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Sorry - my Ancestry search skills are just not returning a 1901 census match for:

Stephen Callear
b. Oct 1 1880 (recorded at Rotherham)

In 1891, he is living with his parents @ 92, Wood Lane, Treeton, Yorkshire. Important: Name appears as "Gallear" [The C and G seem to constantly change in this branch]

1901: Coincidentally(?), I have not found his father Stephen G/Callear (b. 1840 - Lawley, SHROP)

In 1911, he is married [1908] and living @ 51, Brookfield Avenue, Swinton, Yorkshire. Occupation: Coal Miner

Can anyone find one or both Stephen's?  ???

I've found the location of some family members in the 1901 census for Oldham but cannot read the street name. I've tried looking at Ordnance Survey maps for the time and can find some of the streets (Featherstall Road North, etc) but not West Street and the all important one that I'm struggling with [looks like Jemme Lane]

Can anyone decipher the writing or offer their local knowledge.


Can anyone help to find the following couple in the 1939 Census. I just can't seem to find them on Ancestry.

Thomas Bailey Gallear b. ~Feb 21 1883
Elizabeth Ann(e) [nee Brammer] b. May 18 1885

1911: 26, Bowne Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
1942: Thomas died. Address shown as 25, Russell Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire


I am exploring a new branch of my Callear family tree and I am struggling to find:

  • William Powell Callear (b. ~1887) on 1911 Census
  • his parents William (b. ~1848) and Ann Ellen Callear (b. ~1859)

I think I need to learn to be more "abstract" with my searches, so I'm hoping any potential replies will provided useful hints/tips.

What I know:

1. In 1901, William (53), Ann Ellen (42) and William P Callear (13) are living in Snedshill, Priors Lee

Ecclesiastical parish: St Peter
Residence Place: Snedshill, Snedshill, Shropshire, England
Piece: 2523
Folio: 45
Page Number: 29
Household Schedule Number: 153

2. Early research into William P Callear returns a match in the 1939 census and a possible death in 1955. Logically, he must be somewhere in the 1911 census

I trying to trace the parents of Harry Callear (b. 15/08/10) & George (b/d ~1914)

What I know:
  • Their birth records states the mother's surname as BROOKES
  • There is a 1896 marriage between a Levi Callear (aged ~28) & Catherine Caroline Brookes (aged ~25)
  • 1939 Census: shows Harry (married to Catherine nee. Kelly) AND living with a widow, Catherine Brookes

What I am struggling to find:
  • Mention of Levi and/or Caroline on the census records for 1901 and 1911 - both must be alive as they later have the two boys
  • The death of a Levi Callear - I'm assuming this is pre-1939 (hence Caroline a widow but is it odd that she has reverted to her maiden name?)
Note: In 1911, there is a Harry (aged 1) shown as an inmate at Wolstanton and Burslem Union Workhouse, Turnhurst Road, Tunstall, Stoke On Trent

I've tried relaxing my search but no luck. I'd be very appreciative if someone with better research skills can help/guide.

Two of the members of my Callear family tree moved to Loughborough in the mid-1960s to run the Volunteer pub.

William Edward "Bill" and Millicient "Jean" Callear
Moved from the Trent Tavern, Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent

Can anyone suggest any resources that may help us to learn more about them or the pub?

It seems that a branch of my Callear family were pub landlords and we'd like to learn more. Can anyone point me in the direction of any useful resources? The info that we know:

William Edward "Bill" and Millicient "Jean" Callear
The Trent Tavern, Bucknall
Their grandaughter commented that they where the first landlord and landlady - which may coincide with the fact that it opened in 1960 – a day after its previous incarnation on an adjacent site had closed.

Frederick T and Winifred Latham
The Priory Inn, Bucknall
Daughter of the above. Winifred's address is shown on the 1957 death certificate of her father.

Europe / Help deciphering/translating one Polish/two Russian records [Tylman family]
« on: Tuesday 16 November 21 20:46 GMT (UK)  »
A fellow Rootschat member (TreeSpirit) has kindly pointed me in the direction of three records/documents that may help me to learn about my Polish great-grandparents - sadly they are handwritten in Polish and Russian.

Long shot, but is anyone able to decipher/translate the relevant parts of these records?

I genuinely did not expect to see any records (I know very little about this part of the family and I thought much of the records may have been lost during WW2] so would appreciate your help in understanding their contents.

POLISH - Marriage of my gt-grandad to gt-gran

Pawel Tylman (s of Franciszek Tylman & Tekla Jejer)
X 1919 in RC parish in Bargłów Kościelny (now in Podlaskie Voivodeship) –
To Aleksandra Karpińska (d of Antoni Karpińska  & Rozalia Kotowska)

RUSSIAN - Birth of my gt-gran

The 1895 birth of an Aleksandra Karpińska daughter of Antoni Karpińska and Rozalia Kotowska in Bargłow:  (#136)

RUSSIAN - Death of a gt-uncle

The 1893 death of a Piotr Tylman, son of Franciszek Tylman and Tekla Jejer in Augustow:  (#100)

Europe / Tylman family - Augustow Poland (How to start?)
« on: Sunday 14 November 21 20:49 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to trace my Polish side of my family.

My grandad Wiktor Tylman (b. Dec 1919) came to the UK after WW2. My grandparents separated and I very rarely saw him.

His family remained in Augustow, Poland and believe there was only one visit to England (made by his father).

All I know is:

Pawel Tylman [??/1886 - 28/01/1976]
Aleksandra ??? [??/1885 - 28/03/1976]

... and children:

- Wiktor [12/1919 = MY GRANDAD]
- Czeslaw [10/04/1922 - ??/??/1942]
- Janina [~06/1925 - 26/08/1925]

I'd love to learn more about them but have no idea where/how to start. Any guidance/input would be appreciated.

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