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New Zealand Completed Requests / Immigration into New Zealand from U.K. early 1900s
« on: Thursday 18 March 21 14:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Everyone,

I wonder if someone could kindly tell me if there are any websites detailing the people who emigrated from the U.K. into New Zealand in the early 1900s please?

I can find a particular couple leaving Liverpool in 1914 - but cannot find anything giving details of arrival into N.Z. I was hoping arrival details would provide more information about them at that particular time.

(I have found them on the NZ electoral rolls and also their deaths in NZ -- but just wanted arrival details if available).

Many thanks for reading this.

The Stay Safe Board / Covid Vaccination side effects for Asthmatics
« on: Thursday 28 January 21 16:46 GMT (UK)  »
I am sorry if this query has cropped up before.

My son, who is 51 years old and has quite severe asthma was classed in the vulnerable group and had his Covid Vaccine yesterday.

I have received a text from him today (he lives about 60 miles away) -- telling me that he has been off work today as he is feeling very grotty. Presumably vaccination side effects because of his asthma.
Please can anyone with asthma tell me if they suffered side effects following their vaccination -- or know of anyone who has please?

If so -- what was the outcome and how long did it last? As a Mum I am naturally very worried about him -- possibly unnecessarily, but it's not like him to take tiime off work.

Armed Forces / A Mysterious Old Photograph
« on: Monday 18 January 21 09:53 GMT (UK)  »
This is really an impossible question (good start!)

I have an old photograph of a soldier - it's in a dreadful condition with bits missing and it is very creased. It doesn't seem to be a family member and I have no idea why my Mum had it.

This armed soldier doesn't look English to me - although I may be wrong of course. He seems to be on guard on the corner of a street!

I was wondering if anyone had any idea when and why this soldier would be standing - armed - in this way.

There is nothing written on the back of the photo.
Many thanks for looking -- any thoughts at all gratefully received. It's just a mystery to me.

Technical Help / Zoom
« on: Friday 13 November 20 16:34 GMT (UK)  »
I don't know if this subject has cropped up before - but I was invited to attend a 'Zoom' meeting of my local Relax and Chat group, when we could no longer meet in person due to Covid.

I clicked the link and could see and hear the group - but I was simply a 'black square' and they couldn't hear me either.

I have fiddled with the 'camera' on my computer - and frightened myself to death when a picture of me appeared on the screen!

Is there something I need to do in the settings of my computer please, to enable me to use Zoom?

Many thanks for reading (you need to know I am not technically competent and I don't have a 5 year old around in the house who could help!)

Kent / MARY PRESTON (her married name) born approx 1786-1791
« on: Tuesday 14 July 20 19:39 BST (UK)  »
Hello Everyone,
I wonder if anyone can help with a query from a friend of mine please. The 2 aspects of the query are;

 1. What was Mary Preston’s maiden name.
 2. Where is she after 1841!

James and Mary Preston had 2 children, both baptised on the same date, at Holy Trinity, Dartford as follows;

*Thomas Preston, born, 10.10.1807 ---- baptised 8.3 1811, parents James Preston and Mary. Hence Thomas was over 3 years old when baptised.
Sarah Oliver Preston, born, 7.2.1811 ---baptised 8. 3 1811, parents James Preston and Mary.

* Please note that at his marriage in 1832 to Nancy Powter at St George in the East -- Thomas Preston gave his name as Thomas BRITT Preston.

(In addition, at the baptisms of his children he gave a middle name of Britt or Brett).

There is no trace of a marriage of James Preston to Mary.

After the baptisms, and before 1841 -- the parents, James and Mary, seem to separate.

In 1841, Mary Preston, shown as  age 50 (rounded down presumably) – is with her son in law, Robert Reynolds Filmer – husband of Sarah Oliver Preston, in Minster, Kent,

Meanwhile James Preston, aged 60 and a Baker – is with his son Thomas Preston, his wife and their children in Bentfield, Essex.

By 1851, James is back in Kent - in Minster, aged 70 – with his daughter in law, Nancy Preston (Thomas’s wife). His occupation – ‘formerly Baker’

Mary Preston has completely disappeared and she doesn’t seem to have died.

1.   What was Mary Preston’s maiden name? Might it have been Britt, Brett or Oliver, the middle names used by the children.

2.   Where did Mary Preston go after 1841?

Any help or ideas about the mysterious Mary Preston’s maiden name, or what happened to her after 1841 most gratefully received.

Thank You.

Canada / How do I find deaths in Canada Please mid 1900s
« on: Monday 27 April 20 19:22 BST (UK)  »
I realise this is probably a really basic question - but I have looked to see if I can find Canadian death registrations but don't seem to be successful. I don't think my brain is working!

I am looking for 2 deaths, probably in the mid 1900s, probably Toronto (one might be in Vancouver).

Could someone kindly point me in the right direction to find such registrations please?

Many thanks for reading this.

Technical Help / B.T. Hub
« on: Sunday 29 March 20 20:17 BST (UK)  »
To those who 'know' - this will sound like a silly question - but I don't know the answer so I am asking anyway!

I have always left my laptop and my hub connected to the electricity supply permanently. Should these be unplugged when not in use please? It's the hub in particular I am concerned about.

Many thanks to anyone who can help.

Lancashire / Richard Leeming b 1781/2 missing after 1848 Preston
« on: Friday 07 February 20 19:05 GMT (UK)  »
Richard Leeming was my 4 x Gt Grandfather and baptised as 'Dickey' Leeming in Jan 1782 at St Mary's, Blackburn. He was born in Osbaldeston. Parents were Thomas Leeming and Nancey Talbott (who was Nanny at marriage, at at least one baptism and at her death).

I am confident this is my Richard Leeming, as his eldest son is named Thomas (after his father) and a daughter is also named 'Nanny' (after his mother).
In addition, the Banns of his parents marriage show them both 'of Osbaldeston' although the marriage states 'of Blackburn'.

1803; Richard Leeming marries Margaret Catterall at St Mary's, Blackburn.

Sometime between 1819 and 1822 the couple move to Preston with their family, where more children are born.

1841; Richard aged 60, Margaret with both married and unmarried children, are living in Appleton Row, Harrison's Hill, Preston. Richard is a Sizer.

1848; Wife Margaret dies in Old Chapel Yard. Richard is present at her death.

After this I lose Richard Leeming. I cannot find him on a census, nor can I find a death.

He's been stuck on my tree 'deathless' for some years so I thought I would try and resurrect him! Can any hawkeye kindly find something I have missed please?

The Common Room / Poor Law Rules Post 1834
« on: Thursday 09 January 20 20:23 GMT (UK)  »
I  wonder if anyone is an expert on Poor Law Rules please, post 1834?

I am attempting to research a Family History for a relative - and have a case where the family were living in Manchester until at least 1857 when their youngest child was born there.

By the time of the 1861 census they were in Darwen, Lancs.

On 2nd Dec 1861 the 'husband' died (in quotes as I have never found a marriage). He died in New Bridge St Workhouse, Manchester - of Bronchitis - so maybe he was just in the hospital part of this Workhouse. He was buried in Newton Heath Cemetery, Manchester.

His 'wife' and surviving 2 children seem to have still been in Darwen as she married there in 1862!

Was there still a rule in 1861 that people who needed to enter a Workhouse Infirmary (or indeed a Workhouse) - would be returned to their place of settlement - in this case Manchester?

The other alternative is that between 1861 census and December of the same year he had left the family and returned from where he came.

Many thanks for reading and if you know the rules pertaining at that time I would be most grateful for your help.

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