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Antrim / Samuel Houston Marriage - McCoy/M'Corry/McCloy?
« on: Monday 17 March 14 15:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi folks,

I'm looking for a marriage for Samuel Houston to, I believe, Margaret McCoy.

I have nothing to go on for Samuel, but Margaret is on the 1901 census in Belfast, widowed and aged 64.  Living with son Joseph and his family.  They are Roman Catholic.

Joseph (and twin brother Samuel) were born on the 9th January 1866 in St Patrick's district of Belfast and it is from this record I have his father as Samuel and Margaret's maiden name of McCoy.  It it is noted on the record that father Samuel is a protestant.

This is where I get unstuck as I can't find a marriage for Samuel Houston and Margaret McCoy. I'm not even sure whether it would be a religious or civil ceremony, but looking at online Civil Registration Index shows a possible entry for marriage of Samuel Houston to Margaret M'Corry in 1867.  Could this be mine and there's a transcription error in one of the records?  If it is though then surely the birth record for Joseph would state that he was illegitimate given this is a year after his birth?  Also I've actually no guarantee that Samuel married Margaret there are three other possible names on the index page so I assume I would need to apply for the certificate to find out?

In an attempt to clarify whether Margaret's surname is McCoy or M'Corry I have searched for her birth, given that she is 64 in 1901.  It states on the census she is born in Antrim  The closest entry I can find is for a Margaret McCloy born 2nd November 1836 in Rosemary Street Church, Belfast.  I've checked and this is a Presbyterian church so I don't think this could be my Margaret.

If anyone can suggest my next move, or if anyone else has information on any of these, it would be most welcome!

Scotland / Who's the father?
« on: Wednesday 05 February 14 15:53 GMT (UK)  »
I have a death from 1891, Isabella Gibson from Beith, Ayrshire.  However I'm a little confused.  In the name of father and mother column it states the father is Donald MacKinnon, Farm Servant (deceased) and mother Margaret MacKinnon m.s. McMillan (deceased).

Straightforward - but in the signature of informant it states John Gibson, father, present.

Now her husband is John Gibson - has he simply made a mistake and written "father"?

Antrim / Joseph James Houston
« on: Tuesday 10 December 13 16:18 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help with this one?

I have a Joseph James Houston (my G G Grandfather) born on 9th January 1866 (along with twin brother Samuel) in St. Patrick’s parish/district of Belfast, parents Samuel and Margaret.  Also his marriage to Margaret Anne Duffy on 8th May 1884 in Belfast.

Have the family on both the 1901 census (Parkview Street in Shankhill) and 1911 census (Butler Street).

What I can’t find is any record of his death.  Can anybody help?

Monaghan / Carson / Nesbitt in Monaghan
« on: Monday 05 August 13 16:17 BST (UK)  »
Hi folks,

currently researching my ancestors on my mother's side and hit a bit of a brick wall!

I'll give as much info as I can but basically I can't get any further back than my g.g.grandparents.

Their names are James Carson and Anne Jane Nesbitt, married in Ahabog on 28th March 1860.  James was apparently a farmer.  I have no details other than James father was also James, and Anne's father was William Nesbitt.

Shortly afterwards they moved to Scotstown and had three children I know about:

William, born in Scotstown 24th September 1864
Sarah, born in Scotstown 22nd July 1868
James, born in Scotstown 5th January 1870

William was my g. grandfather, married Helen Hart and at some point shortly after 1903 he moved to Kilbirnie in Ayrshire (possibly via Motherwell or Lanarkshire somewhere!).  I know this because my Grandfather Robert Carson was born in Ireland in 1903 but moved to Scotland at a very young age.

If anyone is researching the same family or has any pointers I would be glad to hear it!



Caernarvonshire / Williams/Roberts - Llanberis - COMPLETED THANK YOU
« on: Wednesday 31 July 13 16:43 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to trace my Welsh roots without much success!  I found an old post looking for this info from 8 years ago but there was nothing at the time and the users appear to be inactive now  - maybe better luck this time!

The two individuals I am concentrating on are my Great Grandparents, Richard Williams and Elizabeth Roberts.

They lived at 21 Goodman Street, Llanberis and were certainly there in 1921 when my Grandmother was born and still there in 1942 when my Grandmother was married!

Children as follows (oldest to youngest as far as I know):

Eleanor (my grandmother, born 1921)
Anne (Nancy) (born 1923)

According to the marriage certificate for my grandmother in 1942, Richard was a Railway Locomotive Fireman.

If anyone has any info on marriage dates, birth/death dates much appreciated.  Would be difficult to find on the 1911 census as I don't think they were there then and I'm unsure when they married or when the eldest children were born.

I've been told by my father that Richard died in an accident at work while decoupling two carriages but no idea when.

Any info or pointers gratefully received!


Ayrshire / Knox/Barclay, Beith
« on: Tuesday 30 July 13 16:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi folks,

is anyone researching Knox or Barclay in Beith?  I seem to now have a brick wall and I think I'll struggle to get any further.

I have the marriage of John Knox and Elizabeth Barcly (my g.g.g.g.g.grandparents), 25th November 1797 in Beith and having the following children:

Janet – born on 7th October 1798 in Beith.
William – born on 21st December 1800 in Beith.
Jean – born on 8th December 1802, Christened on 12th Dec 1802 in Beith.
Elizabeth – born on 18th May 1804, Christened on 27th May 1804 in Beith.
Fulton (g.g.g.g.grandfather) – born on 14th February 1810, Christened on 18th February 1810 in Beith.

Can anyone take this back any further or even provide more details on what I have (births/deaths).  Also any idea if this family is anything to do with the Knox Mill in Kilbirnie?


Argyllshire / McKinnon of Colonsay
« on: Tuesday 30 July 13 15:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi folks,

Firstly I apologise if this post is a bit wordy but I thought it best to give as much details as possible!

I’m hoping someone may be able to help with a problem I’m having tracing ancestors on Colonsay.

My g.g.g.grandmother is Isabella Gibson (maiden name McKinnon) and appears aged 22 on the 1881 census in Beith, Ayrshire.  It is from this that I discovered she was born in Colonsay.

She died in 1891 aged 32 and it is from the death register that I have her parents’ names as Donald McKinnon (Farm Servant) and Margaret McMillan.

The only Isabella Mackinnon born on Colonsay I can find that fits the dates is born in Machrins on February 1858 to Donald McKinnon and Margaret McMillan so I’m assuming this is her.

I have a Colonsay marriage in 1857 of Donald McKinnon (27), a ploughman from Kilchattan, and Margaret McMillan (22), a dairy maid from Machrins.

Donald’s parents are a Donald McKinnon (Crofter) and Mirren Kilpatrick.  This is where things start to go awry, not helped by various spelling errors and discrepancies in the records.

I believe I have found Mirren on the 1841 Colonsay census as Marion McKinnon aged 60, with daughters Cathrine and Flory.  They are living with a McLucas family.  I am assuming Donald (the Crofter) is deceased as he certainly appears to be on the next census.

On the 1851 census she is listed as Maron McKinon (widow, still aged 60!) with daughter Janet McNeil and grandson Archibald McNeill.

Moving to the 1861 census she is listed as Mirren MacKinnon, aged 80 with daughter Cathrine and grandson Archibald.  On this she is listed as being born on Mull (all other records say Colonsay).
Her last appearance on a census is 1871 aged 89, living with Donald and Catherine McLean (her daughter).

I believe I have her entry on the death register in 1875 aged 95 as the witness is Catherine McLean, daughter.  But this is where things really come unstuck!  Firstly she is named Sarah McKinnon – although apparently the name Marion usually appears as Sarah on official records so I have no particular issue with that.  However her husband is listed as John McKinnon (Crofter), not Donald.  Are these names also interchangeable?  The final bombshell is that her parents are listed as Dugald McArthur and Ann McCormick!

So, at the start I have a Mirren McKinnon, maiden name Kilpatrick, who goes through various name changes and ends up as Sarah McKinnon, maiden name McArthur!!

Have I tracked the wrong Mirren/Marion on the census?  Can anybody shed any light on the McKinnons of Colonsay?  I could sorely do with it!


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