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England / 1851 census look up needed
« on: Tuesday 01 January 13 13:24 GMT (UK)  »

Would somebody be kind enough to do a census look up for me? I'd like to know the family and ages of the Henry Collins aged 8 born Ireland who is residing in Liverpool.
(Apologies if this is a duplicate - I thought I just now posted but I can't see it anywhere).

Many thanks


I already have my grandfathers birth certificate but I just noticed on FreeBMD there is another birth in the same quarter and wondered if he could have been a twin. The birth certificate has no time or other indication that he might have been a twin. What does it mean if the reference number is followed by an a? This is from Sept 1885 births

Horley  Harry    Woburn  3b 368   
Horley  Martha Elizabeth     Woburn  3b 368a

Looking under 368a there are two entries as follows

Ellis  Martha Elizabeth    Woburn  3b 368a   
Horley  Martha Elizabeth     Woburn  3b 368a   

I've looked at both images and Martha Elizabeth is listed under both Ellis and Horley. I'm thinking this is more likely to be an error of some sort as nobody in the family remembers Harry having a twin. Do you agree that it's likely to be a mistake? I don't really want to risk buying the certificate in case it is wrong.

Would be grateful for your opinions


US Lookup Requests / 1910 census lookup please
« on: Sunday 09 August 09 18:25 BST (UK)  »

I am looking for my grandfather Harry Horley who was born Bedfordshire England in 1885. In 1901 he was still at home in Bedfordshire, England aged 14. He doesn't appear to be in the UK in 1911 so I'm wondering if he might already be in the US or in Canada. In 1915 he enlisted in the CEF at Ontario Canada aged 28.

I have a note of a Harry Horley who arrived in Astoria, Oregon 3/1/1909 from Germany aged about 19. I do not have a copy of the actual record or know if there was any additional information but I think that although the age is slightly wrong, this could possibly be my Harry.

Would somebody with access to the 1910 census be kind enough to have a look and see if there are any Harry Horleys born 1884-1890 that might fit in with the above.

Many  thanks

Occupation Interests / COMPLETED What is meant by "Weaving Apparel"
« on: Saturday 11 October 08 15:50 BST (UK)  »

I have been searching the Sun Fire Insurance records for both John Griffiths (a vctualler, publican, vintner, gentleman) and Samuel Chace (victualler, publican, gentleman and former master mariner). Both often have the following listed:

"Housegold goods, weaving apparel, printed books and plate" usually valued at least £50 in the early 1800s.

What I'd like to know is what is meant by "weaving apparel" and why would a publican have it on his property?

Hope somebody can help


Scotland / My Scottish brickwall - COLLINS
« on: Tuesday 22 July 08 14:10 BST (UK)  »

I'm still stuck in my search for the origins of my ancestor Henry Collins, a boilermaker born c1843. On his marriage cert to Janet Brown in 1865 Glasgow his father was Thomas Collins, shoemaker and his mother was Sarah Hughes

Thomas re-married a Rebecca Boyd in Glasgow 1854 so his first wife must have died before death records are available on Scotlandspeople. I have found Thomas and Rebecca in 1861/71 below

1861 Glasgow High Church
Thomas Collins 55 Shoemaker, Chelsea Pensioner, Ireland
Rebecca 50 Ireland
William son 20 steward on steamboat Ireland
Henry 18 calender Ireland
Thomas 13 calender Ireland

1871 Pollackshaws Eastwood Lanarkshire
Thomas Collins 64 Shoemaker, Ireland
Rebecca 54 Ireland

I cannot find them before 1861 so I've no idea when they arrived from Ireland although Henry and his brother Thomas always believed they were born in Glasgow in later censuses. I can't find the brother William after 1861. I have also looked at many Thomas Collins pension records at Kew but none give any clues to confirm they are mine. It is such a very common name.

So far all the information is consistant but now it gets really confusing. The son Thomas Collins became the minister of Bonhill Church Dunbarton and he is the informant on all these later conflicting messages.

1. Rebecca died 1875 Gorbals, wife of Thomas Collins, Sometime Marine Engineer

2. Thomas died 1879 Govan Church, widower of 1 Sarah Hughes, 2 Rebecca Boyd, Mechanical Engineer (Master)† Thomas' father is listed as Thomas Collins, Farmer and mother Mary Balfour

3. Janet Collins nee Brown poorhouse records c1902 has notes about the search for husband Henry's birth record which they did not find. They had his parents listed as Thomas Collins, Soldier and Mary Hughes. They wrote to Thomas the minister who replied† "I knew very little about Henry, my father was married twice. He was born I think in America" There is another note on the page that says "Gallowgate?" which is an area in Glasgow.

4. Thomas the minister got married in 1913 at the age of 66 and died 1926 age 79. In both marriage and death certs his parents are listed as Thomas Collins, farmer and Margaret Ann Crawford

So was Henry's mother Sarah Hughes or Mary Hughes? How does Margaret Ann Crawford fit in? Was their father Thomas a shoemaker, soldier, farmer or marine engineer?

I have one other clue from Thomas the ministers obituary which says "Mr Collins who is a native of Glasgow spent his early years in the office of his brother, who owned the Elliot Street Engine Works. Thereafter he entered a lawyers office" I have contacted the Glasgow archives and they could find no Engine Works in Eliot Street and no mention of any Collins family members. It does make me wonder if this is how Thomas Collins senior suddenly became involved in Marine Engineering in his retirement years.

Any ideas on what other avenues are left for me to search would be most welcome.



Would be very grateful for a baptism lookup please for Elizabeth Slater 26/4/1777 and William Slater 21/7/1782 to John and Mary Slater.

Many thanks

Bedfordshire Lookup Requests / MAULDEN parish look-up request - KING
« on: Friday 11 July 08 14:29 BST (UK)  »

On the IGI there is a baptism in Maulden 25/12/1789 of a Trussey King to William and Mary King.

I would really appreciate if somebody with access to the records could take a look and see if there are any other details - does it really say Trussey? I think this might be my Trustram/Tristram King who later moved to Hertfordshire.

Many Thanks

One Name Studies: A to G / BARKER, Hertfordshire
« on: Wednesday 09 July 08 18:07 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to sort out the relationships between the Barkers in the Ippollitts, Hitchin and Stevenage areas. I have notes on lots of the families but as yet they are mostly unrelated.

If you have any Barkers from these areas I would be very interested to hear what you have found and perhaps I can fill in some details in return.


England / Why was she baptised so late?
« on: Tuesday 24 June 08 00:27 BST (UK)  »

I have the following baptisms all at the same church and I'm almost 100% sure they are all the same family. What I don't understand is why wasnt Mary baptised in turn? She would have been aged 3 when her younger sister was baptised and it seems strange that they didnt do her at the same time if not before. Has anyone else come across this or can suggest some reasons why she was baptised so late? I have a missing baptism in another family line and this has made me wonder if the same reason applies.


18/7/1802 John of John and Frances Ann Griffiths of Queen Square born 21/6/1802
1/1/1804 John of John George and Frances Ann Griffiths of Queen Square born 10/2/1803
17/9/1805 James Alfred of John George and Fanny Griffiths of Queen Square born 10/6/1805
18/5/1811 Eliza of John and Frances Griffiths, Old Street Road born 14/4/1811
6/6/1814 Mary to John and Frances Griffiths of Kingsland Road born 2/11/1807 Upholder

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