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Buckinghamshire / Blunt and Cartwright Family
« on: Friday 11 December 15 13:37 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks so much everyone for all the marvelous help. Alan's find of Bethia nee Porter Browne & his thought that she was perhaps related to our Anne Blunt, proved to be true!
The parents were married 1758 St Mary, Stoke Newington, their deaths & wills found by Allen
 William Porter (before 1736 - 1783 St Luke, Islington) Dissenting Minister
  Sarah Lowther ( (17361805 Chesam) -  deaths & wills found by Allen
      children were:
  Bethia Porter (17651841 Shrops) who married James Bardwell Browne.
       Had family in Kent. ( child Sarah married a son from Robert's 1st marriage.)
  Sarah Porter (c.1765   ) married the Reverend John Mayor ...Shawbury, Shropshire.
       Fair bit of information available online, and Allen has followed some through as well.
  Rev.Thomas Porter c. 1766 -1821 whose family Allen has followed well into the U.S.
  Ann porter (17711847 Shrops) who married our common ancestor Rob't  Blunt...
  Samuel Porter ( - ) married Sarah Ball as mentioned earlier. Having children in Chesham.
       Allen has found him apprenticing in London prior to returning to Chesam where he marries         
     & has children... occupation mealman / chapman ...remaining there having legal matters until 1813, then we've lost track of them..
  Elizabeth Porter ( - )single at death of  mother 1805, but we have not found more

so...The first new mystery...What we have not found is one single christening for the six, not in London nor Chesham.....? His occupational timeline/ known whereabouts/ written next.

Next new mystery is...  We have now tracked down a whole lot of mini bios and many many publications and mentions on their father, Reverend William Porter. Several of these publications have his mini Ministerial Bio and give his birthplace as near Royston the neighbourhood of Royston Kent, Kent near royston. All interpreted from the same diary notation, I believe.
( other online trees use a Royston, Kent but we have found all to be in Herts)
Rev Wm Porter was in Miles Lane for a decade 1756 to 66...also during which time he alternated to the Hoxton Meeting house ...He then moved to Camomile Street Independent  until 1773 when he was supposed to have moved to Chesam, Bucks.

Did find a family in Reed, Royston Herts, with a William Porter but really, nothing applies other than the one forename...unfortunately, no will exists from the father to confirm it isn't he.

Not that it helps anything...but I am now wondering if they might have meant near Royton, Lenham, Kent, although i have only seen this area referenced online, so it might be another bogus red herring?
Modifying to add that it did exist as such, referenced in a 1798 gazeteer as "Royton, Kent, near Lenham""Royton,+Kent"

*modified to add some dates, etc.

Canada / Library and Archives Canada Databases
« on: Tuesday 03 March 15 02:13 GMT (UK)  »
  I wish some of you might help me all of us, with a complaint to Library and Archives Canada, as we once could search for any variation of a name, inluding using the middle or ending of a surname or forename...

I'll start by saying we are most lucky to have a site where we might have access to so much information. There are new census images and WW1 CEF files and ship's lists and so much more. All have been very accessible until the site began the database changes.  I have pointed this out to them many time since, even recently, but my complaints have never been properly addressed.

I could look for variations of a name and pretty much always found my person, if they were in there..... When they first made changes to all the databases, I complained as they still said you could use asterixes for any missing letters, and this was no longer so...They said thank you for pointing this out, nobody had notice this had happened.........BUT!!!!....... Instead of correcting things to be back to the way they were, they simply made new instructions to show one asterix only may be used after the first part of a name. I do not see how rebuilding a database to be less intuitive than its predescessor would in any way be an asset to the site. Someone or several people were, I would imagine, paid quite well to do this backward thinking.

For example:  Looking for surname STINCHCOMBE One could have once searched for ST*nc*O*M*  STIN*COM*  *INCHCOM*   *COMBE  STIN*C*MB*  etc....but now you need the exact beginning/s and are now allowed only one asterix.      ST*  Stin*   etc. & that's must have the exact beginning in order to have a fruitful search.

To simplify, I think one can easily see that seaching for Henry Smith ( noting that forename could be Harry or Henry and surname could be Smith Smyth or Smythe, that using
H*ry  Sm*th*  was a great time saver.  Imagine my irritation this weekend trying to find my friend's  Ukranian ancestors.

Those who have taken a great deal of their time to enter into a database all these names that may never be found because they are wildly incorrect or transcribed wrong. It is not fair to those who worked on that nor to the descendants all over the world who would like to find their ancestors.

The databases

If you have something to air about the site, go ahead and add it here, but please tell them directly. I was shocked that they said I was the only person who pointed out the shortcomings of their database service.
You can email here although they don't seem to acknowledge complaints.
Or fill out this form

Canada / Greetings of the Season - 1914 WW1
« on: Sunday 28 December 14 03:22 GMT (UK)  »
Since we all have a soft spot for our WW veterans, the few alive, the many gone... Thought several of you might like to look at some of this and maybe add anything that you've found recently.

Our Christmas 2014 just now over, and I am looking at my grandfather's arrival with the first contingent of CEF in 1914....A hundred years ago, just a few months prior to Christmas. What their Christmas must have been like!...The dismal weather they met with and endured throughout the conflict.

The site url below has found many great stories and links....They've just recently posted a sample of a trench Newspaper Grandfather's Unit published...(a link to more although a paid site.)

Orders for cheer and laughter in the ranks despite the conditions.....and the resulting uproar of "CHEER"  ....This is an extensive site, lovingly put together and makes for most interesting reading.

an excerpt:
"On October 21, 1914 a quarter-inch of rain fell on Salisbury Plain followed by another inch in the next five days. In total it rained on 89 of the 123 days the Canadians spent in camp, a miserable existence which ironically helped prepare them for the waterlogged trenches of France and Flanders..."   Westdown

Happy New Year and hugs to all you fabulous Rootschatters who share so much of yourselves and your time helping others.

P.S. Grandfather lived to sign up for WW2 in a small capacity although he did pass away a few years before I was born

For Sale / Wanted / Events / Katzenstein Dry Goods store, Alliance. Ohio - 1892
« on: Monday 21 January 13 22:46 GMT (UK)  »
Anyone who is a descendant of above Katzenstein may have an item in my possession.
Philip Katzenstein  is the name on the item. Please answer only if you are sure you are a relative of Philip Katzenstein !

The item would mean something to descendants... Proof of family origins would be necessary as I will not pay the postage or release the item until I am convinced.    J.J.

Ayrshire / Re: Family Bible shows James Cochrane, Highland Farms Oct 11, 1904
« on: Tuesday 25 October 11 14:50 BST (UK)  »
For some reason the poster is not revealing the full name of James Davidson Cochrane as noted on the other posting url submitted by Sandra.  J.J.

Europe / ships in port 1881- U.K.
« on: Tuesday 17 August 10 03:51 BST (UK)  »
Stumbled onto these ships in port years ago and put it in a folder, just found it so thought i'd put it on here...
vessels in port liverpool 1881 - short lists of seamen ( some with families) from Canada, U.S, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy E.&W. indies, Germany, Belgium, Holland, etc...and of course Eng, Wales, Scot, Ire. who stayed with the vessel in port on census taking...Spelling can be off so go to "next household" through link below and see all of them as transcribed

begins after Queen's pierhead & 1 Baffen & 1 Aetna Street Census Place Liverpool, Lancashire, England 
begins with: Vessel "Macedon"
F H L Film  1341863 p. 36
Piece / Folio 3604 / 1

ends with: :Vessel "S. S. Circassian"
F H L Film 1341863
Piece / Folio  3604 / 203

 Samples of naming....
T. MADSEN ? - single - age 22 Denmark / 2nd Mate Of The Ship
N. A. RGENS - single  Male age 22   Norway / A B Sailor
Joh. Fritjof HAGGSTROM - Male age 30 Hernofand, Sweden  / 1st Mate
Olof Phersson BERGGVIST  - single Male Threlleborg, Sweden  /  O Seaman
Cedekam THORKILDSEN  -  single Male age 29 Stravager, Norway   /  Sailmaker
Beudik BARENTSEN  -  single Male age 24 Sogne, Norway  /  Able Seaman
David SMITH  -  married Male   Male age 65, Canada  / Ship Keeper
Nevanes DE ANTONIO - single Male age   33   Corona, Spain  / Capatain Master
Jiherio Ramos DE MANILA - single Male age 25   Manila, East Indies  / A B Seaman
Carmelo Tabila DE KNONTO RILAS - single Male age 21,Porta Rico, W. Indies   A B Seaman
 Ernst WGGERS ?  - single Male age 20   Germany   Cook

Canada Lookup Request / Jewett Sylvester Flett- Manitoba
« on: Monday 07 June 10 03:43 BST (UK)  »
Hello gang, need some help for a friend who has a name and death date for Grandfather. He can get the death cert of course, and will eventually...but first thought we'd see if someone can find him in 1916 Prairie census?
Jewett Sylvester Flett - no idea of birth he may or may not have been born before the census.
Thanks if someone can  do the lookup for us... J.J.

US Lookup Requests / Elizabeth McDougall c.1900 Montana
« on: Tuesday 23 March 10 03:47 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all...
I am not sure if the 1900 census exists for the part of Montana where my husband's Grandmother was born. ( supposed to be Sweetgrass?) Her name is Elizabeth ( Lizzie) b. c. 1900 and her parents were Peter McDougall and Mathilda (Marie) Fergusson, born Canada. Two older brothers born in Canada, Joseph John 1893 & Angus Antoine 1895, a sister (Rosie, Rosalie, Josie?)  born in Montana a few years before her (c.1898) , and a Charles born some time after the census.
After Charles was born they moved back up to Canada... B.C.
 If anyone has some time to see if there is any information it would be appreciated. I have looked on the but they are not listed.....J.J.

Canada / MB. 1862 York Factory HBC passengers
« on: Wednesday 07 May 08 21:28 BST (UK)  »
I have a list of passengers from the Prince-of-Wales (II) ,1862, to York Factory
Commander D. J. Herd
(Northern Manitoba) Most on board are ship's crew and men who signed up for the HBC. Please don't post unless you are sure your ancestor signed up with the Hudson's Bay Company around that time.
A contact email to the HBC archives will get you that information beforehand.

Occupations are mostly listed as labourers and some have specialty occupations Blacksmith, etc. and ages are not listed
This is only a list of names, as it is a ship's log entry....

Hudson's Bay Company employees - Scotland to York Factory 1862
Lerwick  men embarked June 24th
Stornoway men embarked June 27th
Inverness  men embarked 28th ( month not given, assume from order, June)
Stromness men embarked July 1st

Transcribed May 2008 / archives source: M# 2M87 (.1/847-860)

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