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The Lighter Side / Recording family treasures
« on: Thursday 01 February 24 17:18 GMT (UK)  »
  My son has persuaded me, now that I have a modern phone, to video the things in my house which are of family interest and to make a short recording at the same time. I was a bit doubtful, but decided to give it a try, and am reasonably happy with the results. I have written it all down in the past, but I can see that this is a bit more interesting.

The Common Room / Databox 2000
« on: Tuesday 30 January 24 17:14 GMT (UK)  »
  Has anyone heard of Databox 2000? I have just been reading one of our old parish magazines and it was mentioned. It included some interviews with residents and presumably things going on in the village. Nearly 25 years on it could be interesting!

The Common Room / Electricity 1930
« on: Friday 26 January 24 20:42 GMT (UK)  »
   I have been looking at a sale advertisement from 1930 for a farmhouse in a village, which includes electric light. As electricity had still not reached the village by 1935, would they have had some sort of generator?

The Common Room / Imperial War Museum
« on: Friday 29 December 23 20:56 GMT (UK)  »
  Has anyone tried to email the IWM? I sent them an email some days ago and immediately got back 2 replies - "Postmaster email delivery failure" and "Thank you for contacting IWM". Which one do I believe?

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Welsh quilt
« on: Thursday 28 December 23 20:12 GMT (UK)  »
  Not sure if this is the right place for this. The picture is in our W.I. archive, and there seems to be a vague idea that the quilt was made by members and presented to the lady in the centre. I have just come across a press report (1933) of a meeting where that same lady exhibited a beautiful quilt made by wives of Welsh miners, presumably men working in the Kent coalfield. Could this be that quilt? Was there a particular style of Welsh quilting?

Armed Forces / Ex Navy man 1939
« on: Friday 15 December 23 21:39 GMT (UK)  »
   I am trying to pin down a man born 1902, at sea with the Royal Navy 1921 and missing from the 1939 register. Would he have been called up at his age?

World War Two / Restricted areas
« on: Saturday 02 December 23 22:06 GMT (UK)  »
   I am trying to find out about the restricted areas of East Kent in WW2. I have found mention of a "five mile from the coast" zone, but have also heard tales of check points for entry somewhat further away from the coast, maybe 12 miles. How would it have operated? Could every road have been guarded?

The Common Room / Findmypast problem
« on: Monday 30 October 23 20:19 GMT (UK)  »
  I keep getting a message - Internal Edge Error. Is it a general problem or just me?

The Lighter Side / Dressed for the wedding
« on: Monday 30 October 23 14:16 GMT (UK)  »
   I was very taken with this description of clothing at an upper middle class wedding in 1921. Cloaks were obviously "in" that year.

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