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Hi all, I'm looking at the will of John Palmer of Charlton, Wantage, Berkshire, dated 1564 which I think was given probate in 1574. The will itself is in English and I can (slowly) decipher it, but the section at the end is in Latin I think. I've attached this section and wondered whether anyone might be able to tell me what it says.

If it helps, John Palmer married Jone and had at least the following children in Wantage parish:
1. Johone 1546
2. John 1548
3. Sybill 1551-1561
4. Bridget 1553
5&6. Margery & Jone 1556

Many thanks if anyone can assist.

Ayrshire / Link between Loudoun Mortons and Ayr Walkers
« on: Sunday 13 December 20 03:13 GMT (UK)  »
I and a large number of my DNA matches on Ancestry are descended from David Walker who married Mary Kirkwood on 21 April 1810 at Ayr, Ayrshire. David Walker and Mary Kirkwood had at least the following children:
(1)   James Morton Walker born 10 February 1811 at Ayr (migrated to Nova Scotia);
(2)   David Walker born about 1819 at Ayr (joined the army and retired to Kilmarnock);
(3)   Ellen Walker born about 1821 in Ayrshire (migrated to Pennsylvania);
(4)   Hugh Kirkwood born 25 December 1825 at Riccarton (migrated to New South Wales); and
(5)   Mary Walker born about 1831 at Kilmarnock (migrated to Washington State).

Further back than the marriage I mentioned above, everything is uncertain. What I can confirm is that my grandmotherís DNA test shows a number of matches descended from Alexander Morton (baptised 23 April 1738 at Loudoun, residence Newmilns) who married Margaret Richmond on 13 June 1766 at Loudoun (groom of Loudoun parish, bride of Galston parish).

Alexander Morton and Margaret Richmond seem to have had the following children, all baptised at Loudoun:
(1)   John baptised 1767;
(2)   George baptised 1769;
(3)   George baptised 1771;
(4)   Robert baptised 1773;
(5)   Marjory baptised 1774;
(6)   James baptised 1777;
(7)   Hugh baptised 1781;
(8)   Thomas baptised 1785; and
(9)   Janet baptised 1790.

I believe Alexander Morton was the son of James Morton and Janet Broun who married on 22 December 1731 at Loudoun (both of this parish) and had the following children, all bar one with residence recorded as Newmilns, Loudoun:
(1)   Margaret baptised 1732;
(2)   Robert baptised 1733;
(3)   Alexander baptised 1738;
(4)   Jean baptised 1739; and
(5)   Thomas baptised 1741.

Because of shared matches etc I strongly think the Morton genetic connection that my grandmother seems to have falls in this Walker/Kirkwood part of her tree. But I canít work out how it fits in. Can anyone see a link between the Morton family of Loudoun and the marriage of David Walker and Mary Kirkwood at Ayr in 1810?

I have purchased a lot of parish register images on ScotlandsPeople and am happy to purchase more as Iíd really like to get to the bottom of this. Many thanks if anyone has any ideas!

World War One / Uniform of an Australian WWI Soldier - Family Photo
« on: Monday 17 August 20 14:08 BST (UK)  »
Hi all, early this year I digitised some old family photos that were lent to me and came originally from my late pop's collection. Among them was this photo and I would love to know more about the uniform. I think I can see the Australian rising sun badge and I am wondering if it is an artillery uniform or if there are other clues?

Hello everyone, I am helping an old friend with a particular section of her family history. She is Australian but one set of her grandparents were Lithuanian and they both migrated to Maine for a period in the early 20th century and married there in 1913. Their names were Kasimir Malinauskas and Emilia Bardauskas.

Kasimir came to America aboard the SS Amerika in 1906. The Ellis Island manifest gives as his American contact a brother-in-law Antanis Cyraukus of Lewisport, Maine:

This Antanis (I assume it's him) appears in the 1910 US census in the Androscoggin County Jail:

My query is, can anyone find Antanis in any other records, or any record of why he was in jail, or any record of his wife. I can't. The census says he married in about 1905, presumably in America as it says he immigrated in 1900.

If it helps anyone, below is a quick summary of my research so far.

Kasimir appears in the 1910 US census at Bates Street, Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine:

Emilia arrived at Ellis Island in 1911 aboard the SS Celtic with her prior residence given as Girwelyki:

Kasimir and Emilia married on 17 May 1913 at Lewiston:

They had a child on 10 August 1914 at Lewiston called Kasimir or Charles:

Kasimir Senior was registered for the draft in 1917, with his date of birth recorded as 20 March 1876:

Kasimir and Emilia's family appear in the 1920 US census at Knox Street, Lewiston:

Kasimir and Emilia and their son returned to Lithuania in the early 1920s.

Another man, Josef Szinkunas, was travelling with Kasimir on the SS Amerika in 1906. Josef also gave Antanis of Lewisport as his American contact and cited him as a brother-in-law. Josef went to Lewiston (he appears in the same household as Kasimir in 1910) but ended up in Rochester, New York. This is him in some American censuses:

This is the birth of Josef's eldest daughter:

United States of America / Carauskas family in Maine in the early 20th century
« on: Wednesday 29 April 20 13:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi all, I am doing some research into the family of a friend of mine. Her grandfather Kasimir Malinauskas migrated from Lithuania (or Russia as it then was) to the US on the SS Amerika in 1906. The Ellis Island arrival record records his name as "Kasimir Malinowski" (found on IGI).

The arrival record states that Kasimir had a "brother" Antanus/Anton Caraukus/Cyraukus in Lewiston, Maine. I think I have found this relative in the 1910 US census in the Androscoggin County Jail, aged 38 and born in Russia/Lithuania.

The census record states that Anton was married and had been for 5 years. I would like to find the rest of Anton's family in the 1910 US census if possible. I would like to find his marriage record from about 1905. I would also like to find his immigration record. I can't seem to find any of these. I would be very grateful for any help.

Europe / Malinauskas & Bardauskas families of Lithuania & Maine
« on: Tuesday 28 April 20 12:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi all, I am helping a friend research their father's ancestors. Their father was a displaced person in Europe and came to Australia in 1948 as a young man. He was Roman Catholic and born in Lithuania in 1926. When he was born, his parents had only recently returned from the US where they had migrated for a period. His parents and my friend's dad's older brother were recorded as follows in the 1920 US census (from IGI):

16 Knox Street, Lewiston Ward 5, Androscoggin, Maine
Kazimir Malinowski, male, white, 41, married, immigrated 1905, born Lithuania, clerk grocery store
Emilia Malinowski, female, white, 23, married, immigrated 1912, born Lithuania, weaver cotton mill
Kazimir Malinowski, male, white, 5, single, born Maine

Kazimir & Emilia married on 17 May 1913 in Lewiston (from IGI). The groom's parents were recorded as Jerome Malinaucskas (deceased, born Russia) and Ann nee Taczus (housekeeper, residence Russia, born Russia). The bride's parents were recorded as Peter Bardauckatie (farmer, residence Russia, born Russia) and Marcelia nee Zuldanaizie (housewife, residence Russia, born Russia).

Kazimir arrived at Ellis Island in the US on the SS Amerika in 1906 (from IGI). His prior residence was recorded as Zipelen, he was 28, he was born in Russia and was Lithuanian. He had a "brother" Antonis Cyraukas in Lewiston.

Emilia arrived at Ellis Island on the SS Celtic in 1911. Her prior residence was recorded as Sinvelyki, Russia, and she had a brother Josef Bardowksi in Sinvelyki. Perhaps Sinvelyki is Suvalkai, now in Poland?

I would like to find the Malinauskas and Bardauskas families in Russian records if this is possible. However, I am very unfamiliar with what sources there might be. I have searched databases on Ancestry and Findmypast and IGI without success. Does anyone know of any sources that I might find them in? Many thanks in advance for any help.

Armed Forces / Tom Grainger 1888-1931 England/Australia
« on: Thursday 07 November 19 06:22 GMT (UK)  »
The man on the right in the attached photo is, I believe, Tom Grainger 1888-1931. He was born in Stanningley, West Yorkshire, migrated to Sydney, Australia, in 1909 and enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on 19 April 1918 during the First World War.

I am trying to work out who the other man might be, on the left. Tom Grainger had a brother George Grainger 1895-1916 who also served in the AIF and died in France on 17 August 1916. I was wondering whether it could be him, but he was dead before his brother enlisted so maybe not?

Does anyone know what the uniform of the man on the left signifies? Perhaps this might help me narrow it down.

Australia / Occupations "DPO" and "KPO" in 1977/1980
« on: Tuesday 20 August 19 12:22 BST (UK)  »
Hi all, I was looking at the 1977 and 1980 electoral rolls for suburbs of Sydney and came across the occupations "D.P.O." and "K.P.O.", both held by people who appear to be young women (new to the electoral roll in each case).

I don't want to post the names of those women as they are likely still alive but I wanted to know what those occupations were? I've never come across them before and google seems to supply unlikely answers. If I am right about the family relationships, their father was a mechanic and the women may have been sisters.

Hi everyone, I was wondering whether a Latin reader can decipher this section of text at the bottom of an administration record for Thomas Gell of Hopton who was buried on 16 March 1639/1640. I can read the name "Elizabeth Gell" but not much else! Thank you in advance.

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