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The Stay Safe Board / Diary> Sunday 6th June
« on: Sunday 06 June 21 16:39 BST (UK)  »
Starting this one early.

Unfortunately, i am really cranky and in full blown 'i hate people mode'.  Probably selfishness as I don't count as a proper person and am sick of everyone having human rights but me.

Had to go into the city, not because I wanted to go gallivanting in a pandemic but because I had to to comply with a court order.  So while I was waiting for my daughter there was a group protesting about  masks and exerting their rights.  They were loud, agressive, yelling at people whom they saw wearing masks or even just with hand gel, shouting abuse at businesses they passed who were complying with covid regulations, grafitting those businesses, getting in people's faces, blowing whistles in their face and trying to pull their masks off and bin them.  Apparently you cannot object as they were only exerting their right to bodily autonomy and to not wear a mask.  I realise I'm considered a selfish ignoramus but surely the right to bodily autonomy would mean that although an individual has a right not to wear something another individual would have equal right to chose to wear it and by forcibly removing it is that not denying themthe right to bodily autonomy?  Why isn't grabbing a stranger and forcibly removing something they're wearing considered assault?  Why isn't shouting abuse and threats at businesses along a street breech of the peace?  Who really decides who's not human enough to have rights because it seems so arbitrary?  I need to make it clear that although I am a bad person all I did was walk along the street, place an order for a takeaway drink at a cafe, pay, say thank you, walk back up the street and sit on a bench at a small park area to wait.  Other than cause offence to proper humans by wearing a mask (legally required) to go into the cafe, and try and give people space as per social distancing guidelines i did not speak to anyone else, I certainly didn't try and berate anyone for not wearing a mask.  When trying to give others space I did not ask anyone else to move, I moved to give them space so I thought I had done my best not to inconvenience anyone and minimise the impact of my presence.  Maybe next time I'll just take some juice from home so I see fewer people so less chance ofcausing offence.

Then when driving home,the traffic started slowing and people put their hazards on.  I then saw a duck with her babies crossing the road and followed suit.  The guy behind me, tailgated me, yelled obsecnities at me, pulled out, and floored it towards the ducks sending all the babies flying  >:(. Didn't even ease off on the accelerator.  I felt sick,luckily I had been weak and the wee one had taken her tablet and was reading and didn't see it.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Friday 23rd April
« on: Saturday 24 April 21 08:47 BST (UK)  »
I don't see one, so will start Friday's

Nothing much to report today again.  Another nice day here so more washing out to dry.

girls finished school for the weekend, the wee one in particular was feeling tired.  Taking a while to get back into it after being off for so long. Trying to psych myself up to do a big clean on the wee one'sroom it's a bit of a disgrace.

Added some more of sources onto my tree, no interesting finds though.

Technical Help / iplayer on Firestick
« on: Sunday 01 November 20 13:29 GMT (UK)  »
I watch the BBC Iplayer on an Amazon fire stick.  For the past 2 days I have not been able to get it to work.  It will open and freeze on a partially loaded home screen then flick back to the main menu.  I cannot navigate around it never mind watch anything.  I have unplugged the fire stick to reboot it and uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it is still not working.  Any ideas?

Kirkcudbrightshire / Place name near New Abbey
« on: Saturday 31 October 20 10:34 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone identify the place name given on this baptism in New Abbey?

The Lighter Side / Ah now I get it.
« on: Wednesday 14 October 20 15:30 BST (UK)  »
Yesterday I was reading an old London parish register and several people were listed as living in what I thought was MEOI.  Spent ages trying to work out where this was.  This morning I realised that it wasn't an I but a T and it was Mile End Old Town.

Anyone else had an oh moment that made them feel a little daft for not seeing it before?

The Common Room / George Meacock/Meycock
« on: Tuesday 22 September 20 09:09 BST (UK)  »
Decided to revisit some of my mysteries and am no further forward.  I have been trying to 'kill off'my 3x grt grandmother's second husband.

His name was George Meacock/Meycock born c1831 according to the census.  I last have him being sent to prison in 1864.  He is not with his wife in 1871 and she has returned to her first married name but I cannot find what happened to him.

Europe / Ober Olm Fire
« on: Saturday 13 June 20 10:27 BST (UK)  »
I believe much of the village of Ober Olm, in the Rhineland Palatinate was destroyed by a fire in 1857.  Does anyone know where I could find out more about this.

The Common Room / Rents of heritage
« on: Thursday 11 June 20 09:30 BST (UK)  »
I am reading a will and it contains the phrase "rents of heritage".  I have googled but am still none the wiser.  Is anyone able to enlighten me as to what this means?

The Common Room / Latin baptism records-Germany
« on: Sunday 31 May 20 09:57 BST (UK)  »
I'm a lot more used to UK records.  I am looking at a baptism record from what is now Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate) and the first name of the father is Lucae.  I know in the UK that would likely be Luke.  Would they have used Luke in a German speaking area or more likely to have another form?  If so what would they use?

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