mystery for me.

Today, I used the site UKcensusOnLine because I'm searching the identity of Marie Catherine  LAKERMANCE (sometimes LA KERMANCE in two words) first wife of Mr Removed MEDAK.
I paid on this site to get informations but I'm quite deceived because I thought seeing the content of the death record.

Here are the informations that I have now:
MEDAK  Marie Catherine born the 4th of april 1942 (Where ?)
she died between october and december 1971 District St. Marylebone, London and on the site UKcensusonline it's written page 2033 Volume 5D

On wikipedia I found that Mr MEDAK and Catherine LAKERMANCE married the 7th of september 1963 but I don't know where (Maybe in London or in France).

But I have missing informations about Catherine MEDAK or LAKERMANCE.
Where was she born ?
What are the names of her parents or at least her father with the name LAKERMANCE ?

These informations are maybe in the death record in 1971 but I don't know how to get them.
By using a special official site even if i have to pay?
I seems I can't use the General Register Office because it is not possible after 1957 to have death records.

Is there someone in Rootschat who can help me ?

Thanks in advance for your help .


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I'm french and I'm searching all the people with my family name LAKERMANCE.
When I see the different census I can see a person named Ernestine Wilhelmina LACKERMANCE or Sometimes LAKERMANCE and I know it exists a mariage the 1st june of 1887 in paddington with a man named ARMSTRONG.
Ernestine was born in Calcutta the 26th of april 1859 and died the 28th of august 1943 in santa Clara (USA).
I know that her mother is Ester HUNT (or LAKERMANCE in the census) born in 1831 in Capetown in South Africa and died in 1909 at Christchurch.
I'd like to know more about these women but it's not easy from France.
My main question is who was Ernestine's father ? it's a mystery for me because I have a big collection of people with the name LAKERMANCE  but I can't guess who was this man.
The answer is certainly written in the act of mariage and if there is a kind person who could read this act and tell me the content, it'd be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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