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Ireland / Source for Newspapers in late 1970s - Dublin
« on: Thursday 03 October 13 20:50 BST (UK)  »
It has been a long time since I started my family history and after a long break, I'm very rusty!

Could anyone please advise me where I could start looking please.  I am looking for a possible death by car accident that happened in Dublin City in the late 1970's.  I am told the accident took place close to Trinity College - on the dame street towards the Olympia Theatre.

Any guidance greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Monaghan / Drumacoon School, Newbliss - anyone go there?
« on: Tuesday 15 April 08 23:29 BST (UK)  »
Just wondering if anyone on here used to go to Drumacoon School in Newbliss?... or if anyone has any old pictures/information - anything would be greatly appreciated.

I believe it is now a private home.

Many thanks.  Kind regards, Karen

Ireland / Completed! - Online search for Rateable Property in ROI
« on: Monday 07 April 08 10:39 BST (UK)  »
I came across a website a while ago (didn't write name down or bookmark it :-[).. you could do a search online ... for example put in a street address or surname .... and it would list all the property owners that owned the freehold of that property.. (IUKWIM!)...

I think it was an Irish Government site of some sort and for the life of me I can't remember how to find it.....

It wasn't a payable site either.....

Can anyone help?  Thank you. 

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Grave Search - Michael Matthews Died 1984
« on: Saturday 17 November 07 21:02 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for the grave location and grave inscription for:

Name:    Michael Matthews
Birth:    25 Dec 1906
Death:    Apr 1984 - Hackney, London

Many thanks for any guidance and help. Kind regards, Karen

Ireland / Bona Vacantia - is there an Irish listing like this?
« on: Friday 22 June 07 12:32 BST (UK)  »
I am enjoying the program about Heirs on BBC1 in the mornings at 9.15 ... in it they mention the UK government publish a listing each week listing the estates that have been left unclaimed (the deceased did not make a will - see:

I was wondering if anyone knows if Ireland have such a list online?..   Thank you..... :)

New Zealand Completed Requests / Advice on Christchurch Archives Please? - Completed
« on: Sunday 15 October 06 21:06 BST (UK)  »
I wish to get some copies of some probates (all with open access) from Christchurch Archives and I was wondering which is the best/most cost effective way of me getting them.  Is  it possible for me to order them and get them posted to me or would it be better for me to order them and get them sent to a relative of mine in NZ?

Grateful for any advice please.  Kind regards, Karen

I am wondering if anyone would be so very kind and be able to look up these probate records for me please.  They are held in Archives New Zealand in Christchurch:

Title:  QUINN Mary - Greymouth - Spinster
Years:1986 - 1986
agency   series   accession         box / item       record 
CAIF       3387     CH845             Box9               GM7/1986
She died in Greymouth and is buried in Greymouth Cemetery.

Title:  QUINN James John - Greymouth
Years: 1933 - 1933
agency     accession       record 
CAIF         CH300            GM628/1933

Title:  QUINN Edward Michael - Greymouth - Hotelkeeper
Years: 1940 - 1940
agency        accession    record
CAIF            CH300         GM830/1940

Lastly, some advice needed.  When purchasing these records (and I've a few more than the above to buy), am I best to order them direct by telephone/post (I'm in Ireland) or should I try to get someone (I'll bribe one of my husbands relatives in NZ!!) to just bowl up to Christchurch directly to order them there and then?.. Hows does it work ? Can you just arrive there and order them or do they have to be pre-ordered/paid for and then you could pick up? or even posted within NZ?  All advices very much appreciated. 

Many, many thanks to anyone who can help in any way.  Kind regards, Karen  :) :)

Ireland / GameKeepers - any records kept?
« on: Thursday 28 September 06 15:02 BST (UK)  »
From reading a posting on another board I understand that the UK Gamekeepers had to be licensed.  I was wondering if anyone knew if the Gamekeepers in Southern Ireland (mine was in County Meath) had to be licensed as well? and if so, does anyone know if there is an index of some kind for Gamekeepers? 

Many thanks for any help.  Kind regards, Karen

Just wondering if anyone knows exactly where Garretstown is in County Meath... I understand its a townland somewhere near Dunshaughlin .....but I can't find it anywhere on any map ....Thank you.  Kind regards, Karen

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