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The Common Room / BURROWS
« on: Thursday 31 May 12 19:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi can anyone please help me trace the marriage and hopefully the maiden name of Jane? 1800circa born in Hertfordshire she married John Burrows 1801 born Huntingdonshire I know in 1851 they resided in Market Place, Hitchin, Hertfordshire few of children are Louisa 1839, William 1833, Charles 1835 all born Hitchin, Hertfordshire really having trouble finding them as a family after 1861 appreciate any help thanks Jane

The Common Room / OCCUPATIONS in 17 & 1800's
« on: Saturday 05 May 12 19:55 BST (UK)  »
How odd are the occupation names way back just today I came across a Jappaner & a Virtualler? never had a clue what either one would have involved but was positive Virtualler would be something to do with taking photo's & I was wrong lol has anyone else got any I have also had a lighterman a skinner and a kidcalfman interesting to guess what they are (mind u simple things please simple minds lol)   ;D

The Common Room / Addresses in 1861 census
« on: Friday 04 May 12 16:41 BST (UK)  »
Just wanted to ask if anyone could tell me if I can search the 1861 census by an address I do have someones name but its not coming up when I search but I do have a full address where they lived thanks Jane

Kent Lookup Requests / greenwich & district hospital death 1891
« on: Thursday 03 May 12 17:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi would anyone know if someone died at Greenwich & District hospital as an inmate in 1891 does that mean it was a workhouse and is there a free site I can look at the list of inmates please Thanks

Family History Beginners Board / HOW TO??
« on: Saturday 28 April 12 03:43 BST (UK)  »
:o HI i know you dont search for living relatives on here and thats sort of what I need tho I dont know if the person is still alive I want to add them to my tree so want details on them could you suggest a way I could do this please thankyou

The Common Room / DAWSON
« on: Thursday 26 April 12 23:19 BST (UK)  »
Hi can anyone look up my nans parents please her name is Alma Dawson 1917 -ab1981 she married William Bartlett I think her fathers name is Harold Dawson would like to know when he was born and if poss her mothers name or any details her father had 2 marriages one early and one in the 40's to someone called Lydia? thanks for any help sorry Alma was born in deptford greenwich kent (london)

Essex / GOFF
« on: Tuesday 24 April 12 15:17 BST (UK)  »
 ??? Hi can anyone help me get straight with my search please I have Alec Robinson Goff born 28 Nov 1903 died 1985 born in Tendring Essex Married Olive Caroline Osborne born 1905 born Tendring also I need Alecs father I have William Marrington Goff 1842 Would like to know who he was married to as i searched and come up with different wives I also dont know if William Marrington Is Alecs father or grandfather? please help put me on the right path

The Lighter Side / London workhouses
« on: Wednesday 11 April 12 18:37 BST (UK)  »
Just wondered does anyone else ever feel as sad when you find bad stuff about your ancestors I have just found quite a few of mine in a workhouse in deptford kent and one girl died qyite young then another side of family my ggg grans brother i also found there with his family now I realise why on the census records lots of members of one family lived at same address is because they were workhouses like st johns on yet another side which I never looked at makes you realise what strong women they were

Australia / MITCHELL australian army
« on: Tuesday 10 April 12 14:09 BST (UK)  »
hope someone might be able to help me please with a search which has been bugging me for years I have searched lots of sites but no luck my grandad had pic on wall of 2 uncles who joined australian army in WW1 never came home as Harry mitchell 1884 from bermondsey parents george and fanny mitchell he seems to vanish after 1901 census i think its him and i know mitchells related to me are in australia but dont know where could anyone please see if i am right and put my mind at rest that he settled not died

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