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Down / Mother & Daughter birth records
« on: Thursday 07 April 22 12:36 BST (UK)  »
I am struggling to find birth records for Sarah Gibson and her daughter Ellen Jane. I believe that Sarah was born in Downpatrick sometime around 1856, records in later life appear to confirm that she was the illegitimate daughter of Foster Gibson (he was named as her father on her 1891 marriage record) and Jane Copeland (Sarah was named as her daughter on the 1899 record of death for Jane) but for the life of me I cannot find a birth record for Sarah.

Moving on in years we know that Sarah married Francis Delahunt in 1891 and census records show that she gave birth to a daughter sometime around 1886, I believe that Francis may have been the father but I cannot find a birth record for her, on later records Ellen uses both her mothers maiden and married name (Gibson & Delahunt) but I still cannot see her birth record.

Any suggestion or help in finding these records would be most appreciated - GedB

Mayo / Where is Terry
« on: Thursday 08 July 21 13:06 BST (UK)  »
The attached is an extract copy from Castlebar No 2 Registrars District for 1901 recording the death of Mary Henighan (364) she is shown as having died in where I believe is Terry but I cannot find this place at all. I am not sure where the No2 registrars district covers but I was hoping that it was somewhere down towards Manulla or Balla, a pointer in the correct direction would be appreciated

Thanks - GedB

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Translation from Latin please
« on: Friday 14 May 21 11:30 BST (UK)  »
I have four marriage records for different children with Paolo Sillato and Maria Borg named as parents but my very limited Latin seems to be telling me that at least one of them has been married before and that the person being married is of another father which could be right but I would like confirmation before going to far. GedB

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Two words on 1830 marriage record
« on: Thursday 27 August 20 15:46 BST (UK)  »
I would be grateful if somebody could sort the two words just below the signature of Mary Ann Sims, they seem to be in the same hand as the signature which is confusing me. Thanks - GedB

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help with 1689 baptism name
« on: Thursday 02 January 20 13:00 GMT (UK)  »
I am hoping that someone can decipher or translate the childs name from this 1689 Maltese baptism record, we believe that the family name is Sillato and that the parents are Marruzzio Sillato and wife Dominchella but even with the childs name appearing on the record twice I still cannot work it out - GedB

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Latin translation and decipher please
« on: Wednesday 23 October 19 14:30 BST (UK)  »
I would be grateful if someone could decipher the middle name on the 1759 baptism record for Paolo ????? Sillato and then translate the document from Latin

Thanks - GedB

Ireland / Which name is correct
« on: Friday 08 March 19 14:26 GMT (UK)  »
I am sure versions of this question have been asked before on RoosChat but I cannot find anything. South Dublin Workhouse records confirm that Bridget Byrne the second daughter of Ellen Byrne was born there on 23rd August 1880. Her elder sister Mary was born at the same workhouse in 1879 and younger sister Anne in the same place in 1882 with both births registered by the workhouse officer in the Rathdown District.
I can only assume that the workhouse officer had a few drams of the amber nectar before he registered the birth of Bridget because first it was registered in South Dublin and then he used mother Ellen's maiden name (Ward) as the family name and made Byrne the mother’s maiden name so we ended up with John Ward instead of John Byrne as the father and Ellen Byrne instead of Ellen Ward, all other details including the date of birth and the father residing at Naas are correct.
My question therefore is which name is correct by law, she is recorded as Bridget Byrne in the 1901 census and on her marriage certificate but as Bridget Ward on her birth certificate, does this in theory make her marriage wrong or is it just viewed as a genuine mistake.

Kent / 1950 or 1952 Marriage
« on: Tuesday 07 November 17 12:55 GMT (UK)  »
I have two marriage records that appear to be for the same people in the same district but are two years apart.
Charles H G Elphick married Acreman / Delahunt in Tonbridge Q1 1950 Ref 5b page 1645
Charles H G Elphick married Acreman / Delahunt in Tonbridge Q2 1952 Ref 5b page 1673
Then to stretch matters a bit further, on the 1950 record there is also -
George Elphick married Acreman / Delahunt in Tonbridge Q1 1950 Ref 5b page 1645
I have no problems with any of the people on these records and can see that the Charles H G Elphick and George Elphick on the 1950 record are probably the same person, it is just the I am confused with the same names being recorded two years apart and then which is the correct date to use in the tree I am working on - GedB

Ireland / "Dark Rosaleen"
« on: Wednesday 15 March 17 11:39 GMT (UK)  »
During some recent searches in Ireland I came across an extremely detailed obituary for Honoria Morahan who was born in Co Mayo around 1866 and died in Castlebar March 1930 but one part of it has me rather confused. It states that “Deceased had come of a family stock whose name figured prominently for generations in the struggles of our beloved country. She was acquainted with sacrifice in her young days and did not afterwards shrink when as a wife and mother, she was called upon to endure further suffering and persecution for “Dark Rosaleen””
Assuming this is referring to the poem “Dark Rosaleen” I am struggling to understand how a young woman from Co Mayo is suffering persecution for a poem, albeit a very controversial poem, that was written over twenty years before she was born. I have read the translation many times and also read of the theories and explanations that go with it, but cannot see a link, I assume there must be something, possibly family or something similar, but at the moment the reason is bypassing me and I am hoping that someone may be able to point out what I am missing.

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