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Technical Help / How do I access my web space?
« on: Wednesday 05 July 06 00:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

I am not thick, honest.  I have just signed up for the free web space, but how do I get to it?  The confirmation email came and I clicked the link, it says it is confirmed and login details have been sent to you.  ???

There is only 1 email with ID and Authorisation key with the link for confirmation.  Please point me in the right direction.  ???


Lancashire / Need help please with baptisms of 4 brothers
« on: Wednesday 14 June 06 22:52 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone

I am trying to locate baptisms of the following children:

William Sutton b. abt. 1810 Aughton
Thomas Sutton b. abt. 1811 poss Thornton
Robert Sutton b. abt. 1816 poss Netherton
John Sutton b. abt. 1819 poss Sefton

Their father was William Sutton and poss mother Ellen nee Glover.

Their mother died between 1819 and 1825 as their father re-married in 1825 at Sefton a widower.  The first marriage was maybe 1806 if it was Ellen Glover that he married.  I have been through the registers for Sefton Church and can find no listings for the children.  I know this is a long shot, but I have really got stuck with this one.  I spent time at Preston last year and with being a novice with the machines, time ran out for me.

To be able to get this one sorted, I am restricting my searches to the Baptism's only for now, in the hope of finding them.  Halsall, Melling, Maghull, Lydiate, Litherland  etc. are all possible areas, if anyone looking in these areas finds one, I know a big ask, but you get no where till you do, can you please let me know.  I would really appreciate it very much.



Devon / Harry Blackmore and family Exeter
« on: Tuesday 02 May 06 19:19 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

Trying to locate any researchers with connections with Harry Blackmore b. 1904 in Silverton, Devon.

He was a football player and signed for Exeter in 1925, moved to Bury, then Bolton Wanderers (helping to win them the FA cup in 1929) amd then back to Exeter in 1935.

His father was also called Harry and he was born 1863 in Bradninch, Devon.

This is my fathers side of the family and I am struggling as, I have no family members down there with info.

It would be really good to get contact with someone from the same family line.   Actually, it would be fantastic!!   ;D

Hoping to hear from anyone with connections.


Hi Everyone

I am looking for the death of Ellen Sutton nee Glover, this lady is proving very hard to find.  She was married to William Sutton on 19 Oct 1806 at St Thomas C. of E., Melling by license.

William b. 1810, Aughton by Ormskirk
Thomas b. 1811, Thornton, Sefton.
Robert b. 1816, Thornton, Sefton.
John b. 1819, Thornton, Sefton.

I have found no listings for these children's baptisms.  I have looked in the LRO at Preston, in Melling, Maghull, Aughton, Halsall, Bickerstaffe only has from 1843, but didn't have time to look through Ormskirk.  I really thought I would find her and came away feeling quite deflated.

I have checked all the records for Sefton Church, but nothing there.  Only the second marriage of William Sutton to Margaret Fairclough.

William re-married in 1825 a Widower.

I have no birth or parentage details for Ellen, so age is a mystery.   ???

I was wondering, has anyone got the BVRI and would kindly do a look up for me please? 



Surrey Completed Look up Requests / 1841 Census look up Limpsfield please
« on: Wednesday 31 August 05 23:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone

Could someone please look up the following family for me please, on the 1841 census in Limpsfield.

Elizabeth Ware age 44 yrs
Robert Ware age 11 yrs
Harriet Ware age 8 yrs
Hannah Ware age 6 yrs
Thomas Ware age 6 yrs

In 1851 they were in Oxted, Surrey.  Another researcher looked at the 1841 census in that area and could not find them.  Their last child Ellen Ware was born Limpsfield and was age 10 in the 1851 Census and may just show up on the 1841 for Limpsfield.

Thanks for your help with this one.   ???

Pam H.

Lancashire / Really stuck with a burial in Sefton, Ormskirk, Magull...
« on: Sunday 22 May 05 01:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

I have a huge problem trying to locate a burial in the Lancs area, Ormskirk, Maghull, Sefton etc.   ??? ???

I have a death for a Ellen Sutton after 1819, as this was when her last child was born and before 1825, as this was when her husband, William Sutton, re-married at Sefton Church.  Although he re-married at Sefton he was not living there, he was living in Maghull, Lancs.

My problem is, she was not buried at Sefton as they didn't live in the area and I have had a complete list of all Sutton's buried there from the Church registers.  They married at St Thomas's in Melling but, another reseacher thinks she may be buried at Bickerstaffe, which I have been informed is near Ormskirk, Lancs.

I know it's a big ask without a definate place to search but,
I have been looking for her in all the local graveyards in the  Sefton area, with no luck, for what seems to be forever.   

Can anyone help with this problem please?  ;D 



Hi Everyone

I am trying to find the birth record for a William Adams, b. 1853 in Rotherhithe, London, Surrey.  His fathers name was William Adams and mother poss Jane. 

Thanks in advance for help with this one.  ;D


Surrey Completed Look up Requests / 1841 and 1851 Census look up please
« on: Thursday 05 May 05 15:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

I am Looking for a Thomas Ware, b. abt 1834 in Tandridge, Surrey.

Fathers name, James, poss. mothers name of Elizabeth.

I have a poss. match for 1861 in Oxted, Kent this has not been verified yet but, looking positive at the moment. Age given as 36 yrs b. Tandridge, Surrey and a gardener.

I know it's a big ask but, the areas could be either, Devon, Kent or Surrey?   ??? ??? ???

Thomas's children were b. Reigate, Sutton and Peckham so looks like they moved about a bit!!

Thanks fro reading this post.


Ireland / I Need your help please!!
« on: Tuesday 03 May 05 23:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

I have this info, of which I have been struggling with for 3 yrs now.   ??? ??? ???

Mary Ann Milito/Meletto/Maletto b. abt 1820, Ireland.

Married Richard Henneford/Hennefer/Hennifer/Henefer on 15 Mar 1840 at Ainsworth parish Church, Cockey Moor Bury, lancs, England.

Father's name, John Milito a Shoemaker.

No residence address was given for Mary Ann and a clerk at the registrars office said this was very unusual.

I found out from the 1851 census that she was born Ireland but, alas, no County name.

I know from her death cert, as her age was given as 31 yrs in 1851, that she would have been born abt. 1820.

The variants in her name have cropped up on different cert's. 

I just don't know how to find her in Ireland.  I have tried various search's through the links given on various postings on this board/boards but nothing.

If anyone comes across this name or has this name in their tree, will you please contact me.

Thanks for reading this post.   ;D


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