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World War Two / Deciphering code for Navy/ Air Arm rankings
« on: Saturday 07 January 12 15:16 GMT (UK)  »
I am hoping someone can help me decipher some code found in a WW2 Application Book for Royal Navy Good Conduct and Long Service Medals.

The person in question has 'a/ch AA' listed under 'rating or ranking'.  I am assuming the latter means 'Air Arm' but what does 'a/ch' stand for?

Under date received (which is 26 June 1950) there is also a code which looks like 'WOP' or 'OP'.  The rest of the people in the list mostly just have a 'P' in this column next to their name.

Finally, the person's official rating is L/FX75949.  I'd like to know whether the 'L' means anything specifically?

Thanks very much in advance for any light you can shed.

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