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Warwickshire / Records for Father Hudsons Childrens Home, Coleshill
« on: Friday 17 December 21 18:42 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know if the records for children admitted to Father Hudsons Children's Home in Coleshill, Birmingham are available ?  Also Nazareth House Childrens Home, Rednal, Birmingham .   Someone has contacted me from Boston, USA whose ancestors were put into these homes around 1923 when their mother 'ran off' and left the family.   He is part of my family history as well, so I am also interested to see what might be possible to learn about this brother and sister.

Worcestershire / Boughton House, Bransford Road, Worcester -who lived there ?
« on: Friday 22 October 21 16:47 BST (UK)  »
This is perhaps a long shot, hoping someone can find information for me on who owned Boughton House prior to and in 1927, but I know the folks on here are so knowledgeable.
I know that Boughton House is now owned by the Worcester Golf and Country Club, bought in 1927.
In my husband's family is John Samuel Cook, JP, Alderman, High Sheriff, Chief Magistrate, to name but a few of his titles, who died in 1927.    In his Will he says :  To my wife Louisa for free use and enjoyment for her life, my private residence Boughton House.   Elsewhere he says the house should be valued and offered for sale if she does not wish to live there.   So it would appear he owns Boughton House, and not just renting.   However the Golf Club have a leaflet giving the history of the house and it says the house was bought from the Isaac family, no mention of JSC.   I have tried to find information from someone at Worcester Records Office and the Hive but not getting anywhere.   What records do you think must be available giving the name of the owner at this time ?  I understand he certainly lived there from 1922, though do not know when he first took up residence.

World War One / British War and Victory medals proof of serving overseas ?
« on: Saturday 04 September 21 10:07 BST (UK)  »
I have had help from the website in finding the WW1 record for Frank Henry Edgington born 1877 Worcester  - not much available it seems but have record from FindMyPast website and he was enlisted 1916.   The family story was that he served overseas in Salonika - nothing about this on his FindMyPast record.  But he was awarded the British War and Victory medals, so what does that tell me about his service, in particular any overseas service ?

Thank you for any help.

Warwickshire / 1st WW - Frank Henry Edgington Born 1877 Worcester
« on: Wednesday 18 August 21 14:25 BST (UK)  »
I have been trying to find any 1st WW records for Frank Henry Edgington born  1877 Worcester, wife Amy Elizabeth nee Roberts, thought to be living in Birmingham after 1886.  I understand he was in the Royal Flying Corp and joined up 1916.  A relative said he was in Salonica.   Any help much appreciated.

I have just noticed you can join Forces War Records website for 8 a month so maybe joining for 1 month might be the answer ?  Would I find all available records for him there ?

Can anyone help me find Sarah Cook born 1861 Worcester who married Walter George Seconde in 1881 in Lancaster. Walter was an actor and went by his mother's maiden name of McEwan.  He married Sarah in 1881 and they had a daughter the same year, but she died aged 3yrs.  By 1891 Walter was a with an actress as his wife - Lilian Augustus Merrimen  -  as they obviously toured round the country, boarding wherever they were playing / acting. And so it contininto 1901.  they married in 1906.  However I would like to find Sarah in 1891, 1901 and 1911  - she is part of the family.   All my searches have turned up nothing about her.  As she married as Seconde, I presume that is the name she continued with and not McEwan. Her family were all living in Worcester.  Any help gratefully received.

Devon / Wanting to find information on SIDMOUTH CONVENT please
« on: Tuesday 09 February 21 12:35 GMT (UK)  »
I would like to know more about Sidmouth Catholic Convent, as a child from the family I am researching was placed there, child born 1893 though not sure when she was sent / left there.   Did they take in orphan children, abandoned babies, was it a school as well, any photos of the convent etc.   I don't think she was an orphan though the 'family tale' was that she was left on the Priest's doorstep and taken in to the convent.  I would like to find out what really happened !  She is there on 1901 census.

I am again helping a friend with researching their family and although I have successfully put together a file for her father, I am struggling to get started with her mother's family.  I have copy of her grandmother's passport which gives her DOB as 21.10.1893 Battle, Sussex. On her marriage cert.  Norah's father is shown as Charles Edward Knight Sinclair, Travelling salesman.  I do not have a mother's name nor can I find a birth registration for Norah. But neither have I found her father on any census.
The family tale was that Norah was left on the steps of the convent as a baby.  I have found her on the 1911 census as School Housemaid at The Convent, Nursery and School, New Hall, Boreham, but cannot find her on 1901 census.
It could be that the family tale is correct and her father might have been a made up name on the marriage certificate and one then has to accept there is no further research to be done unfortunately.  But I would like to know that is the truth and not just another family tale with only a grain of truth !   Can anyone help with information or suggestions please.

London and Middlesex / Finding places of burial in London
« on: Monday 18 January 21 23:18 GMT (UK)  »
I have never been much interested in finding where ancestors were buried  - decided most of my ancestors would have been too poor to pay for headstone on grave !  Though that wouldn't have been true for some of them of course.
However a family contact living in Australia has asked me if I can find where members of her family are buried and I would like help in how to go about searching for that.   Her ancestor was Henry William Salmon who died January 1892 living in Bermondsey at the time of death (age 48yrs).  Also for his wife Fanny Salmon died  1914.   He had a success business so I am sure the family had a headstone for him / them !

Warwickshire / Orphanage or Childrens Home in Winson Green ?
« on: Friday 18 December 20 12:41 GMT (UK)  »
I have been trying to discover if there was an orphanage or childrens home in Winson Green, Birmingham around 1920's .    I am doing some research for a family member who understood her grandmother and her sister were put into an orphanage in Winson Green when their mother died.   I know sometimes records are kept at Birmingham Archive Dept.   

She tells a lovely story of the two sisters running away from the orphanage, but then having to go back because they forgot the glasses of one of them!   Didn't stop them carryon with their 'running away' though.

Thank you for any help.

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