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Meath / Summerhill Girls School Athlone
« on: Monday 14 June 21 23:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone, Hope I'm posting on  correct page. Summerhill Girls School Athlone County Meath.
My grandmother Catherine/Kate Kearns was referred there from Rathdrum Workhouse in 1912 until 1918 while her brother John was sent to St Joseph's Athlone until 1917.
I have seen some information about Summerhill but wondered if there would be any archive records from Kate's time there. This is a period she never spoke about and l have only learnt of this recently.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Which company best for Aunt/Niece test
« on: Wednesday 02 June 21 10:25 BST (UK)  »
Good Morning Rootchatters l need advise, having taken Myhertiage dna l found a distant link 3rd-5th cousin.
We were excited as the link could be my alleged father (now dead). So 3rd-5th tested her mother and grandmother just to be sure. When the results arrived shock nothing matched.
The grandmother is sister of alleged father so to my mind and theirs she should be my Aunt.
I have tested with Ancesty & uploaded to Livingdna a while ago but haven't had a link to my paternal side. We were all disappointed but lv accepted it maybe a coincidence and that l matched 3rd-5th  via her paternal line. Headache or what now another of my potential Aunts wants Us to do a British DNA one to one. Is it possible to do this? l don't want to clutch at straws but at the same time l was the one who got the ball rolling.
Please can anyone offer thoughts on this issue

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / 1st cousins
« on: Monday 15 February 21 08:35 GMT (UK)  »
If 1st cousins marry how will relationships show up thru dna.
Any children from the marriage would have grandparents who were their aunt/uncle.
I'm puzzled.
Someone mentioned double cousins but l wasn't really understanding that either.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Harry/Henry Boxer
« on: Friday 16 October 20 17:26 BST (UK)  »
My father's middle name was Harry named after his Uncle.
Harry/Henry Bolton son of Mary Chambers & Edwin Bolton
born 1880 & Lived at 70,Elland Road Islington which came under Beeston Leeds.
Family legend has it Harry was a bear knuckle boxer and would fight in booths at feasts. It has also been said he was a money lender.
A number of years ago a distant descendant said that Harry had won a boxing belt similar to a Lonsdale Belt.
Also saying Harry had boxed in the yard behind Tommy Wass public house at the top of Dewsbury Road.I
If anyone has any knowledge of Harry l would be interested to hear about him. I think he went under a nickname of Styke !

Wicklow / Orphanage Tinahely Wicklow
« on: Wednesday 29 July 20 16:59 BST (UK)  »
Hi does anyone know if this was just an orphanage or would it have been part of a workhouse.
Many thanks

Travelling People / Ward family Ireland
« on: Saturday 11 April 20 18:48 BST (UK)  »
Hi my maternal grandmother was a Ward. Kathleen Ward may have been born 1905 - states she's 23 on marriage certificate Wexford  1931 to Charles Power traveller ? Not sure but later says he's a tinsmith, birth of his daughter Kathleen dealer. Later he's a known horse dealer.
All takes place in Southern Ireland.
Been told Wards were big traveller family in S. Ireland- suggestions that Wards associated with Mount Bellion, Taylor or Tuam.
If anyone is part of any of these family groups and could help, l would appreciate the imput. Kind thoughts Kat

Wicklow / Birth certificate minus exact birth address
« on: Friday 23 August 19 11:13 BST (UK)  »
I have got a 1926 birth in Rathdrum but on the certificate it  doesn't actually show where the birth was. Only Rathdrum
under dwelling nothing other than WicklowUD same
for mother's dwelling. They are married.

Now l thought perhaps if there was a workhouse with hospital attached. Maybe he was born there but that would not account for lack of address!
Has anyone else had birth cert with information lacking?

I see there is one RC  church in the village so hope he was baptised there 

United States of America / Charles Power travels to New York
« on: Sunday 28 July 19 14:16 BST (UK)  »
Good Afternoon l had seen Charles Power arriving New York 4th August 1956  the ship was named Britannic.
Charles born 1908 Wexford and left Ireland to work in England 1949.
He left his wife Kathleen nee Ward.
I haven't found his death in England or Ireland.
I am wondering how l could  locate further information on this Charles, so l can eliminate from my search.
Thank you for any help

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Myheritage dna
« on: Wednesday 17 July 19 19:04 BST (UK)  »
Well l struggled for sometime on which company l should do the DNA with. Which type should l go for a minefield but hoorah myancestry offered a free kit if they considered you worthy lo!. I said I'm looking for my brother who through normal channels have failed to find.
Anyway they said a kit was winging its way to me- it arrived l did it buds in the cheek either side then off it went to USA.
Have to wait a few weeks for the results, but l haven't deluded myself that it will be anything other that a basic kit to lure me in. I see that Ancestry hold the biggest store.
So what am l asking well 1st will l be able to make sense of what they send me and 2nd should l pay to do an Ancestry one to cover  my odds.
Any support welcome especially folk who have done DNA with myheritage.

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