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Caernarvonshire Lookup Requests / llangwstenin robert jones 1850-1909?
« on: Saturday 31 March 12 17:43 BST (UK)  »
Robert Jones born Llangwstenin 1850
 pauper? and lodger in 1851 census aged 1  not sure if he was orphaned or abandoned
in llangwstenin in 1861 as a servant /carter aged 11
married in 1870 to Mary Evans in llanasa and now a collier and living in whitford in 1871 

place of birth given as

 llangwstenin caenarvenshire in 1891
as Llangoldennen, Caernarvonshire in 1881
asLlanduauo, Caernarfonshire, Wales in 1871

I think llangwstenin is near llandudno on the border between caernarvonshire and denbighshire

has any one any information about Robert Jones (1850-1909?)
he was my great grandfather, his son john was born in Harwardan in 1875 and was also a collier
the family moved to Prescot Lancashire and in 1891 Robert and his older 3 sons are all listed as coal miners
I am trying to find parents or siblings

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