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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / LivingDNA have extended match lists
« on: Monday 11 May 20 20:00 BST (UK)  »
If you have tested with or uploaded your DNA results on LivingDNA take a new look at your match list. They have changed the matching algorithm to include a greater range of relationships. My match list jumped from 6 to 179 overnight. Another kit I manage jumped from 6 to 340.
If you do check it out please take a minute to add a meaningful display name to your results. A security change they made a few weeks ago reduced all match names to just initials until the user actively adds a specific display name.

Northumberland / Northumberland Archives closing 20th March until further notice
« on: Thursday 19 March 20 18:54 GMT (UK)  »
Northumberland Archives have announced that they will be closing their study centres from 20th March until further notice due to COVID-19

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / ThruLines markers on profiles on Ancestry tree
« on: Thursday 11 April 19 08:28 BST (UK)  »
A new feature is being rolled out on the tree view. I got it last night. At the left of the screen, under the buttons for switching viewing direction and scale of your tree, you will see a DNA button. Click on that and you get an option to switch on ThruLines markers on your tree view. This will then give a small people icon on all profiles that have a ThruLine and you can access that particular ThruLine from the profile on the tree view.

It is particularly useful if you are managing multiple kits connected to a single tree as you can choose which kit you would like it to show for.

Lancashire / Robert Fitton born 1850s in Oldham area
« on: Monday 01 April 19 14:30 BST (UK)  »
This is a bit of a longshot, but nothing to lose by trying.

Has anyone "lost" a Robert Fitton who was born in the Oldham area in the 1850s and disappeared without trace some time before 1891?

My reason for asking is that my great grandfather Robert Webb appeared out of thin air as a pitman in Northumberland in the 1891 census claiming to be from Oldham and aged 42. He fibbed a lot on subsequent records (1901 census, 1911 census, 2 marriages) giving no consistent information about his age. Taking those into account and the age on his death certificate he may have been born any time between 1849 and 1861. Using his death cert, where he was not there to do the fibbing, would suggest he was born 1857. His marriage certificates give his father as Edmund Webb, stone mason, deceased. I have not been able to pin him down in my searches on Webb over the last few years. Have tested out several theories, including illegitimate births to single Webb women.

DNA evidence is now pointing to the probability that one of his parents was a Fitton. I have several matches now with Fitton ancestors in Oldham, Shaw, Royton, Crompton and surrounding areas and am trying to tie the families together to see where he might fit in. It is not an easy name to research as there are many of them and names repeat through all branches. Since he named a son Edmund I am inclined to think that maybe he didn't fib about his father's first name.

Other names that are coming up repeatedly among my Oldham matches include Brierley, Bardsley, Kershaw, Taylor, Sladen and Haworth, but I can see from those I have investigated so far that these families are fairly intertwined.

So, if you have a Robert Fitton in your tree who disappeared off the censuses before 1891 and you cannot find a burial for him perhaps he could be my mystery man. Let me know and maybe we can join the dots and fill some gaps in both of our trees.


Northumberland / Joseph Hutchinson - born before 1773
« on: Sunday 08 March 15 20:05 GMT (UK)  »
Here is another brick wall that I am trying to dismantle:

My 5th great grandfather Joseph Hutchinson married Mary Brown on 13th January 1791 at Felton in Northumberland.

  • Mary Hutchinson, bapt 13 Nov 1791, Felton. Married William Watson in 1814 at Warkworth.
  • Joseph Hutchinson, bapt 12 Sep 1793, Felton

Based on date of marriage, I am estimating birth to be before 1773. Can anyone help me to find an appropriate baptism for Joseph?

Northumberland / Margaret Brewhouse - born before 1747
« on: Sunday 08 March 15 19:23 GMT (UK)  »
I am struggling to find a baptism for my 6th great grandmother Margaret Brewhouse. She married Thomas Brown on 21 July 1765 at Felton, Northumberland.

  • Isabel Brown bapt 1766 at Felton
  • Anne Brown bapt 1766 at Felton
  • William Brown bapt 13 June 1767 at Felton
  • Mary Brown bapt Feb 1769 at Felton. Married Joseph Hutchinson in 1791 at Felton.
  • Jane Brown bapt 1 Oct 1770 at Felton

There are also indications that the surname Brewhouse may be interchangeable with Brewis or Bruce. Based on date of marriage, I am estimating birth to be before 1747. Can anyone help me to find an appropriate baptism for Margaret? 

Northumberland / William Thompson & Issabel Hedley - married 1766 in Elsdon
« on: Sunday 08 March 15 17:39 GMT (UK)  »
My 5th great grandparents, William Thompson & Issabel Hedley, married at Elsdon St. Cuthbert in 1766.

  • Eleanor Thompson, bapt 9 Apr 1769 at Elsdon, married Joseph Hall 1793, died 1810
  • Mary Thompson, bapt 16 May 1771, Eldson

William and Isabel were living at Wickershiels in 1769 when Eleanor was born.
Possible burial for William in 1808 age 70, which would suggest birth about 1738.
Based on marriage date I am guessing that Isabel was born before 1748.

Can anyone help me to find baptisms for William Thompson and Issabel Hedley?

Northumberland / John Stavers - mid 1700s
« on: Sunday 08 March 15 16:46 GMT (UK)  »
My 5th great grandfather John Stavers married Dorothy Charlton in 1780 at Woodhorn, Northumberland.

  • Anne Stavers bapt 12 May 1782, Woodhorn
  • John Stavers bapt 20 Jul 1783, Woodhorn. Murdered in Guam in 1824, buried Rotherhithe 1827
  • Peter Stavers bapt 2 Dec 1784 t Woodhorn. Died 1876 Blyth
  • Dorothy Stavers bapt 1786 at Woodhorn
  • George Stavers bapt 22 Jun 1788 at Woodhorn
  • Elizabeth Stavers bapt 20 Sep 1790 at Woodhorn. Died 1791.

Based on the marriage date, I am estimating John's birth to be before 1762 and am looking for his baptism. The Stavers were seafaring folks, so it is possible that he may not have been born in Northumberland. Perhaps not even English.

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