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The Common Room / Details about the american ship Minstrel 1852
« on: Tuesday 29 December 20 21:34 GMT (UK)  »
My gt Grandma, aged 7 was aboard the Minstrel (under watchful eye of Captain Potter) and was the only passenger.  The Minstrel left Singapore mid Feb 1852, probably called in to Penang, before heading over to Boston (USA) arriving at the end of May. 1852
What sort of vessel is an american "ship"....... its over 10,000 nautical miles. and I really dont think the Minstrel could have been a clipper or a barque or  a brig and done it in 3 and half months....
Help please

The Common Room / List of shipwrecks of Penang in the 1840's
« on: Thursday 26 November 20 20:08 GMT (UK)  »
I would like to know where to look to find a list of shipwrecks off Georgetown, Penang in the 1840's.
I dont know the name or the date, just the reference that a sailing boat from St Denis Bourbon, carrying several Frenchmen, of enterprise and determination, was wrecked, they survived. 

Help appreciated.
names of the frenchmen
Hardouin, Simon, Donnadieu, Es Chasseriau, Martin

 Alexander Simon born 1848 to Henry Theodore Simon and Juliet Sophia Simon nee Rodyk.
After the death of his mother in 1851, his father took him and his older brother Henry Charles (b 1846) to India where he  worked as Captain on the Steamer  Lowjee Family. According to an article in the Bombay Gazette Captain Simon died in June1854.  the two boys became orphans. Where did they go from Calicut in India. ? The older boy turns up in Coonoor as a young man  as a Plantation manager, and marries there in 1872.
But Alexander disappears..  unless his surname changed.. from Simon to Simoen.!!!???? So now looking for a death of Alexander as a child... or  for descendants of Alexander Simoen.. who could perhaps confirm my theory.

Plus help please:.  The Bombay gazette article talks about Captain Simon's death,  and reports that Captain Simon had very little money.  so where would/could he have been buried, and what would /could have happened to the  two boys., was there a facility for the church to have taken and put them through the branch school at Calicut.

Thanks in anticipation of some help

 Alexander Simon the second son born to Captain Henry Theodore Simon and Juliet Sophia Rodyk in Penang 1848 .  After  the death of HTS in or around Calicut in june 1854 we loose track of the two boys,  My information about them is pretty sparse.  I have seen a Bombay Gazette article in the january 1855 which suggests that HTS had wanted Captain Thomas Loughnan Jameson  of the N I ,  to help look after the two boys
Alexander,  the info is just about non existant... ,
where did he and his brother go, who looked after them, what education did they receive.  Could it be that as a six year old he didnt know how his name was spent, but knew how it sounded..... and could it be that my Alexander  is in fact the Alexander Simoone/Simoen that marries Florintina (not sure of spelling)and lives in Tavoy
The older one Henry Charles Simon born sept 1846 turns up in Coonoor getting married to  Eliza Helen King. in 1872, he has becme a coffee planter
Any one got any ideas, where do I need to look
Thank you in anticipation, so far my requests for help on this site have been met with an amazing response

Europe / Finding family in France and Belgium
« on: Wednesday 08 July 20 15:08 BST (UK)  »
Where can I go to ask for help researching my family .  Is there a french page where I can ask my questions

Other Countries / Captain Henry Theodore Simon, death at sea aboard a boat
« on: Friday 03 July 20 16:07 BST (UK)  »
Hoping that someone can shed light on this.  Born around 1811, and sailed with the French Merchant Marine , l'Actif was wrecked 1836, but no lives lost of Coringa.  where did my Captain go next.  He turns up on Penang 1839/40, marries Juliet Sophia Rodyk.  He Captains a few more vessels, then goes to work for his wife's uncle Alexander Rodyk at a Sugar Plantation on Province Wellesley.  After Juliet dies in 1851 my Captain goes to Bombay and back to sea,,,, I think he may also have used his plantation skills .. But cannot find his death.  by the time his daughter (my gt grandma) was married he was recorded as deceased... dont know where or when.   we have a stash of letters, and it would be so good to tie up the loose ends.  I have the names of his children  have traced the older and younger boy, but the middle one has escaped me.  Alexander Simon born 1848 in Penang
Please contact if anything should ring bells or if you  can point me in the right direction.  Thank you.

The Common Room / research in Mauritius
« on: Monday 07 September 15 16:25 BST (UK)  »
Can someone please give me some ideas how best to tackle this .  Not enough info on the various web sites, might need someone on the ground.   Henry Ritter , born in Harburg, around 1780 and worked for Thomas Dobree senior  in Nantes travelling to China and India in early 1800's. Then was waylaid Nd spent rest of his life in Mauritius.  My gt gt grandfather  was Henry Theodore Simon, he was born 1811 in Britanny, became a sea captain in mid late 30's. He referred to Henry Ritter as his Uncle......... I would love to find out more about HTS. and where he died, we believe it was at sea,  and sometime around 1854-1860.  Thank for any help

My Gt Grandmother 's brother Charles Simon was in Singapore around 1860-1900 I guess his daughter Isabelle Alexandrine married Alexander Gow , a scot, they had 5 children.  I came across an obit for Isabelle in 1939 and mention of a death for an Alexander in 1944 ish .  Can anyone help with Singapore details.

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