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Lanarkshire / Missing Jane Buchanan & James Brownlie both born Cambusnethan
« on: Wednesday 20 February 19 18:46 GMT (UK)  »
A family member has informed me of the possibility that both of the above, half sister and half brother may have emigrated to Jamaica between 1901 and 1911. This was relayed to her by a deceased family member who mentioned, in later life, that he could possibly have relations in Kingston, Jamaica. As I have been concentrating on Canada/Australia records this has come as a major surprise.Any pointers out there as to the best starting point with this search? Do I start with America? Then track onwards. Would not be surprised if Jane went into service and James on to some kind of land work. As usual any info greatly appreciated.

Lanarkshire / Jane McCallum, Buchanan, Brownlie
« on: Monday 21 January 19 18:57 GMT (UK)  »
Jane was born 11th March 1859 but as her father appears to be illiterate her surnames had various spellings e.g. Macallain, McAllum, McCallian. Jane married Andrew Buchanan 29th November 1878, widowed 1890.She remarried 1890, in Wishaw,  to James Brownlie also known as Docherty. I am trying to trace Jane,s parents. Ann Nisbet and John McCallum who married February 1852 in St Mary,s R.C. Church , Hamilton. I have a feeling her father was born in Ireland so that might prove difficult but any help with her mother, Ann Nisbet would be appreciated.

Lanarkshire / Barking up the Wrong "Tree"
« on: Thursday 02 May 13 20:09 BST (UK)  »
I have over, the past couple of weeks, had cause to return to an area which I thought I had tied up only to find I was completely WRONG. I cannot express my feelings on this forum, I would be thrown out.

During his lifetime William Fleming, born I believe in 1853, who later seems to have changed his name to James also changed his place of birth, according to  census records. One time he said he was born in Dumfries the next time  he was born in Cumbernauld.

I thought I had his parents tied down to Eastwood, Renfrew!
I know this William/James is the same man as his children's records follow through, although to date I can find no record of his marriage to Annie (nee Dunn) who again seems to have changed her place of birth from Pollokshaws to Barrhead, no difference there then.

During their life together I have discovered no less than eight addresses for them ranging from Larkhall to Northumberland.

If I was not already grey this is enough to turn my hair white. Any ideas?

Lanarkshire / Another Elopement In The Family? *Completed. Thank you all!*
« on: Sunday 28 April 13 17:48 BST (UK)  »
Talk about deja vu.I have already found one elopement is his side of the family now I am wondering if there is also one in mine.
John McCallum, sometimes MacAllion/ MacAllian and Ann Nisbet married in Hamilton February 1852 after three days " In This Parish" cert number 647/00 0050. As far as I was aware they had no connection with Hamilton but came from Newmains/ Cambusnethan area.
The rest of the entries on this page also show couples "being in this parish" for perhaps three or four days.
Am I correct in thinking this wedding was also conducted in Sheriff Court? If so then he and I are now even and perhaps I should stop digging.

Lanarkshire / Photographers ? Allan Bros 52 West Nile Street Glasgow
« on: Saturday 27 April 13 13:30 BST (UK)  »
I have just received a box of photographs from the wife of my late cousin and have found two fairly large pictures which appear to have been done by the above company.
One is of lady, the other of a gentleman and the clothing would appear to suggest 1880/1900. The other address quoted for Allan Bros is 109 College Street Dumbarton.
Both are marked on the reverse with, in the lady's case, ref C3999 and in the case of the gentleman C4000 and both are documented McLachlan, Bellshill. No one here knows of any such connection and again, all done in pencil, is " Spec Oak" which presumably relates to the mounting.
I am not convinced that they are Photographs and would seem to be pencil drawings.
As I am no good at techie stuff cannot scan so do any of you out there know any thing about " Allan Bros" Love to hear.

World War Two / Donnington WW2
« on: Sunday 17 March 13 18:42 GMT (UK)  »
Hi out there,

My late mother served in the WRAC at Donnington Camp during WW2 and I would dearly love any information any one has regarding the above.

Her name was Margaret Stephen and although she never really spoke too much about her time there she was always very proud of the camaderie and friendships which she found there. I have a picture of her, two stripes, in which she looks like a sumo wrestler, nothing like her at all but she put it down to the awful food. For the rest of her life she never took sugar in her tea because it was so hard to come by. She could make one cake of soap last for a month or more and as for bath towels, who needs them when you have a flannel to dry yourself?

She never made it back to Donnington, are there any buildings still standing on the old camp? Is it worth a visit?

Lanarkshire / Motherwell Heritage Centre
« on: Tuesday 12 March 13 19:56 GMT (UK)  »
Given all the amazing assistance I have been given in the past by Roots Chat I thought I would try to return the compliment.

Over the next few weeks I intend going to the Heritage Centre in Motherwell to conduct a bit more of my own research but thought I might offer my services to anyone out there who may have some specific enquiries, please bear in mind I am not a veteran chatterer. However should someone have questions which they feel could be answered by such a visit then please feel free to contact me.

I will try my very best to assist.

Lanarkshire / Airbles Cemetery Motherwell
« on: Thursday 28 February 13 19:00 GMT (UK)  »
Hi out there, anyone able to assist with information re Airbles Road Cemetery Motherwell? I specifically need information on any Buchanans 1920's until 1940's. A cousin is returning from Canada after 40years and would really like to visit there, neither he nor I have any actual information as the previous generation were quite tight lipped. We know names, dates, etc from our own research but are not sure if there was a family lair that could be visited.
He is also interested in Bent Cemetery, Hamilton but this time the name is Currie. As this will probably be his final visit to Scotland and he has specifically requested a visit to both cemeteries I would really like to assist him.
We know more about our family 4 generations ago than we do about our grandparents as I say lots of silence  . Looking forward to his visit and it will be extremely interesting as I was about 14 the last time I saw him.

Technical Help / long running script
« on: Sunday 10 February 13 17:50 GMT (UK)  »
My computer is extremely slow and for the past few days I have been receiving the message "cannot Access e.g. Rootschat due to long running script"

The message appears no matter which programme I attempt to enter. Anyone with more computer savvy than me, which is not too difficult, able to help. Wary that something nasty is lurking

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