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United States of America / New York Death Cert
« on: Thursday 11 November 21 14:43 GMT (UK)  »
Is there any way to get a NY death cert other than going through Vitalchek ? I'm in Europe and have all the details for what I need but they keep requesting forms of US identification and I have mailed them twice to say I can't supply - but offering European ID and they keep sending me back the same copy/paste reply with the list of US id.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Notation on marriage record
« on: Sunday 16 June 19 15:21 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone read the latin writing in the images below. It is an 1874 marriage in Dublin and in written in the columns marked IMPEDIMENTUM and DENUNTIATIONES - Impediments and Denunciations ?
I can see it is relating  to s dispensation in banns but can't make out any more than that.
The bride and groom have the same surname so I'm wondering if they were related ?

Buckinghamshire / Agnes Brophy & her daughter died Chesham, Bucks.
« on: Saturday 11 February 17 23:55 GMT (UK)  »
I have a great aunt married name Agnes Brophy (born Agnes Madeline Morgan in 1897 in Dublin) I lost track of her in Dublin in 1931 when she was widowed.
Recently I have come across a letter written by her in 1971 in which she writes that she is now living at 36 West View, Chesham, Bucks as she is looking after her deceased daughters family. We never knew that she had any children but this daughter would have been born before 1931 - I don't know her birth or married name so I wonder if there is any way to find out the names of who else was living at that address  c. 1971 and before.

Also a further document says she (Agnes Brophy) died in 24 May 1981 at Townfield Flats, Chesham, Bucks - but I can find no death record for her.

If anyone can help with the above I'd be grateful.

Dublin / Hogan family disappeared post 1901
« on: Sunday 23 October 16 22:39 BST (UK)  »
Wonder if anyone can help here as I'm about to give up on this particular search.
I have my g grandmothers sister Mary Anne DWYER who married Patrick HOGAN 31 July 1887 St Andrews.
They then had 4 girls:
Marcella 13 May 1888
Ellen 24 September 1889. 152 Great Britain Street
Teresa 2 October 1893. 74 Great Britain Street
Mary Josephine 9 March 1896. 61 Marlborough Street.
In the 1901 census I find 2 of the girls Teresa and Mary Josephine living with their uncle Thomas HOGAN
and the other 2 girls Ellen and Marcella are pupils at Stanhope Street Convent
No signs of their parents and no sign of any the girls after 1901 except a 1916 marriage for a Marcella Hogan with a father named Patrick but nothing else to tie her to this family.

So basically parents disappear after Mary Josephine's 1896 birth (and I can find no deaths for them) and the rest of the girls disappear after 1901.
If anyone can find any trace of any of them after 1901, it would be great

Dublin / G Grandmother - last brick wall
« on: Saturday 23 April 16 01:13 BST (UK)  »
I have this huge gaping hole in my family tree and wonder if anyone can think of a way around it.
It concerns one of my g grandmothers - Margaret Byrne.
She was born about 1860 so no birth cert.
She married 23 September 1883 in St Michans, listed parents names are Thomas and Bridget Byrne of 24 Upper Wellington St. She had 7 children:
Elizabeth - 1886
Myles - 1887
Francis - 1890
Margaret - 1892
Bridget - 1895
Mary Anne - 1896
Thomas 1899
In 1900 she is admitted to the North Dublin Union Infirmary, discharged and re admitted a few days later. She died a few days after that aged just 40. Her oldest child was 14 and the youngest was 1 year old.
 I have her death cert which says she died of cancer. Her husband remarried a younger woman in 1903. He died in 1931. I found his burial in Kinsealy
Graveyard and the second wife's in Sutton.
But no sign of Margaret or her parents or any siblings.
Wondering if anyone has any ideas/ suggestions on where I might look for any other lead.

Wexford / Missing Dwyer marriage in Monamolin
« on: Thursday 30 July 15 23:06 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for a marriage for these two people Murtha and Martha Dywer of Barraglan, Monamolin. Here they are in 1901 census with two sons the eldest Edward born in 1884.
by 1911
they claim they have no children born and have only been married 13 years !!!
 I have found son Edward (b.1884) living in London by 1911 and I have both of their death certs
Murtha in 1929 and Martha in 1937 but I'm doubting that they ever did marry which seems a bit odd in such a rural location.
Martha was born 1863 so a lot younger than her husband and the marriage could only have taken place in 1883/4 when Martha turned 21 and her son Edward was born.
I am trawling the NLI images at the mo and not found anything but really if the marriage happened it should show up on the civil index ? Any ideas ?

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Old Family Portrait - Update
« on: Sunday 02 February 14 01:40 GMT (UK)  »
I had previously posted a thread on this painting that has always been in our family, despite no one really knowing who he was.
I have since been sent a photo of the person I suspect he is and would like opinions on if they may be the same person. I believe the painting is 1850's (about mid 40 years old) and the photo about late 1860's. (in his mid 50's)

World War Two / POW - Changi Jail
« on: Tuesday 24 September 13 01:52 BST (UK)  »
Hi All.
I have a great uncle who was a prisoner for several years in Changi and also worked on the Burma Railway. All I really know about him is that he was 'adopted' by the family so have no way of knowing his birth name or DOB. I have a drawing done for him by another prisoner in Changi and it was always noted in the family that he never spoke of his time as a POW. I estimate he was born around early 1920's in Dublin. He was in the army, but I have no idea which section.
Is there any place I can find anything else on him ? such as section or service number ?
I don't think I have enough to apply to the MOD ?

World War One / "Absenting' from military service
« on: Sunday 15 September 13 01:44 BST (UK)  »
Hi all.
I am looking at a man who was charged in court with 'absenting himself from military service' in 1915. He was Irish and fulfilling a contract with his company in Scotland when he was drafted.
My question is would he have just been informed to turn up a certain place to be drafted, and then didn't, or would he have signed attestation papers etc and then disappeared. How exactly would the draft have worked in 1915 ?

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