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Occupation Interests / Stained Glass Co Sydney
« on: Tuesday 09 October 18 09:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi All
I'm looking for any information on Couldery and Co., Glass works Sydney. The company originally began in 1884 as Couldery and Harwood. Joseph Couldery known as Walter had trained under Fred Ashwin and John Falconer considered to be Sydney's ultimate stained glass company ( I had one some research on this company a number of years ago when I was researching another church. In February 1884 Couldery began his own business with a Mr Harwood in George Street, Sydney, at the Haymarket . They later moved to 354 Pitt Street, Sydney. Mr Harwood's name disappears in 1893 and the name Couldery and Co., begins to appear. They later moved to 389 Pitt Street and finally to 71 Liverpool Street Sydney. Couldery and CO., were registered as a Company in 1903.
They were in the Sand's directory until 1929. Joseph died at his residence Kuringai Chase Ave, Turramurra in 1935.  I have numerous articles obtained from TROVE regarding Joseph's personal and business information.
Joseph and his wife Sarah had only two daughters both who remained spinsters. The company won first prize for their work at the Industrial Exhibition in 1885 and undertook a number of commissions throughout NSW, Cobar, Armidale and Tamworth to name a few. I'd be interested in discovering where I could go to discover what happened to any drawings/ illustrations that may have survived, or any more information on the sale/ winding up of the Company. What Mr Harwood's Christian name may have been.
Vera Walter's eldest daughter passed away 1961 and his younger daughter died in 1978 residing at Gordon near Sydney.
Many thanks

Donegal / Griffith Family Falcarragher
« on: Thursday 26 January 17 00:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All
Some time ago I placed a request looking for Sarah Griffith from Carrowcannon House. It now appears to me that Sarah was never at Carrowcannon House, yet to be verified but I am fairly certain of this at the present time.  In order to move on from there I have followed the line of William Griffith JP who purchased Carrowcannon House in 1889 and was I believe an inmate of Derry Gaol for some little time as he was connected to the Plan Campaign and a suspect under the Balfour Regime. Obituary "Derry Journal" February 1 1911. 
William died on January 30 1911 and his funeral account says "Derry Journal" February 10 1911  that his sons William, James and Joseph and daughters Mrs Jordan, Annie and Rose with nephew P Quinn, were chief mourners.
I have endeavoured to trace all of these people after this account, but to no avail. I think they may have migrated but have been unable to find any record of them. Nor can I find them in the 1911 census. Nor any deaths.
I have the birth records for all of William's children. I have searched the Derry Journal and other Donegal papers to no avail for any mention of any of the children.
If I was able to locate William's sibling who married the Quinn this would also be of some help as it may answer some questions I have.
I suspect Sarah was William's sibling, but at present I have not been able to either prove or disprove this theory as I lack Sarah or William's birth record. I now now the he came from the Rosses.
This morning I again looked at Sarah's marriage certificate and she does not make any mention of her parents. quite curious really. Her husband John McGuinness has listed both of his parents.
I think my best course of investigation is to try to follow William through. Even if he proves not to be Sarah's sibling he is certainly a remarkable character.
Any suggestions you may have of how I might progress would be greatly appreciated.

London and Middlesex / William Marman 2nd regiment of Foot
« on: Thursday 02 July 15 03:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi All
I'm looking for any information on William Marman who was a member of the 2nd Regiment of Foot, and either of his wives. He appears to have married a Hannah Marshal on April 21 1740 and then a Sarah Sanders on September 3 1746. I have searched for a death for Hannah but have been unable to find it. However, I feel that it would be fairly unlikely that there would be two William Marman's in the 2nd Regiment of Foot. I have children for Sarah and William as follows; William Marman January 1 1752 (my 5x g grandfather), Margaret Eleanor 1754, Charity 1757, Sarah 1760 and Thomas 1766. So far no more information on the children or the parents except for my 1752 William.
Any suggestions would gratefully appreciated.

London and Middlesex / Hannah Lopez and William Shepherd
« on: Thursday 30 January 14 08:52 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All
I'm looking for advice as to where I should go to find earlier records for Hannah Lopez. Hannah married William Shepherd in 1749 and the couple resided in Petticoat Lane, London. They  had at least three children Hester 1753, Deborah 1754 and William 1760.
William snr died in 1760 and Hannah later married Thomas Peet. Interestingly when she was required to sign permission for both daughters who were under age to marry, she signed as Hannah Shepherd, even though she was married to Thomas Peet.
Hannah died in 1777. Her birth date would be c1722. I have located marriage records for both of Hannah's marriages.

My dilemma is in locating earlier records for Hannah. So far I have been unable to locate any London records for Hannah. If anyone could suggest where I might look for any earlier records. I would be extremely grateful.

London and Middlesex / Sheperd Family Petticoat Lane Whitechapel
« on: Wednesday 25 September 13 07:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi All
I have discovered that I have a 4xg grandmother whose maiden name was Deborah Sheperd. I believe that she had a sister whose name was Hester and her parents were Hannah and William Sheperd. The family resided in Petticoat Lane, Whitechapel. Given the names I suspect that there must be a jewish connection with this family. William was dead by 1775 as Hannah was a widow and the person who gave permission for underaged daughter Deborah's  to marry William Marman in October 1775. 
At this stage I have been unable to locate the death for William Sheperd or Hester's marriage.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Kind Regards

England / Harwar law stationers
« on: Tuesday 23 July 13 11:36 BST (UK)  »
Hi All
I have asked about the details of this Harwar family before, they were law writers/ stationers and resided in the Chancery Lane, Lincoln's Inn Serle's place area of London. However, this is a more general question about the nature of their work. I have been reading articles and advertisements for this family in the newspaper archives and they appear to have been brokering for employment and for property. Am I right in concluding that law stationers didn't just sell stationary to lawyers but that they also acted as employment and property brokers and therefore had some training in the processes of the law?

Gloucestershire / Joseph Stacey
« on: Saturday 20 October 12 12:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi All
I have a Joseph Stacey stonemason who was present in the Bristol Workhouse in the 1871 census. I have been unable to locate a death record for this gentleman and he is not present in the 1881 census. I think this Joseph may be my ggg grandfather. I have traced him from 1841 through to 1861 where he was a stonemason and then this Joseph in the workhouse. I have three of his children in Sydney Australia. I have also been unable to find his wife Mary and his youngest daughter Sarah. No success with shipping records yet. But they had to have gone somewhere.

Dublin / Jane Robinson
« on: Saturday 20 October 12 11:49 BST (UK)  »
Hi All
I'm looking for Jane Robinson who it is thought came from Dublin. Sadly I have very few concrete facts regarding Jane. She migrated to Australia sometime before 1854. She died at Wellington New South Wales in 1914 her death certificate gives her parent's names as Charles W and Jane. Unfortunately I think the Charles W was her husband not her father. The Jane I'm unsure of.
There was also some suggestion that she may have been descended from the Irish travellers nothing to pin this on only family hear say. There is also no marriage record that I can find although I do know she was married in Mudgee according to her obituary. She worked as a nursemaid following her arrival. It seems that she spent her entire married life around the Wellington/ Mudgee area of New South Wales. No headstone to give any clues. This was washed away in local floods.There is also no record of her eldest daughter's birth although we do have a photo of her aged about 5.
Any suggestions of where I should look next would be greatly appreciated.

Renfrewshire / Mary magennis/mcinness and patrick odocharty
« on: Tuesday 10 July 12 02:21 BST (UK)  »
Dear All
I am trying to find Mary Magennis/McInnes etc and Patrick O'Docharty who were married in Renfrewshire about 1852. I have tried all the spelling variations I can think of for both surnames.
Mary came from Ireland and had been born c 1834 not sure whether Cork or Offaly. Mary and Patrick migrated to Australia on board the Nepaul arriving in Sydney March 15 1855. Mary died at Mt Keira near Wollongong NSW two years later in 1857. I'm not sure of any of Patrick's details. It is possible that two of Mary's brothers Edward and Joseph also migrated to Scotland. At this stage that is only conjecture. I have searched ancestry and some scottish archives to no avail.
Three of Mary's siblings and her mother also migrated to Australia, directly from Ireland. Eliza, Ellen (part of the Irish orphan scheme) and John who travelled with mum Margaret.
Any advice of where I might search next is gratefully accepted.

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