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A correct alphabetical list of the freeholders who voted, also of those who tendered themselves to vote, at the Election for the County of Salop, on Monday, May 9th, 1831, and following days.


Sir ROWLAND HILL, of Hawkstone, Baronet.
JOHN CRESSETT PELHAM, of Cound, Esquire.
WILLIAM LLOYD, of Aston, Esquire.
JOHN MYTTON, of Halston, Esquire.


Shropshire / The Shropshire banner at Agincourt
« on: Saturday 01 December 18 21:18 GMT (UK)  »

The Battaile of Agincourt ... The Miseries of Queene Margarite ... Wife of ...
By Michael Drayton

Shropshire m a Falcon towring in the Ayre

Do we have any specialists who could post an image of this flag?

All Counties listed.

Angus (Forfarshire) / Strachan family of Brechin
« on: Sunday 26 February 17 17:58 GMT (UK)  »
Joseph Strachan 1770-                 
Margaret Valentine 1770-
Mar. 3 Oct 1794 Brechin
2 Sons
Joseph Strachan, born in Brechin 1802, died 13 Aug 1869 Brechin
Jean Allan, born in Brechin 1805, daughter of James Allan & Mary Duncan
Mar. 10 April 1825 Brechin
   Robert Strachan 1826-
   Margaret Strachan 1828-
   Mary Strachan 1831-               Mar. William Watt 1834-1878
   Alexander Strachan 1834-
   Harriet Strachan 1836-
   William Strachan 1838-            Mar. Ann Reid 1840-
   Helen Strachan 1840-
   Ann Strachan 1841-
   Helen Strachan 1843-

Samuel Strachan 1805-1878
Janet Miller 1802- 1887
Mar. 28 Dec 1826 Brechin
   Samuel born 15 Aug 1829 Brechin   (not my work)   (not my work)
   Joseph Strachan, born 24 May 1761 Tannadice, Angus, son of John Strachan, born 1733 & Agnes Leisk, born 1732, married 11 July 1760 Tannadice, Angus.

Shropshire / Rev. William Chettoe of Horton, Nr Wem
« on: Saturday 19 November 16 20:32 GMT (UK)  »
Reverend William Chettoe.
I have looked online and I don't see any information.
I would appreciate any evidence to prove his title.

 Parliamentary Papers, House of Commons and Command, Volume 11
By Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons

CHAMBRE'S CHARITY.                                                      Page 332

Francis Chambre, by his Will, bearing date 26th December 1676, devised
a pasture ground, which he had lately purchased of Roger Hussey, situate in
Horton , in the parish of Wem, to his brother-in-law, William Chettoe, and his
heirs, he and they paying, as a rent-charge, the sum of 40s. yearly on Ascension-
day, to be disposed of either for the benefit and repairs of the chapel at Newtown,
or for the augmentation of the salary of the third schoolmaster at Wem, or to
both , at the discretion of his kinsman , George Chambre, of Loppington, and
the Rev. William Chettoe, and their respective heirs, for ever.


Roger Chettoe           =  Anne Whittakers dau. of Lawrence & Mary Whittakers
bp. 10 Apr 1615 Wem     bp. 25 Oct 1612 Wem
Mar. 19 Oct 1639 Wem

Rev. William Chettoe         = Katherine Chambre
bp. 30 July 1643 Wem          dau. of Richard Chambre = Anne Rogers  (sister 
                                          of John Rogers of Melverley)? Buried at Wrockwardine 4 March 1638
Mar. 24 Feb 1665 Wem

Ellinor bp. 14 Dec 1666 Wem
1666 Dec. 25. Ellinor, a yonge chield of William Chettoe, of Horton ... bur.
Ellinor bp. 17 May 1668 Wem
John bp. 20 Apr 1670 Wem
William bp. 12 Mar 1672 Wem
Ann bp. 20 Apr 1673 Wem
Thomas bp. 31 Dec 1675 Wem

Wem 1678 May 8. Mr. Francis Chambre, of Woulverley, at Loppington ... bur.

Angus (Forfarshire) / Watt family of Brechin
« on: Tuesday 02 August 16 17:32 BST (UK)  »
1853  Brechin

                                                     William Watt,  Flesher,
Watt                    and Mary Strachan, Daughter of Joseph
and                     Strachan, both parties residing in Brechin,
Strachan            were contracted in order to marriage, and
                          their banns having been regularly published,
                         and no obligations offered, were married
                          on the 3 rd June. _

No. 26

1874                    signed
29 May                David Lindsay   22  49 River  James Lindsay           James Crabb m.a.
at Damacre Road  Factory Worker        Street    Factory Worker          Incumbent of St. Andrew's
Brechin                Bachelor                 Brechin  and Frances Lindsay   Church Brechin

                          signed                                                                 signed
                          Mary Jane Watt 21  Damacre  William Watt             Robert Strachan
                           Factory Worker       Road      Flesher Journeyman     Witness
                           Spinster                Brechin    and Mary Watt          Robert Nicoll
                                                                     M.S. Strachan            Witness

After Banns according                                                                     1874
to the forms of the Scot=                                                              30 May
tish Episcopal Church                                                                    At Brechin
                                                                                                Daniel Mcintosh

Denbighshire / YALE Lowrie, daughter and heir of Tudor ap Griffith Vychan
« on: Friday 11 March 16 19:52 GMT (UK)  »

Still not solved the subject title. But I feel the Yale family should be on the Denbighshire page.

I will post later on my link of the Yale family of Denbighshire to Shropshire. Cheswardine and High Ercall both of Shropshire.

Sorry for the duplication. The above link shows information and evidence on Lowrie Yale and the family.

Shropshire / Gwilliam family of Ratlinghope & Wentnor
« on: Saturday 23 January 16 13:40 GMT (UK)  »
John Gwilliam    of Lydbury Parish  +  Jane Lewis of this Parish
were married by Banns   May 14th  1795   
The mark  X of John Gwilliam
The mark  X of Jane Lewis

bp. 23 Mar 1794  Josiah son of John + Jane Gwilliam
bp. 14 Aug 1796  James son of John + Jane Gwilliam

Josiah Gwilliam full age  B.  Mason  of Ratlinghope  F. John Gwilliam,  Mason
Mary Pugh        full age  Sp.           of Ratlinghope  F.  John Pugh,  Lab.
No. 21  Mar. 10th Dec 1847 Ratlinghope   Edw. Homray,  Minister
Josiah Gwilliam   signed    Mary Pugh  X her mark

Pres. John Pugh  X,  Sarah Southerton  X

Mary Ann Gwilliam bp. 15 Oct 1849 Wentnor  married Isaac Maddox  Dec q 1873 CLUN 6a 1214
Martha born 1849 Wentnor
bp. 12 Jan 1855 Wentnor  Josiah son of   Josiah & Mary  of  The Rock, Mason
bp. 6 Apr 1851 Wentnor    John  son of       "           "    of         Rock, Mason
bp. 13 Feb 1866 Wentnor  Francis son of     "           "    of  The Rock, Mason

1851 C    Medlicott     24  Rock
Josiah Gwilliam  H      mar  30?      Stonemason master ?   Ratlinghope
Mary       "         Wife  mar     28                                       Wentnor
Mary       "         dau              2                                             "
John       "         son           3weeks                                        "

1861 C   Adstone 43
Josia Gwilliam  H      mar  63      Bricklayer     Ratlinghope
Mary     "         Wife  mar     38                      Wentnor
Martha   "        dau              12   Scholar              "
John      "         son          10           "                   "
Josia      "         son           6                                "


 No.           bp. 30        Richard   Thomas    Gwillam      New             Shoemaker
                      Mar                         +                          House
                      1834                    Sarah

 No.            bp. 5          John      Thomas    Gwillam      New             Shoemaker
                       Apr                        +                           House
                       1835                   Sarah

 No.            bp. 15        Martha    Thomas    Gwillam     New              Shoemaker
                        Jan                         +                          House
                       1837                    Sarah

 No.            bp. 22         Jane       Sarah     Gwilliam      Asterton        Widow
                       May       dau of                                    P of Norbury
 No. 20       bp. 6th        John        Josiah    Gwilliam        Rock           Mason
                      April        son of         +
                      1851                      Mary

 No. 114      bp. 9th       John         Anne     Gwilliam      Wentnor       Spinster
                        Nov      Gwilliam
                       1856      son of

 No. 88        bp. 12th     Josiah      Josiah     Gwilliam        The           Mason
                        Jan       son of         +                             Rock
                       1855                     Mary

 No. 90        bp. 14th     Martha     George   Gwilliam      Wentnor      Labourer
                        Feb      dau of          +
                        1855                    Mary

 No. 152      bp. 17th     Sarah      George    Gwilliam      Gravenor     Labourer
                        March   dau of         +
                         1859                   Mary

 No. 283      bp. 13th     Francis    Josiah      Gwilliam      The Rock     Mason
                        Feb       son of        +
                        1866                   Mary

 No. 370      bp. 30th      Edward   Thomas    Gwilliam      Cound         Labourer
                        October                    +                          House
                        1870                  Elizabeth

 No. 409      bp. 31st      Thomas   Thomas    Gwilliam      Cound        Labourer
                        May       Edwin          +                           House
                        1874      son of    Elizabeth

bo. Sep 6th  bp. Sep        Lucy        John        Gwilliam     The Rock     Labourer
1884                 7th                         +                            Medlicott
No. 550             1884                   Elizabeth

Wentnor  Burials
Josiah Gwilliam     The Rock               Jan 12     aged 87

Fanny Gwilliam    Shepherd's Lodge    Mar 28    aged 60
                            on the                   1875

Thomas Gwilliam        "                      July 14    aged 75

Francis Gwilliam     The Rock              Mar 5       25 days

MI 57   Josiah Gwilliam died Jan 11, 1878 aged 84
            also Mary wife of above died October 23, 1878 aged 55

MI 284  Richard Gwilliam, Asterton Hall died April 27th
            1915 aged 81 also Elizabeth Bowen, Asterton Hall
            died January 16th 1930 aged 82

Shropshire / Eyton, FitzWarin, Marshe & Purslow
« on: Friday 18 December 15 19:51 GMT (UK)  »
1. Robert de Acton vel Eyton =
2. William de Marsh =
3. Robert de Eyton =
4. Roger de Eyton =               
5. Roger de Eyton =
6. William Eyton of Eyton (nr. Alberbury) = ______ dau. & heir of Fulk FitzWarine
7. John Eyton of Eyton & Marsh 1326 = Alice dau. of Robert or Roger Marsh of Co. Salop
8. Eleanor Eyton 3rd dau. = Thomas or William Purslow
9. John Purslow =
10. Thomas Purslow of Sidbury = Laura verch William ap David
11. Robert Purslowe Esq. of Sidbury bo. 1500 died 1571 = Margaret dau. of William Sparke
                                                                                              of Bridgnorth
12. Elizabeth Purslow = Sir John Erpe of Shrewsbury bo. 1534 of London
        mar. 1558
13. Margaret Erpe bo. 1560 = Sir Thomas Adams of Wem died 1607
14. Mary Adams = Lawrence Whittakers
15. Anne Whittakers bo. 1582 Wem = Roger Chetto of Wem
16. William Chettoe = Katharine Chambre

Wales / YALE Lowrie, daughter and heir of Tudor ap Griffith Vychan
« on: Friday 20 November 15 18:26 GMT (UK)  »



At the division of his father's lands he received Cors-y-Gedol as his
portion and he held the office of Woodvp-ard of the Commote of Ardydwy,
Merioneth, at Michaelmas, 1400, also 2 and 3 Henry V. He married
Lowrie, daug-hter and heir of Tudor ap Griffith Vychan, Lord of
Gwyddelwern, Edeirnion, and niece (and in her issue sole heir) of his
brother Owan ap Griffith Vychan, Lord of Glyndyfrdwy, the memor-
able Owen Gl3'ndwr, representative of the dynasties of North Wales,
South Wales, and Powys. Tudor ap Griffith Vjxhan was upwards of
29 3'ears old, 3 Sept. 10 Richard II., 1386, when under the designation
of "Tudor de Glendore," he appeared as a witness in the celebrated
Scrope and Grosvenor controversy. By this alliance Griffith ap Einion
had three sons and two daughters, as follows :

Gruffudd Fychan II was married to Elen, daughter of Thomas ap Llywelyn lord of half of the commote of Is Coed and of quarter of Gwynionydd, both in Ceredigion.[2] They had issue:

Madog, died young
Owain ap Gruffudd, later known as Owain Glyndŵr, proclaimed Prince of Wales and leader of the Welsh revolt in September 1400 which lasted to 1412 or 1416. He married Margaret Hanmer, daughter of Sir David Hanmer and had issue.
Lowry, married Robert Puleston, and had issue.
Isabel ferch Gruffudd, married Adda ap Iorwerth Ddu, and had issue.
Tudur ap Gruffudd, Lord of Gwyddelwern

My question is, which is the correct marriage for Lowrie, the sister of Owain Glyndŵr.  Lowrie, Wife of Robert Puleston

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