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Monmouthshire / Cook family Cwmbran circa 1845
« on: Saturday 11 July 09 18:02 BST (UK)  »

I have a Sarah Cook baptised 1845 daughter of William Cook and Ann. William was a miner both then and on Sarahs marriage cert 1865 when she also lived in Cwmbran. She had a brother John born approx 1842 who was baptised on the same day as Sarah.
I would be grateful if this family could be found on 1851 or 1861 census as I am trying to establish where Wlliam and Ann were born.
Any help appreciated


Bedfordshire / CHARLES Family STOTFOLD- mam BROWN?
« on: Tuesday 02 December 08 12:35 GMT (UK)  »

After a couple of years I think I have made a beakthrough re my Charles family of Stotfold.  To recap my Jabez Charles is the son of James and Mary Charles, Jabez was baptised Stotfold 1831, all of his siblings were also baptised there.

I have never found a marriage for Jabez' parents James and Mary and her maiden name was never given on any baptisms. 1851 census in stotfold shows Mary was born Sandon Herts and 1861 says something like Rysden Herts. James and Mary did have a child after 1837- Emma circa 1838 but I have never found a birth registered.

I have finally obtained a baptism cert of a female CHARLES born Stotfold 9 April 1838. dad is James Charles a labourer and mam is Mary Charles formerly BROWN.

Im pretty sure this could be Jabez' parents, all I need now is to find a marriage and a baptism for Mary. She will have been born about 1792 and I think they had their first child in Stotfold around 1815. IGI has Jabez and Jessie Browns as being baptised in Stotfold- names used by my Charles family- coincidence, a link or just popular names?

Any thoughts?



If anyone is looking at St Giles  circa 1770 could you look out for any Lairds.

My Elizabeth Laird married in 1792 in Gateshead Co Durham, her marriage record states native of St Giles London. Some of her kids baptism records tells me her dad was William Laird.

I would be inteersted in ANY Laird records as I need to build up who her family was.

Looking at early census records Im wondering if they were perhaps cabinet makers/journeymen carpenters who maybe came to Newcastle/Gateshead and returned to Holborn/St Pancras area, leaving isabella in Gateshead but this is pure speculation.

Hoping for Any Laird info.


Cumberland / Roneys of Whitehaven and elsewhere
« on: Wednesday 06 December 06 15:19 GMT (UK)  »

I am still searching for where my Roneys came from Roneys and hope someone can help.

I know dad is Hugh Roney- preumably the one killed in William Pit disaster 1839.
Kids are
 Barney born circa 1820
Philip circa 1828 and
my Catherine circa 1830 in Queen street Whitehaven 1841.
I know they are siblings as i have all 3 marriage certs.

1851 census shows Catherine- now Lowther- has a sister Mary circa 1833 Cumberland.

Im thinking theres also a brother/relative Hugh Roney whose burial is listed on this board, no evidence though except he lived in same street as my lot were at 1841.
1841 Mar 21 Hugh Rooney of queen St, Whitehaven 35

I also suspect a sister Jane whos knocking about in Co Durham under her married name- no marriage record though.(maiden name on birth certs)

All ages are very vague as they vary from census to census.

If anyone can help me find out ideally who Hughs wife- kids mam was and where Hugh came from I would be thrilled.


Durham / Lamesley Parish Records late 1700's
« on: Thursday 17 August 06 17:32 BST (UK)  »
If anyone has access to the closing 5 years of lamesley parish records I would be grateful if I could be told whether there is a William Ramshaw born circa1797.
Ive eliminated all william Ramshaws born in co Durham but feel that a family in Lamesley could be his, I see John and Mary as mam and dad with kids Henry, Ralph, John etc- all my familys names. IGI coverage stops right where I need it.
My William was a waggonman who lived Grindon, Sherrif Hill, Ryhope, Monkwearmouth and died before 1851 census so no exact clue. Ive always felt he came from chester le street area due to occupations of other Ramshaws and this could be my last hope.



Durham / Laws/Kirkley marriage Gateshead 1821
« on: Thursday 17 August 06 17:27 BST (UK)  »

Im trying to confirm who Jane Kirkley was.
She married Isaac laws 1821Gateshead and census returns have her born circa 1805 Gateshead.
Does anyone have access to the parish records and so could tell me the witnesses names just incase there is a clue there.
Im thinking she is the Jane Kirkley on IGI 1804 daughter of John Kirkley and Rachel Renwick but need a little more evidence.(All I have is my Jane and Isaac named their first child Grace and the Jane on IGI had a sister Grace)
Any thoughts welcome.


Oxfordshire / Scotts Common
« on: Thursday 20 October 05 15:04 BST (UK)  »
One of my rellies gives Scotts Common Oxfordshire as his place of birth- circa 1785.

Can anyone point me as to where this is as I cant find any reference online other than in an excerpt from a novel

"George Moore, a shoemaker, with a shock head of black hair, a new wife, half a hundred of leather, and two sovereigns, came over from Ewelme to Ipsden, and applied to my father for a cottage on Scott's Common. "



Northumberland Lookup Requests / 1841 North Shields look up
« on: Thursday 06 October 05 13:52 BST (UK)  »

I am hoping to find Mary Moor and her dad Richard Moor in North Shields.

Mary will be shown as born circa 1820 Alnwick
Richard born circa 1800 Howick.

Richard is on 1851 census as follows

HO 107/2409 Folio 329/2:

43 Middle Street, North Shields

MOORE, Richard, Hd, M, 50, Gardener, b. Howick, NBL
MOORE, Eleanor, Wi, M, 48, b. South Shields, Durham.

Middle Street was in an area called Milburn (or Milbourne) Place. 

I think perhaps eleanor was a second wife so may or may not be on 1841 census.

Any help/suggestions welcome.


Durham / Metcalf of Elwick any info
« on: Friday 23 September 05 10:23 BST (UK)  »
I am looking at John Metcalf who I first find in 1871 census living at Washington, He says he was born in Elwick Durham circa 1835.

By 1881 the census says he was born in Hylton - Bishopwearmouth where his kids were born, i presume census error.

By 1891 I am presuming he has died.

I cant find him 1861 census and am hoping anyone has anything about any Metcalfs of Elwick to give me a clue about who he was, he's my hubbys great great grandfather and so we are keen to learn about him.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be over the moon.



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