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Technical Help / Changing Family Search PAF5 to ?
« on: Thursday 06 August 20 13:03 BST (UK)  »
I have been using the above for a long time but i am discovering that some more modern programmes do not like to import old technology, I am thinking of going to a more modern version of storing my tree and info, pics etc on my computer. any thoughts on how i should proceed, I have my tree on Roots Magic (free version) if i go for their bells & whistle version will i be able to transfer reasonably easily my existing info, any thoughts and ideas welcome to an 83 yr old steam wizard with some electronic savvy.Or am i thinking of taking the wrong move ?. bodger

Technical Help / Windows 10 copy and paste
« on: Tuesday 07 July 20 11:22 BST (UK)  »
Recently my copy and paste function has changed format, ie instead of copying as seen ie, reading L to R, when i paste it appears vertical ? i looked on line and the first thing i have to do is go to file, how do i go to  file ? senility i think has crept up on me, bodger

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Fredrick Ernest Crowther b.1881 Barnsley
« on: Friday 03 July 20 13:09 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to trace the above persons family, in 1901cen. he is lodging with his wife to be family Martha E Vaughton , Penistone, in 1911 cen., he is married, 1902 Wortley to Mary Ethel b. 1882 along with 4 children and mother in law Martha E Vaughton " in my 1911 cen. Crowther is recorded as Crother"
Fredrick was my fathers 4th wife Phyllis Crowther b. 1918 father so i have not as yet obtained certs etc. just trying to clear up lose ends on line. I am trying to find his parents , and any other background, i cannot find him on the 1891 cen ?
                                                          Thank You , bodger

Useful Links / Civil war petitions
« on: Thursday 02 July 20 11:53 BST (UK)  »
Not sure if this was posted before  . bodger

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Photographsof Bradford people
« on: Saturday 06 June 20 14:53 BST (UK)  »
It may have been posted before :-

Technical Help / Windows 10 copy & paste
« on: Thursday 04 June 20 10:03 BST (UK)  »
When i normally copy & paste the pasted text appears as viewed when copied, but now it has started to appear in columns when pasted  ?, simple explanation please . bodger

The Lighter Side / Stan Kenton, Belle Vue, Sun. Mar. 18 1956
« on: Monday 01 June 20 07:46 BST (UK)  »
I was at that concert and a press photo appeared in a Manchester edition of a daily paper the next day
showing myself sat in the front row, i am a white male, crew cut hair and tugging my top lip with my left hand  , I did obtain a copy from their office in Manchester, cannot recall their name or location, but the office had a display window showing the latest pictures that they  had published. Our daughters have never seen the photo, i have tried myself on line to find it with no success, i wonder if anyone else could point me in the right direction to search.      Thank You, bodger

Montgomeryshire / Harold Bradbury b. 1902 Newtown Montgomeryshire
« on: Thursday 28 May 20 13:15 BST (UK)  »
His parents were Isaac & Edith Emily (Grist),Edith  Emily d. 1905, Isaac re marries  1907 Mary Hannah Hughes, they have 2 sons John Richard b. 1908 & Thomas  Gordon b. 1910.

!911cen this family are together along with Harolds younger brother from the first marriage William b 1903. Harold is with his Grandmother Sarah Grist ?, from this point i cannot find Harold anywhere . Could someone have a furtle please . bodger

Technical Help / Exporting my tree to Ancestry & findmypast
« on: Wednesday 06 May 20 10:01 BST (UK)  »
I am a member of both the above and subscribe to FindMyPast, i have trees on both, i ref, my trees by the year they are created ie last year 2018,19, prev, year 2017,18, i normally have no problem exporting to the sites but this year i keep getting the same message from both  "This site can't be reached "       ERR_HTTP2_PING_FAILED.  Just for pigs sake i tried exporting again the one i did last year successfully , but i got the same reply ?. The only difference from my end is that last year i was Windows 7 "firefox" , this year i am Windows 10, Google, would this make a difference ?

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