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Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / Baptism look up please
« on: Wednesday 06 January 21 17:06 GMT (UK)  »
Would someone be able to kindly look up a baptism on FindMyPast for me?
Frustratingly is the only place I have been able to find it and I do not have a subscription.
It is for a Maria Cooper 1801 in Nether Wallop.
Trying to track her parents down for a DNA link.
Many thanks in anticipation

Moderator comment: polite reminder - requests for look-ups from commercial sources or subscription sites are not permitted on RootsChat.  Please see the posting guidelines here:

Scroll down to the penultimate bullet point.

Thank you


My 2x grandfather born in 1843 was illegitimate . Luckily his mother named his father as William Miller labourer on his birth certificate and on his baptism record.
I narrowed down three possible suspects living in the same area in 1841.
One probably too old - one too young and one the same age as the mother.
So I tentatively added him to my tree and traced his parents. George Miller and Ruth Verrier born c.1771 Somerset ( cannot find baptism record for her) but obviously no proof  it was him and also I cannot find any trace of this William after 1841.
I was contacted by someone with a DNA match of 27 cM across 1 segments.
There was no obvious match in our trees so we worked back together and found her 4x great grandfather was a William Verrier born c.1780 Somerset ( cannot find baptism record for him. ) We cannot find the family connection between these two - with this amount of DNA could they have been brother and sister ?
There is absolutely no other connection in our trees .
Is this enough evidence to confirm I have the right William Miller?
With so many DNA matches to wade through It seems too good to be true to be contacted by someone out of the blue and to solve the puzzle of my 3xgrandfather.

The Common Room / What is this illness?
« on: Sunday 10 February 19 16:39 GMT (UK)  »
In 1857 an Elias Bowditch received parish relief in Netherbury Dorset for
Illness of a child - Strumous
Can anyone tell me the meaning of Strumous please ???
Sadly the child can be found in various institutions after her mother died in 1864 and her life ended in Dorset County Asylum in 1918.
Many thanks

Wiltshire / Looking for a marriage
« on: Sunday 14 January 18 16:14 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone find a marriage for me please?

I have posted here on the Wiltshire board but the marriage if it did take place could be anywhere.

I have Elizabeth Harris born in 1875 Redlynch  Wiltshire. She gave birth to an illegitimate son Albert Fred Harris in 1903 in Redlynch who in 1911 is with Elizabeth's father in Redlynch.

Elizabeth can be found In 1911 at 42 Devonshire Road Foresthill London calling herself Elizabeth Oborne . She is staying with Richard and Lucy Bundy from Wiltshire.
With her she has her 5 day old daughter Kathleen Mary Oborne  ( baby girl on census) and on here claims to have been married under one year which is great for narrowing down the marriage  1910?  However try as I might I have been unable to find the record for her marrying Mr Oborne.
In 1935 she remarried  in Wincanton Somerset as Elizabeth Oborne to Henry White.

If anyone can find the marriage I would be very grateful.

Happy New Year to one and all

Is it possible to find a house on a census that is on an unadopted road?
The house is in Pothole near St Austell. We believe it dates back to around 1845 and would like to find out some of its history .
The property is currently called Pendeen and it is in an unadopted road.
the information below is from Cornwall council website
I would be grateful for any pointers as to how to search if it is at all possible

Pendeen Pothole St Austell Cornwall PL26
On Road - From Junction North Of Trewithen Farm To Junction South West Of Little Ventonwyn Farm
St Austell
PL26 7DW
St Mewan
St Mewan

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / What happened to the two women in his life?
« on: Saturday 27 May 17 05:49 BST (UK)  »

I have posted here on the Hampshire board but my query does cover several counties.I am looking for the two women in my 2x grandfathers life.
They are his first wife and my 2xgrandmother whom he never married.
He was Charles Safe was born in 1835 Salisbury Wiltshire. He led a colourful life often in trouble with the law as reported in the Salisbury Journal on many an occasion, for being drunk and disorderly fighting -theft etc ect.....
In 1858 in his absence he received a prison sentence he went on the run and in
1859 he married a Susan Bishop  (born 1837 West Coker) in West Coker Somerset.
On the 1861 census they are living with her parents in West Coker.
This is the last sighting of Susan. No census, death or remarriage no evidence of any children. I can only think she may have lived with another man as his wife without marrying him.
I have tried searching "Susan born 1837 West Coker" that draws a blank.
Then 27/6/1865 a Caroline Cooper gives birth to my great grandfather William Charles Safe. ( I have his birth certificate)
Caroline was born in 1845 Charlton Andover. Through my research I know that Charles had relatives living there. So it seems he left his wife and moved on to where he had other family.
Charles was found dead in bed at Kingsomborne 10/2/1867. At the time he was lodging with Caroline's Aunt. Whether Caroline and the baby were with him there I do not know. There was an inquest but no mention of them.
 (In 1861 Caroline was lodging with her aunt this is probably how she met Charles. )
The child can be found from 1871 onwards being brought up by his paternal family in Salisbury. Caroline's mother was a widow so perhaps did not have the means to help bring up the child but it seems strange Caroline giving up her child  sending him to Salisbury with apparently with no further contact.
In 1871 there is a Caroline Cooper who I think is her working as a domestic in Kew Surrey.
(Caroline's sister Elizabeth was living in Marylebone in 1861 could be why she moved there)
Then In 1881 there is a Caroline Cooper born 1848 Charlton Berkshire working in Harley Street Marylebone as a house servant. This may be her with  Berkshire written in error.
(There was a Caroline Elizabeth Cooper Born 1849 Newbury Registration district. If she was born in Charlton Berkshire I think the registration district should be Wantage.)
A Caroline Cooper married  a James Hart in 1882 in Marylebone but I cannot find them on a later census
After that nothing. I have followed all of her siblings nieces and nephews and she is not with any of them.
It would be great if someone can find anymore about Caroline or Susan.
I think I need fresh eyes and fresh ideas as to where both these ladies are.
Many thanks

Dorset / Looking for a baptism George Burden
« on: Saturday 20 February 16 08:40 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone find a baptism for me please.
I am looking for George Burden born c.1792. He is to be found living in Wareham.  On census he puts place of birth as 1851 Wargate and  in 1861 Wareham. He is married to Maria Orchard whose baptism I have found in Wareham but I cannot find anything for George.
Many thanks

Dorset / Marriage between George Burden and Maria? Is this them??
« on: Saturday 23 January 16 16:37 GMT (UK)  »
I have been searching for a marriage between 3x grandparents George Burden born c.1791-1870 Wargate(Wareham) and Maria born c. 1793-1876 Wargate (Wareham). They are to be found living in Wareham on all census. Their children were either baptised in East Stoke ( the first being John in 1818) or later children in Wareham.
Not finding anything in Dorset ( I have been in touch with the Opc for East Stoke who checked marriages there for me, nothing found)
I found a marriage on the IGI in Hampshire. On the 6/5/1811 at St Marys Portsea between George Burden and Maria Orchard.
A Maria Orchard was baptised in Wareham 14/8/1791 Lady St Mary. I cannot find a record of her marrying anyone else or dying unmarried. Also I cannot find any other children born between 1811-1818 in Hampshire or Dorset.
So the question is does anyone think that it is feasible that this is the correct marriage or is it just wishful thinking on my part?
Many thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Where did Arthur go?
« on: Sunday 06 December 15 06:58 GMT (UK)  »
 I am trying to find Arthur Brushett after 1901. I cannot find a death or marriage.
He was born in Winchester in 1886.
In 1901 he is with widowed mother Ellen and an older brother William Charles . (His father had died in 1893.)
They are living at 4 Lower Lyon Street St Mary's Southampton. I have found all of his siblings in 1911 he is not with any of them.
My mother remembers her mother saying that one of her uncles had emigrated possibly to South Africa when she was a little girl. (She was born in 1905 ). So I am guessing if it was Arthur he may have gone before 1911 census. Living in Southampton it would have been pretty easy for him to set sail!!!! ;D
Many Thanks for looking

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