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Carmarthenshire Completed Requests / Registration District for Llanllawddog
« on: Thursday 02 May 13 07:22 BST (UK)  »
Dear Everyone

Can you please tell me where a child's birth would have been registered if she was born about 1849 in Llanllawddog?  I've lost great grandmother!  Very sad.

Janice Lee Wood

London and Middlesex / 7 Years Transportation - Gone Missing!
« on: Monday 14 February 11 04:43 GMT (UK)  »
John Oxley Green Pitt [b1824 in Great Yarmouth, NFK] was tried in the Old Bailing on 12 August 1839 for mail theft.  He stole a letter containing  sovereign and 1 half sovereign while employed by the General Post Office.

He was found guilty and sentenced to Transportation for 7 years.

My only problem with this relative is that he did not turn up in New South Wales as a Convict.  And there is no other information that I can find on him [try as I might].

I suspect he was put on the Hulks, but can find no records.  I believe that is what usually happened to convicts.  But I have also heard that sometimes they were taken off the Hulks and put in prison in England.

Is there anyone that can enlighten me on this - I really would like to know what happened to him.

He probably would have been fine if he had been sent out here to Australia, as his older brother, my direct ancestor, migrated here [freely I might add!!] so it would be hoped that he was helped after his sentence was finished.

Wherever he appears he always seems shown as John Oxley Green Pitt - now, tell me how can I lose him!

Janice Lee Wood

Glamorganshire Lookup Requests / John Davies/Rachael ? - marriage Llangyfelech c1845
« on: Monday 14 February 11 04:25 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for a marriage for my great great grandparents, John Davies and Rachael ?, whose  two children, William,  bc1846 and Hannah, bc1849, are shown on the 1851 Census as being born in Llangyfelach.  I am taking a 'wild' guess that they may have married there.

There are no other children on the 1851 Census.  John born Swansea and Rachael born Llannon.

Other Census are inconclusive, as by 1861 both William and Hannah have left home, and there seems to be several John and Rachael couples.

There has to be other children, as Hannah married John Thomas, and migrated to Australia with her three brother, William, Robert and David.

Can anyone help please :)
Janice Lee Wood


Cumberland / Jane Ann Noble - Accused Murderer
« on: Saturday 08 May 10 06:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone

Have just discovered that my g g grandmother's sister was tried for murder at the Spring Assizes on 26 Apr 1881 at Carlisle for murder.  She was acquitted.

I had found her on the 1881 Census in Her Majesty's Prison, English Street, St Cuthbert Within, Carlisle - she is 22 yrs old and a Farm Servant Domestic, born Brampton, Cumberland.  She was obviously waiting trial.

I am wondering if there is any chance of finding a newspaper report of the trial?

After that she disappears, which doesn't surprise me.

Janice Lee Wood

Cumberland / BURIAL 1853 CARLISLE
« on: Monday 08 March 10 23:32 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone an idea where my gg grandmother, Agnes WALL, would be buried.  She died on 25 Nov 1853 at Princess Street, Botchergate, Carlisle.  She and husband, William WALL lived in and around Botchergate the whole time they were in Carlisle.

They also had 2 children baptised at St Cuthberts, Carlisle, Margaret, bap 15 Mar 1835, and died before 1841 [not on census], and William, also baptised on 15 Mar 1835, and bur 2 Jan 1837.   I don't believe these children were twins.

I have their elder brother, James, died 1859, and his burial. 

Could they all be in the same cemetery ir churchyard.

Any help appreciated.
Janice Lee Wood 

Cumberland Completed Lookups / Completed LONGRIGG - Census Lookup 1871
« on: Friday 13 March 09 06:24 GMT (UK)  »
Could some kind person look up my Joseph Longrigg in the 1871 Census please.  [I have the 1881 Census printout to save time].

Hoping to find his parents - 1881 Census says Farmer, Barrow Ling, Hesket in the Forest.  He's living with brothers and sisters, Sarah, William, Jane, Thomas, Ann Allice and John.

Thanks muchly

Cumberland Completed Lookups / Completed - Hesket in the Forest
« on: Friday 13 March 09 06:17 GMT (UK)  »
Could I have some clarification please.  Have Joseph LONGRIGG shown on 1891 Census as born in Hesket in the Forest.

On the 1881 Census he shown as born Barrow Ling Hesket in the Forest.

Am I right in thinking that Barrow Ling is the name of the farm of 70 acres he is farming, and Hesket in the Forest in the village and/or town?


Cumberland / Agnes Wall - birth - Carlisle
« on: Monday 09 March 09 05:51 GMT (UK)  »
Have spent ages and looked in all possible places.  Could someone help me find the birth of Agnes WALL.  Possible parents William WALL and Agnes McDowel

Please note - it is not the Agnes Wall born 21 Sep 1870, in Gateshead, Durham, to Robert WALL and Mary NOBLE [the family flitted over there from Carlisle, had 2 children, and returned to Carlisle, before emigrating to Australia in 1887.

She marries Joseph LONGRIGG sometime [and I can't find the marriage].  I have two children born to them, Agnes, born 15 Aug 1884, and Joseph, birth unknown.  There could be others.

Young Agnes Longrigg came to Australia in 1907, and married her cousin, Henry WALL, son of the above Robert and Mary.


Cumberland Completed Lookups / Completed Census 1891 Lookup - LONGRIGG - Carlisle
« on: Monday 09 March 09 05:26 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone please check the 1891 Census for Joseph LONGRIGG, wife Agnes and any children, who are supposed to be living in the Carlisle area.

If someone could find them anywhere I'd be very grateful.


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