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Kent / lookup pls for hatch
« on: Monday 05 March 12 02:42 GMT (UK)  »
hello can anyone do a lookup for me pls regarding these people below
1 Is Edwin, Hannah and Henry the children of Mary Parker Hatch? daughter of William and Mary Hatch
>Sittingbourne Burials........
Edwin Hatch aged 3yrs. burial 11th November,1863. ref. no. 10498.
>Hannah Hatch aged 8yrs. burial 5th November,1863. 10496.
>Henry Hatch aged 3mths. 2nd November,1859. ref. no.10244.

 This Henry below is he the same person who died 2nd Nov 1859?
Henry son of David Flight and Mary Hatch (a single woman) baptised
>3rd.February,1859. ref. no. 9270.

This William who were his parents? according to the death he was 21 years old which makes him born about 1827 is he the son of William and Mary Hatch
>William Hatch aged 21yrs. burial 2nd April,1848. Drowned about Xmas.
>ref. no. 9634.

This William was the husband of Mary Parker and father of Mary Parker Hatch
>William Hatch aged 75yrs. burial 29th March,1870. ref. no. 10901.
I am looking for the birth and death details for William born approx 1826-1827, Thomas born approx 1833 (in the 1841 census he was 8 years old), Henry Valentine born 1840 (he died in Australia in 1934) and Henry Parker born 1839 sons of William Hatch and Mary Parker who married in 1825. I have Henry's baptismal details
Henry Parker baptised 7th March, 1839. ref. no. 7658. parents William and Mary Hatch. not his death or who he married.
thank you
regards gemini

Australia / KELLY Family - Dwellingup WA
« on: Thursday 03 December 09 00:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there
We have this Francis Fitzgerald and we would like to know if there is any connection with him to the KELLYs from Dwellingup WA.
his details and more info about him can be found in this link
Father Unknown  Mother Ellen FITZGERALD
At Northcote  1892
He married Teresa Hall in Victoria in 1919 one son was born 1919 in Victoria and other son born in 1922 in WA. Both Teresa Hall who later married again are buried in WA

FITZGERALD     Francis   70 years
Father Richard  Mother Unknown
District Perth 

Francis's son born 1922 in Dwellingup WA and now deceased, mentioned the KELLYs and there are lots of KELLYs in Dwellingup WA throughtout his life. Are their any connections with the KELLYs and the Fitzgeralds? Is there a possibility that one of the KELLYs might be the dad of Francis?
regards Gemini

Australia / census
« on: Thursday 26 November 09 09:06 GMT (UK)  »
can anyone find info that places Francis Robert Fitzgerald living with Richard Fitzgerald and Ellen Harty or with any of Richard and Ellen's children in either Dwellingup or Wuraming Western Australia during the years between 1890 too 1965

Australia / re adoptive parents
« on: Thursday 26 November 09 08:56 GMT (UK)  »
hello I am looking for Francis Robert Fitzgerald born approx April 1893 Northcote Victoria he was adopted out aged 12 months, according to his marriage certificate his parents were Richard Fitzgerald and Ellen Harty when he married Teresa Hall in 1919 in Victoria. What I like to know is are they his adopted parents and can anyone do a lookup for his death with those parents names on it.

Australia / lookup for tasmania birth and deaths please
« on: Monday 16 November 09 03:52 GMT (UK)  »
hi can anyone do a  lookup for birth for Rema Margaret Hall born approx 1910 her father was Robert Hall also the death of Robert Hall and who is parents are.
regards maggie

Scotland / lookup for anderson
« on: Thursday 23 July 09 14:38 BST (UK)  »
can someone pleae do a lookup for marriage of John Anderson and Katherine Oliver. also any children of that marriage especially a child that has the name john anderson or christian john anderson born approx 1853-1858 as per death in 1943 his age was between 83 and 87

Ireland / marriage lookup for anderson
« on: Thursday 23 July 09 12:32 BST (UK)  »
can someone please do a lookup for John Anderson who married Katharine Oliver one son john anderson born 1853-1858

Lanarkshire / marriage lookup for glasgow please
« on: Wednesday 22 July 09 13:13 BST (UK)  »
can someone please do a lookup for John Anderson's marriage to Katharine Oliver as stated on death cert of their son who died in 1943 NSW Australia.  And a lookup for any children John and Katharine had. Son John was born approx 1853-1858 and his death certificate stated he was born in Glasgow Scotland,  he immigrated to Australia do not know the year but he spend 36 years in NSW and 33 years in Victoria Australia.
regards maggie

Scotland / John Anderson
« on: Monday 20 July 09 15:47 BST (UK)  »
We have a John Anderson born approx 1856 in Glasgow Scotland, he drowned in  1943 at the Berembed Weir Naranderra NSW. His death certificate stated his parents were John Anderson and Katherine Oliver?. We don't know when he came out to Australia. He had wife but we never been able to find the marriage cert Elizabeth Anne Norris/Peelman/Austerberry and three children, Christian Rueben born 1903 Melbourne Victoria, Grace Maud 1907 Wagga Wagga NSW and Thomas Henry Anderson born 1914 Wagga Wagga NSW any information would be great
regards Maggie

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