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The Common Room / Died at Sea
« on: Tuesday 07 April 09 14:31 BST (UK)  »
I have a relative that died at sea 1895. He was the Captain on board SS Snowdrop, one the first ships to leave the new Manchester docks after Queen Victoria opened them..Does anyone know what sort of vessel this was or better still how to find out where and when it went down. It has been passed down by word of mouth for many a generation but I've never actually seen any info in black and white yet.

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / gravestone insciptions
« on: Tuesday 07 April 09 12:39 BST (UK)  »
ECCLESALL/ gravestone inscriptions/COOPER
I am looking for the grave of LAURA Cooper wife of John J H Cooper
Died Feb 1909
My parents have a letter from a now dead relative, in which he said he had seen it but only gave limited details ie feb 1909
hope you can help

The Common Room / Died at Sea
« on: Wednesday 15 March 06 12:08 GMT (UK)  »
Where would I find the records of a death at sea and where it went down. Its a Steamship the SS Snowdrop and I'm pretty certain it went down in the 1890's, I don't know where or how.
I have been told that my GG Grandfather was on board, possibly the captain!.
Any help would be gratefully received.

The Common Room / Where do I find Adoption records US
« on: Thursday 02 February 06 15:44 GMT (UK)  »
I've still had no joy in locating any adoption records for Minneapolis,I have E-mailed,written etc and had no response from anyone.Tried various links on Web,History sites,all dead ends.
I am looking for an adoption that took place over 100 years ago(1890's),most sites say there are records but how do I locate them????
Please please is there someone out there that can put me on the right track,or at least tell me if I'm wasting my time.
I'll add a few details just in case;
Thomas Kemp Polley b.1885 (1st quarter) Pancras England.
He was with his mother Bertha in a home for mothers and children,where she had his sister Aug 1889.They were under the name of Porter,as they were not allowed to use their real names or discuss ther circumstances.
Adopted through Harriett Walker who ran the home (& who was one of founders of Bethany Home Adoption)somewhen late 1889.
Correspondance we have from Harriett Walker refers to Thomas Polley as Harry Porter.
Ever hopefull for a lead

The Common Room / Burry Lamp Ireland
« on: Friday 06 January 06 18:49 GMT (UK)  »
Found this place name on 1881 census for place of birth of ancestor of mine.
Has anyone any idea ?????

>>>Burry Lamp Ireland<<<

Almost definately 2 words as capital letters used at beginning of each but I can find no record of such a place.

The Common Room / adoption in us
« on: Friday 06 January 06 16:17 GMT (UK)  »
I am unable to find adoption records for a Thomas Kemp Polley born Aug 1885 England.He was in Minnesota with his mother Mrs Bertha Polley,in 1889.She was in the Harriet Walker hospital  there and had a daughter Harriet Polley in Aug 1889.She returned to England with her daughter,November time but without her son,having given him up for adoption.She was not over there with her Husband James Polley but with her brother James Kirton,who apparently deserted her.
We have correspondance sent from Mrs Harriet Walker to a Mrs Porter,which is the name Bertha took on at the hospital,Mrs Walker refers to Bertha's  son as Harold not Thomas.
I would be extremely grateful for any leads on the adoption and any info on what sites to check out .

The Common Room / VANISHING ACT
« on: Saturday 11 June 05 18:05 BST (UK)  »
???I have been doing my family tree on and off for 17 years.I have made contact with several distant cousins,which is fantastic.
I cannot find any trace of two of my grandfathers brothers.Last seen on the 1891 Census in Portslade Sussex,they are aged 13 and 9.       
Never to be seen again!!!.
Am I missing something obvious.I have tried most things even emigration sites but to no avail.
I would love some advice as to what to do next,
Yours hopefully

DEWDNEY Frank Marriage Certificate
19th August 1916 Brighton Sussex
To Ellen Mary MILLS.

Unwanted not connected to my tree.

Canada / Mounties
« on: Tuesday 13 April 04 16:25 BST (UK)  »
     Trying to find info on a member of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force,for the year 1913.Tried a few sites but hit brick wall,even a name to write to would be very helpful.

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