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Antrim / Gardiner/Gardner Or Finney
« on: Monday 08 May 23 18:21 BST (UK)  »
Ok, this is a bit confusing!   

I have Martha Bingham Marry Robert Gardiner looking at the Marriage certificate

Father Thomas Finney /Feeny

I Have then found the Birth of a Unknown Female Gardiner/Finney Daughter of Robert and Martha

I can not find what happens next she does not appear in the 1901 census and can not find a death does anyone have any ideas ?

I have found they have 2 more boys both died young and another daughter called Annie who I believe Samuel Taggart. 
Any ideas would be really appreciated   

Antrim / McDowell children of Matilda Douglas and George McDowell
« on: Sunday 31 January 21 20:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,

Could I please ask for some help
I have found out my great granny  Sarah McDowell was 1 of at least 10 ( that I have found )

Matilda Douglas and George McDowell parents George was a shoe maker ballymena here’s the wedding

I am looking into her brothers and sisters in particular Nancy McDowell

I have found her birth but can not find her census, marriage or death ?

Also Mary Jane McDowell was the 1st child born

But my question is they went on and had another Mary McDowell 1892

So would the 1st Mary have passed away.
Thanks for reading

Antrim / Alexander Moore and sister Margrate Ann Moore
« on: Sunday 17 January 21 17:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hi I have 2 children of James Moore and Margaret Ann Heenan

Alexander appears in the 1901  (aged 10 ) & and 1911  (aged 20)  Census but I can not find his birth 

Marg Ann Moore  born about  aged 24 in 1911 -

Antrim / Davidtina Connolly
« on: Wednesday 13 January 21 23:53 GMT (UK)  »
 I have found this birth of Davidtina

But since finding that I have nothing else for this person, yet the name is so unique?
I have found all other family of sisters and a brother but am quite interested in this young lady.
Do you think she may have gone by another name ?

Antrim / Jane Haggan Married Samuel Bingham
« on: Thursday 26 November 20 20:35 GMT (UK)  »

So Jane Haggan or Hagan Married Samuel Bingham 24 Oct 1863 Both from Carnmoney Edward Hagan and James Bingham Fathers and Both Labourers

My Question is on the 1901 Census there is  a Sarah Hagan   showing as Neice she is 19 Years old

I have found a birth for a sarah Hagan in 1883- Mother is named Sarah and Farther is Named Edward Hagan but not make out maiden name of Mother

Also Following on from that a wedding For Edward Hagan (jnr) or Sarah

Could I be Completely Wrong ?

Antrim / Eliza Jane Harkness Married John Quirey 1883
« on: Monday 23 November 20 15:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Can anyone advise please,

I can see that they both lived in Lillyput street - I can not work out William Quireys profession

Also How would Tell if any brothers sisters to John Quirey - I am to work out  Defiantly married in Harkness  Family as Mother in Law was present at death.  A Harkness

Antrim / Hamilton Malcom Family
« on: Sunday 22 November 20 16:22 GMT (UK)  »
I am Looking on information on Hamilton Malcom - he is the Named Farther on Sarah Ellens Wedding Certificate to Robert Kerr in 13 Nov 1874

it states he is a teacher

 Also John Malcom is a witness ;) but no idea what relation to Sarah


Antrim / Old ballylinney grave yard
« on: Thursday 19 November 20 15:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,

I am look to see if there is a burial register for Old Ballylinney Graveyard.
I have quite a few family members buried there.. but not able to prove this.

Also I understand ballylinney Presbyterian  Church has burials as well so its very confusing.. how would I tell which one they are in ?

Many thanks

Family History Beginners Board / Thomas James Bingham Ballyclare Co Antrim
« on: Friday 30 December 16 18:32 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening, could anyone help with trying to find information on Thomas James Bingham who ran/owned a Bike Shop in Ballyclare Northen Ireland I think this was approx 1920's ? i have told and old family story and trying to piece it together - I have been told he was a very good cyclist

I have tlook at old street maps ect
many thanks

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