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Australia / Is This Vulenza BOOTH
« on: Tuesday 07 June 22 03:22 BST (UK)  »
I have a missing GGGrandmother Vulenza Booth  she seems to vanish from NZ records in about 1905/6 in Masterton NZ electorail rolls. I found this passenger list that seems to be her it right age and birth date did she stay in Sydney or move on  to another state or back to UK she was born in Cornwall  St Neot. She was married in 21 Aug 1871 Devon, Plymouth UK Vulenza WELSH  maiden name to Abraham BENYUNES  but took off in 1873 to NZ and married William BOOTH 14 Oct 1875 in Christchurch they together  till 1905/6  then she goes poof, I have everything on family but her.

Name  Booth
Age   66
Immigration Date   1917
Immigration Place   New Zealand
Immigration Place (Original)   Sydney, New Zealand
Departure Date   27 Mar 1917
Birth Year (Estimated)   1851
Arrival Port   Sydney
Departure Port   Auckland
Ship Name   Victoria

Cheers kinky d

Berkshire / Harold M OSBORNE where is he ??
« on: Friday 13 May 22 03:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi  am missing  Harold M Osborne b 1881 Long Compton Warwickshire parents Henry Hedley Osborne and Ellen Osborne nee Thornett, I have him popping back n forth to Chicago USA from about 1903 but last trace I can  prove is  him coming back in 1917  on the Laplan   White Star Dominion Line and has put address as Bicton Villa Spencers Wood which I know  his mum and brother were at in 1918 electroal roll. Harold  is an engineerand in  1903  he going to  stay with a D A Goodbody. Harold  drops the M and goes  by harold osborne   by the looks of it.  Cheers Kinky d

Berkshire / Kathleen Thornett OSBORNE
« on: Friday 13 May 22 03:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi  I am trying   to find   Kathleen she was b 1896 Newbury Berkshire to  Henry Hedley Osborne and Ellen Osborne nee Thornitt. I think  she may have married a Edmund GREEN but am  not sure of this.
Any  help will be  greatful. Cheers Kinky d

Northamptonshire / Is this same lady ?
« on: Friday 13 May 22 03:06 BST (UK)  »
Hi I have  a Gertrude  Helen OSBORNE b 17 Nov 1888 Long Compton Warwickshire parents are Henry hedley Osborne and Ellen Osborne nee Thornitt. The  last I have  proven is  her  is Villa Gasilda, Leckhampton Road, Leckhampton, Glos, single  and a Teacher at a public day school.  The only  death that  matches is in Northampton Northamptonshire 02 Dec 1973, the  probate  says  she may have  used helen gertrude osborne. If it is  my lady can I have  the cemetery she is buried in etc.
Been going nuts trying to figure this out    Cheers  Kinky d

New Zealand Completed Requests / William James OSBORNE
« on: Thursday 24 June 21 05:05 BST (UK)  »
William James OSBORNE  is  son  of  William  James  Osborne and Rose  Mabel Ella  HOLMES.
William  and  Rose married on 18 Aug 1919, this is second marriage.
W is  with  his  Mum  in 1949  Auckland  as a watersider , then I  find  him  with  D e ?? in 1974  electoral roll last   time in   electoral roll is 1981.

I  need  his  birth, marriage   and  wifes last name   and   death for them  both, I  have  tried and  tried  any help  would be  great 

Cheers  Kinky

New Zealand Completed Requests / Vulenza Booth where did she go ???
« on: Thursday 24 June 21 04:34 BST (UK)  »
Vulenza welsh BENYUNES   married  William Henry  BOOTH on 14 Oct 1875 in Roman Catholic Church Christchurch  they have   six   children.  I have  tracked Vulenza and William to living in  Queen st Marsterton   in 1905/1906 in the electoral  roll. This is the   last place  I can   track Vulenza too, William   ends  up  in Auckland  and  dies in  1934. So  where did  Vulenza  go what happened  to her.

Cheers Kinky

New Zealand Completed Requests / Help need a marriage cert and a birth
« on: Tuesday 27 April 21 08:49 BST (UK)  »
Hi  I need a  marriage cert  for  Charles  Culverwell and   Jane Sarah  Rodgers. the   BDM   wont  give  me   the  information as  they  married in 1863. Charles  was  killed at Rangariri 20 Nov 1863, Jane remarried  3 more times have got those and   the  only  daughter  of  these   two was   born  1863 not long before  he died. any help  on the  registration numbers  be wonderful.

Cheers Kinky

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / What Killed Aunty Pat
« on: Sunday 18 April 21 06:28 BST (UK)  »
Hi   can  someone  please   read this  and work out  what   killed  aunty. Put in  laymans  terms lol

Cheers K

Oxfordshire / William C Osbourne
« on: Tuesday 06 January 15 03:30 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I am looking for a William C Osbourne born abt 1823 in Hook Norton need parents  trying to find out if he same bloke as William Osborne b 1821 Parent John n Mary. Wiiliam C is in Staffordshire in 1871  married to a Mary Eliza living Leek n Lowe .  I have a William Osborne in Oxfordshire  Bansbury in 1871. Have I a bigamist ?

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